WildStar Blade Wind The Invoker Guide

WildStar Blade Wind The Invoker Guide by Perkim


After I’ve managed to do my silver run on Stormtalon’s Lair yesterday, I thought I’d assist you guys by posting a small write-up of the first boss,Blade-Wind the Invoker.

Blade-Wind the Invoker

This bossfight consists of 3 phases. During all phases the boss will stay immobile on his starting position and attack the tank over range.

He is accompanied by 4 channelers, who are at first immune to any damage. They will be dealt with during phase 2.

Phase 1:

The boss will stay immobile on his spot and cast an AoE with a 2 second casttime, which will cover the room in the form of a cross, with himself in the center. Once done casting, everyone standing inside the telegraphed area will be dealt approx 15k damage. This spell is cast repeatedly in phase 1 and 2.

During Phase one this spell should be kicked by your rotating group. As he casts the spell more often than interruptible, settle on kicking his first and second cast, and doding the third.

Meanwhile the channelers will cast a circle aoe, which is aswell telegraphed promptly. Dodge this.

As soon as the boss reaches 70% HP, he will knockback and disarm everyone, entering phase 2. Don’t bother with picking up your weapons, as the transition takes an equal amount of time as the disarm lasts. His AoE will become uninterruptible.



Kicking the AoE spell to debuff the boss with “Moment of Opportunity” Dodging both the AoE cast by the boss ( when not kicked ) , aswell as the AoE by the channelers.


Use your defensive cooldowns, as this phase is really damage heavy on you.


Position yourself well, so you can heal both your tank aswell as your DPSler. The tank will take heavy damage, so be sure to top him/her off all the time.

Phase 2:

The boss will become immune to any damage. During this phase he will target a party member with a delayed AoE spell, which follows the player around. After 3 seconds this spell will stop following the player, striking 3 seconds later at its position,dealing heavy damage to everything inside it.

Your aim during this phase is to position the AoE under the channelers, as once they get hit by the AoE, their shield will get canceled, they will be debuffed by “Moment of Opportunity”, and take about 20% of their Max-HP as damage.

For each channeler that dies,two orbs will spawn, which will rotate around the boss in clockwise direction during the remainder of the fight. Each pair of orbs spawns closer to the boss. Coming in contact with these orbs will stun you for 2 seconds. As they rotate in a fixed way, dodging those should be easy.

Also, his cross shaped AoE will continue during this phase.

After all 4 channelers are dead, phase 3 will commence. Again you will be knocked back and disarmed, so avoid standing near any orbs as this happens.

Phase 3:

As soon as he enters phase 3 he will cast a lightning bolt. Dodge this one, as you are unable to kick it due to the disarm. He will immediately follow up with his second ability, an aoe covering the whole room, only leaving a small space for you to stand on. You must position yourself inside this space while doding the orbs from phase 2.

This ability will be cast three times, each time rotating the telegraphed area by about 45°, meaning the free spaces to stand on will also rotate.

As soon as he’s done casting his aoe, he’ll follow up with 2-3 casts of lightning bolt, which can be interrupted to apply the moment of opportunity debuff.

Key to this phase is applying enough damage to the boss while dodging his AoE aswell as the orbs rotating around him.


During phase 2, place every targeted AoE cast by the boss on a channeler to get a roll on the boss’ secondary loot table.

Final Words:

Learning this fight make take some time, or you might do it in the first try. Either way, don’t stop improving.

If you have any questions, ask them here or message me ingame, Perkim@Progenitor (EU).

( To whisper crossserver, simply type /whisper Perkim@Progenitor )

Small doddles of the telegraphs as well as the bossfight in general can be found at: http://wsguides.blogspot.de/

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