Diablo 3 Historian of Westmarch Achievement Guide

Diablo 3 Historian of Westmarch Achievement Guide by SignsOfKelani

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Books anyone? Specifically some on the history of pandemonium and sanctuary, which seem to have been hoarded by a specific ancient demon beast who thought it fit to fall over in 20% of your games? Sweet!

This is the achievement for collecting all the world lord books in Act 5, some of which can be a real pain or just annoyingly obscure.

History of Westmarch – The only book which requires campaign mode, and is quest specific. All the books are from Diadras Satchel.

Part 1 – Souls of the Dead.

Part 2 – Souls of the Dead. (Last section of the quest)

Part 3 – The Harbinger.

Part 4 – The Harbinger. (Take the second section, walk out into Westmarch Heights and waypoint back to town. Book should be available)

Part 5 – The Witch.

Part 6 – Battlefields of Eternity. (The quest, not the location)

Part 7 – Breaching the Fortress.

The Plague Tunnels – Located within the Plague Tunnels dungeon in Westmarch Commons. Can be found on lvl 1 or 2. Normal satchel named ‘Plague Tunnels’.

Deserter’s Journal – Located inside the Caverns of Luray, a dungeon in the Paths of the Drowned. Can be found on lvl 1 or 2, most commonly on 2 (from personal experience).

The History of Pandemonium – From an interact-able object in the Battlefields of Eternity. The object is called Angelic Scrolls and can be easily missed.

The Discovery of Sanctuary – The most annoying one of the lot, exactly the same as History of Pandemonium, except the interact-able object is much rarer. MUCH rarer. You’ll need to find the Ancient Corpse, also in the Battlefields of Eternity.

Nephalem Rifts – Everyone should have their copy by now, signed by a Rift Guardian. Your first rift should get you this piece of ghostly literature.

That’s all of them! You may spend quite a bit of time on the Ancient Corpses alone. Remember that to collect each part you need to run the same thing again, so for 4 parts of History of Pand- you need to find 4 Angelic Scrolls etc etc. I’ve noted that the Angelic Scrolls and Ancient Corpse don’t seem to spawn more than once in a game (if they spawn at all), though I could be wrong.

Hope this helps anyone still looking for any of these!

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