WildStar Engineer Leveling Guide

WildStar Engineer Leveling Guide by Silvers

I hope both new and existing Engineers find this useful. Again, this is a starting point based on Foxykeep’s awesome work.  Feel free to add suggestions and discussion; I will attempt to keep it updated as much as my time allows! Also, please keep in mind this is a “work in progress” so please express opinions constructively.

– The “Current Level” on WS-Base is not accurate
– Please remember, this is only a directional guide and, in being so, should be altered based on your own style however you see fit!

Level 5
This is your starting line up and will remain mostly intact until level 13.

Level 9
We add in Zap in for our sixth ability slot.  We also allocate three AMP points to Assault Power I-II-III but you need to hold on to the rest of the AMP points for the next four levels so, unless you are OK spending money on an AMP respec, don’t allocate any more AMPs until Level 13!

Level 11
We receive Energy Auger now but no more Ability Slots so our recently added Zap has to go bye for now! Again, no more AMP allocation yet since we are saving up four AMP points. However, we do begin allocating our Ability Tier Points.

Level 13
Bio Shell incoming! We are now able to remove Pulse Blast and use both Bio Shell and Energy Auger for both Volatility Build up. If you have a hard time with this rotation and/or aiming Bio Shell, you can keep Pulse Blast instead of Bio Shell until we can Tier 4 Bio Shell. In addition, we can now allocate those saved four AMPs to Volatility Rising (note this can actually be done at Level 12). We fill out Ability Tier Points to Energy Auger and Bio Shell.

Level 15
We unlock our 7th Ability Slot and add Zap back in (alternatively, you can use Shatter Impairment or Urgent Withdrawal as well). We also gain access to Ability Tier Two and allocate appropriately. AMPs are distributed in to Cooldown I-II-III.

Level 21 
We acquire the Ability Volatile Injection and replace Zap (or Shatter Impairment or Urgent Withdrawal) with it.  Starting at level 20, we also have access to Ability Tier 3 so make sure you have allocated those in as well! For AMP Points, with Cooldowns finished at Level 15 we add in Critical Hit I-II-III from Level 15-18 but, after those, save our AMP Points for Harmful Hits. You will be able to add Harmful Hits at level 22!

Level 25
Ability Tier 4 here we come!!!!  Although this doesn’t change our Ability Bar, we do change Ability Tier Points dramatically but removing all except Tier 4 Artillery Bot and Tier 4 Bio Shock.  For Amps we took Harmful Hits and level 22 and have also taken Critical Hit Severity I-II-III.

Level 35
We receive our final Ability Slot and, once again, add Zap back in (alternatively, you can use Shatter Impairment, Urgent Withdrawal, or Diminisher BOT). We also complete Tier 4 Electrocute as well as a couple points in to Energy Auger.  For AMPs, we added in Explosive Ammo for four points at level 29 and Shrapnel Rounds at level 33. We also begin AMP point allocation to Armor Pierce I-II.

Level 40 
Not much change here with just some more Ability Tier Allocation. We also add AMPs Armor Pierce III as well as the four point Volatile Armor.

Level 45
We do some shuffling of Ability Tier points at this stage so pay close attention to the redistribution. We do not add any AMPs as we are saving six points for Unstable Volatility at level 46.

Level 50
Time to finish off our Ability Tier points and add AMPs Unstable Volatility at level 46, Strikethrough I-II-III by level 49, and wrap up with Max Shield Capacity I !!

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