WildStar Esper PvP Healing Guide

WildStar Esper PvP Healing Guide by Psyraise

This is a guide dedicated toward the Healing Esper in PvP, mainly pointed at Arena. As time goes on, and with more experience from the entirety of the community, this will be updated for various modes like 3s, 5s, RBGs and even Warplots. It will also include more detailed information on gear, ability performance and more in the future.


Sometimes words aren’t enough. This is a video of 2s / 3s as Esper Healing.

What can the Esper Healer do?

The Esper Healer is a versatile healer, capable of flexibility. It cannot pad out numbers like the Medic, nor can it burst heal as well as the Slinger, so it is smack around the middle in terms of raw healing output. The damage an Esper Healer can output is actually quite low. The strength of the specialization comes from its CC chains. Restraint, Crush and Subdue are excellent lockouts against enemy teams and will be the determining factor in your success as an Esper healer, regardless of the PvP mode you wish to play in.

The Build

There is no such thing as ‘The Build’. If you rolled this class solely to play one spec, then you are rudely mistaken. The Esper Healer has multiple builds for multiple modes. For example, Soothe T8 / Reverie T8 works great in 3s, but a better combination in 2s may be Soothe T8 / Mental Boon T8. This can even be expanded and depended upon who you’re playing with and who you’re playing against. For example, Catharsis is fine versus some teams that require cleansing, but against a team like Warrior / Medic, it is not very useful and can be switched out for something like Phantasmal Armor.

The Basic 2s Build (Standard 2s build)

The Basic 3s Build (Sometimes KD or Restraint can be swapped out for Phantasmal Armor / Depending on what CCs your team mates bring)

Basic 3s Build #2

Versus 2s Burst Teams (Warrior / Slinger for example)

RBG Build 

Versatility is the key here as there is no one build to rule them all. There are the basic requirements such as Soothe, but keep in mind it depends on what you’re facing and what you’re facing it with.


Unfortunately, due to how horrendous the PvP gear optimization is, using full PvP gear as a healer or even DPS is actually detrimental to your output. There is a softcap on PvP Offense / PvP Defense which is fairly easy to attain by using 4-6 pieces. Some of your PvP pieces do not even have your main stat, Insight, on it. You can imagine how frustrating this is, seeing as how you’ll have to fill the slots by going to Crafted, Raid or PvE gear from adventures and dungeons. The gloves for example, do not even have Insight while the Implant, Shield, Support System are all lacking either Main and or Secondary Stats. Yes, PvE gear is a must. Around 47% PvP Defense is all you need.

Insight > Finesse > Brutality

If you are able to obtain Dasher boots, it is recommended to use that over the PvP boots.


Q: Espers should just go in, heal and try to compete with the other healers to see who does better?
A: Esper Healing output is spiky and unstable. If you solely depend on outhealing through enemies without any CC or damage you will lose. You are great in the utility factor, it is your strength. Pair it with healing and absorbs, and you have a solid class.

Q: Espers cannot run out of focus.
A: Focus management is a crucial role in playing Esper to its full capacity but it can run dry over time.

Q: Should I use Mind over Body in PvP?
A: Never.

Q: When is generally the right time to use Innate?
A: Emergency situations or predicting incoming damage that requires heavy healing. Having some PSI points before hand goes a long way to reverse unhealable damage.

Q: How are Esper Healers in 2s and 3s?
A: Difficult in 2s. It is not easy to heal in 2s but doable if you are willing to have the patience to deal with it. 3s is where the Esper has more room to shine.

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