Dota 2 3K to 4K MMR Guide

Dota 2 3K to 4K MMR Guide by sjcjustin

I think I have a 75% win rate climbing from 3K MMR to 4K MMR. I am not a pro, but I think I have some basic understanding of the game that helps me excel in this ranking. The opinions are my own, you can feel free to agree or disagree.

Common Mistakes:

  1. Support always place wards at the same location. There is zero creativity. Go deward them! Be creative with your ward placement.
  2. They always fucking over extend. People at this tier think they are safe to push over river when they have one player with him. Seriously? There are 5 people on the other side, and you think you are safe with one support? When you see this happen and the other 3 enemies are on the other lanes, don’t hesitate to kill them.
  3. Zero TP. When you are debating whether or not to engage this enemy a hero, one of the huge deciding factor is to check if the enemy heros at other lanes have TP. If they do not have TP, go kill them.


  1. Smoke more often. Smoke to the enemy jungle. Smoking and ganking create a lot of spaces for your carry to farm without worrying the enemies. But if you do not see any one in the enemy jungle, tell your carry to get the fuck out because the enemies are ganking you guys too! (but this rarely happens in this MMR tier)
  2. When you are smoking or ganking, make sure you pick a smart target. You do not want to waste 3 people’s time to gank another support. Gank a fucking carry. Killing a support does not really hurt the enemy economy, but killing the carry is a whole other different story. That carry took the whole resources of their teammate to farm, but you just fucking kill him. This is a huge economy blow and mind blow to that carry. AND DON’T FORGET, when you kill the carry, do not forget to ask in all chat “Where are your supports?” or “Where are your wards?” You literally ninja inside their brain and implement a time bomb in their team.
  3. Always always carry a TP. A quick TP reaction can save your teammate and change the whole game into your advantage.
  4. Correct Item Choice: When you play a WD or DS and see fucking Sand King or a veno on the other side. Get a fucking pipe before your scepter or key item. You need to keep the whole team alive and not for personal glory and super ultimate.
  5. Roshan Timer. Needless to say, just type the time of the death of Roshan and check again 8 minutes later.
  6. Constantly click the enemy hero to check their mana pool and items. If they have huge mana or a magic stick with 10 charges, you may want to hold on and stop engaging him.
  7. When you TP to start a gank, do not fucking show yourself in a lane to get a few last hit. Be patient, hide in the bush and wait for the enemy to show up. If you show yourself, you fucking scare the enemy, That means you just wasted 135 gold to TP down, another 30 second to walk back to your lane, and free last hit for your enemy.
  8. It is all about efficiency if you play a hero. Please do not just sit in the lane liching your carry exp as a support. This is not babysit, this is fucking babysitted by a carry because you are liching exp. A good player mind set should be “How can I help the team at this moment?” If you are playing a support and want to babysit a carry. This is how you should do it. Go harass the enemy hero by using your spell and trading hit. Go stack camps for your carry. Get Smoke and gank. Do not just sit there and lich exp.

Personal experience:

I play all type of hero, but I have almost a high win rate with these three heros: Riki, Sand King, Clinkz and WD. Why these heros?

Sand King can jungle efficiently with level 2 Sand Storm. If you are in the Radiant, that’s even easier. Go Double pull or even triple pull while stacking hard camp. Players of this tier will never contest you, and you are the King of the Jungle. Once you have blink and epic center, you just entered God Mode. Players in this tier never know how to position themselves in teamfight. They always stick together as 5 when pushing tower! SK is the best hero to take advantage of these situation in this tier

Clinkz is probably the best hero for offlane in this tier because they never fucking buy sentries for you. You can literally get every single last hit in the offlane with searing arrow. If they are smart enough to get dust, don’t worry. You have windwalk, they can never chase you. Once I get my orchid, I just stay in enemy jungles and farm on the heros.

Riki is probably the best carry too because they never buy sentries. Once you get lvl 6 and a diffusial blade, you are a God. You do not need to farm in lane anymore because you are the next level shit, you start to farm on heros. All you do is buy wards and goes to the enemy jungle, constantly ganking their safe lane and jungle.

WD is also a very good hero to play. It is a very good baby sit. Not only it has super long range attack to harras enemy hero and trade hit more efficently, WD also has heals to stay tanky and heal up your teammate if they are ganked. It’s ultimate is also extremely useful in this tier of teamfight. Compared to other support, WD is good in all aspect. WD can heal your ally, and baby sit your support with heal, trade hit efficently, some aoe stun depends on the position, Low CD and strong ultimate, Jungle with Paralyzing Cask.


Right now, I am at 4.1k. I am on my road to 5k, but I have not played a lot of games since I hit 4k. Any advice and tips for me? . I hope my tips will help

Edit 1: I added WD to one of my favorite hero climbing to 4k.

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinion, you can totally disagree with me and my advice may not work for you at all. I am here just to share my experience of my road to 4k. If you enjoy and find my tips are useful, I am happy for you :)

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2 Responses

  1. SSS says:

    Dota has changed BIG time in a whole year since this was posted

    The average player is a lot faster and smarter. 3k-4k isnt a scrub zone anymore like it used to be.

    In 3k-4k, EVERYONE buys sentry wards/wards. There is always 4-5 teamfights. You cant just farm alone.

    Its not as efficient as 4k-5k but yo ucant just cheese 1 hero anymore

    They need to restart the MMR system

  2. BoOHoO MaN says:

    Idk how I came to this website, but this is the most hilarious shit ever I fucking love it. And yea those heroes are pretty nuts, but i would definetly addL Void, Broodmother, Lycan

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