Defiance EGO Recharge Time Analysis

Defiance EGO Recharge Time Analysis by Donnyrides


Over the weekend I worked on figuring out how long each EGO power takes to recharge and how the Bloodlust perk can make you a killing machine when fighting for the coveted top spot at an arkfall. Tested by working against the SQ hulker and arkfalls.

Bloodlust (BL)- recharge 3% of EGO power on ANY damage – cooldown 5 seconds.

Overcharge (OC) 
base – 50 second recharge
base + BL – 39 second recharge
base + BL + Quick_Charge (-9 seconds on OC recharge) – 33

base – 60 second recharge
base + BL – 45 second recharge
base + BL + Second wind (-12 seconds from recharge) – 39 second recharge

Decoy and Cloak
base – 40
base + BL – 35 second recharge 
base + (respective -9 second perk) = 28 second recharge.

From this experiment I found that Ego refresh abilities that directly remove seconds from the base create a NEW base recharge time for other perks to work against. This is opposite of how Fortitude interacts with HP base where Fortitude acts more like an extra HP reserve tank when working with rate of recharge. The game also seems to make a NEW base every 5 second interval in relation to BL because the discount from BL shortens every time it kicks in. The math and stopwatch are pretty close so I’ll blame server lag for any minor time discrepancies 

Now knowing how this works, I am top 5 of every arkfall I work in because I get my OC back every 33 seconds. SHHHHH don’t tell anybody though……. forget that: tell EVERYBODY and tell them to Thank “Genghis Don” if they see me online on xbox.

** edited extra thought – just think if you had a party of people with 33 second OC recharge people at a seige!!! Those waves would drop really fast and big rewards would be had by all. Can’t wait for DLC now!!!

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