Phantasy Star Online 2 Force Basic Build Guide

Phantasy Star Online 2 Force Basic Build Guide by Kageshiro

Since there wasn’t any thread yet about forces.

I just felt like posting a basic guide of what build to aim for, for people who want to try the class.
(Though to be honest, I kinda sux at using techs due to crappy equips and needing dedicated builds etc…)

But a basic guide to the cookie cutter build for forces will still be helpful nonetheless.

First off, techs are kinda in a different group all together from the rest of the classes. They don’t gain S/R atk bonus by using hunter as a sub class, though they still gain Just Attack/Perfect Strike bonuses. And similarly the tech just attack skill doesn’t apply to melee or ranged just attacks. So you are more or less locked to using Force-Techer if you are going to main force.

Secondly, except for certain situations, its is generally more efficient in terms of damage and pp, to fully charge your techs before casting it.

One of the first few problems you will encounter when using techs is pp management. Since when you first start out, pp does not recharge while you are charging techs so you will soon run out of pp. One of the most efficient ways to recover pp is to use gunslash in shooting mode and run away from a locked on mob. Or you could try normal attacking it if it feels more convenient. But as a somewhat fragile class, many generally like to keep some distance from their targets.

All this sort of leads to your first aim to get in skill. After getting just reversal/perfect recovery, what you should aim for is pp charge revival/recovery. Which allows you to recover pp while you are charging. This will make it a bit easier to casts techs, though you will probably still have some problems managing pp at this point of time.

By this time you should already be level 15.
The next 20 points is somewhat recommended to throw into tech charge advance 1 and 2, which will boost the damage of your charged techs.
By this time, you should be level 30, 15 points plus the bonus 5 points you get from doing a skill point quest at level 30.

If the current level cap is 40, then you will have 10 more points to put wherever you like.

You could:
Max out flame master 1 and flame tech S(peed) charge
start building towards tech JA advance
Max out talis tech bonus (which boosts damage from a casted talis by 20%)

Additionally, if techer class and sub classes have been released, you might want to work towards maxing pp restraint1 and element weak hit on it.

An alternative build for techer that focuses on melee attacks and goes well with hunter fury stance. Wand lovers and reactor are the main skills here.

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