WildStar Farside Lore Items Location Guide

WildStar Farside Lore Items Location Guide by SignsOfKelani

Farside is all finished and documented! This one turned out to be a little annoying simply due to how many maps the items are split across, but it was still fun to piece it all together!

The four maps that are covered are the two bio-domes (Jungle and Desert), the Surface of Farside and Derelict Silo E23.

Jungle Map

jungle map


jungle datacubes


jungle journals


jungle tales

Desert Map

desert map


desert datacubes


desert journals


desert tales

Surface Map

surface map


surface datacubes


surface journals


surface tales

Derelict Silo (Both marks are datacubes, the one not in the middleish area is a Journal as well)

And last but not least, for a visual reference I compiled all of the locations into a video. I’m still not happy with the format and I think I have an idea which would work out for the better, just not with 4 maps to cover.

Video Link

These are all from an Exile POV so Dominion may have to do a little bit more hunting. If you’re missing one journal after looking through these, it’s probably the one in the Alpha Complex which is near impossible to miss.

Hope this helps anyone looking for more Farside items. Some of the cubes are really awesome for shining a light on what the Eldan were trying to do.

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