Arcane Legends Farming Guide

Arcane Legends Farming Guide by Gensin

You will have 3 titles when you obtain the specific number of golds

[Filthy Rich] – 10,000,000 gold
[Goldfinger] – 50,000,000 gold
[The Midas Touch] – 99,999,999 gold

There are other gold achievements which don’t provide a title.

Introduction, What is farming/looting?

LOOTING – this is the art of collecting and finding valuable items throughout the game this is another way to earn goldthis is the sure key to creating your way to the MIDAS in here you are not guessing it is a sure way if you have self control and you are really determine to reach the MIDAS. There are many items in a map that you can farm such as crates, gears, weapons and eggs, which you can get money from.

There are 4 structures or main pillars to consider yourself a farmer of items.

The faster you run and the faster you kill mobs will buy you time to do the map again in many times, pve skill builds will help alot, in-terms in those conditions
for example you are gonna run in a elite map, you have a pvp build usually pvp builds have aim shot, nox, packs and dash will these specific hitting skills help you?
No, you need skills that will give damage for all of the mobs at the same time, inorder for you to not deal one by one. (optional)

The requirement of pots a farmer needs is alot, packs or everyhealing skills requires mana using pots is better, first if your stunned it always work it never ends, second you can spam it. You can also purchase potions easily and you can also buy them cheaply. youll get a discount if you are going to buy in a tavern or a guild hall.

This is the main item you must obtain inorder to be a farmer, Yes items do drop without any source of rerolls, but it is really rare to happen, Leprechaun amulet or a Luck elixir will help you get rerolls, you can purchase a luck elixir or if your lucky you can get one in Klaas or Shazbot (allies).

A farmer must have a goal to find in a map, for example if your going to hunt a Nexus you must go to the kraken mines, A farmer must know the simple or basic stuff to do in a particular map, for example if your gonna farm crates in brackenridge you must be swift inorder for you to catch on the other players, if you playing in the KM3 you must first find a party or if your op you can solo run it. You must understand the rarity of items.

Your attitude and What you should do while farming

Be smartrun with mythics and time runners, I runned with starweaver and her friend,
her friend had a pet and it was the arcane rarity pet which was available last Christmas event, The Brothers of Whimm, This arcane pet is a pve type pet, but you can always use it in pvp, This pet have the ability to pull mobs and players, and at the same time lowens the opponents armor, we almost beat the best time in KM3 it was magnificent.

Run fastdo not die you will have no time to kill the boss with your party specially in KM3 sometimes your party members don’t give a damn, they will not wait or they will not pull the bossthe best way to counter it is to play the same game, kill that boss without pulling? fine, I will do the same. In brackenridge you need to run fast inorder to catch up speed pets or skills that have dashing abilities should do the work.

Control, control yourself while farming if you got something expensive or valuable do not sell yet if you think the price is low in the selling ratio, many of my friends have done this before, they will sell many crates in 12k even though they can sell it next expansion or next mythic weekend for 20k. Control yourself do not rage quit, learn how not to get upset while farming. (Read section: The power of the hoard)

Boss, If you’re on the boss part the exact thing to do is to kill the mobs around it, but when the boss health is half already you need to focus on the boss, I have these situations already my theory “Aim at the boss Theory” states that I believe that if you are the last one who shot or who killed the boss, have big chances to get good loot, but that’s just my guess. Because I experienced it since my character is a rogue I always aim shot the boss in its last seconds.

Where can I farm?

Basically, everywhere


  • Completing Daily Minstrel quest.
  • Completing daily map quest such as Monkey ball quest in Dragons Jewel.


  • Farming in any Elite maps will give you awesome loot.
  • Farming in KM3 will give you crate and a chance of nexus.
  • Farming in normal maps that have specific items, such as Rooks nest for FlapJack.

The new update/expansion/patch has come! 
and it gave us the opportunity to farm a thing called “Dragon’s Teeth”. This thing can be farmed in bosses, but it have chances, it is not sure.
This thing is very hard to farm, which is just fair. Because you can use them to buy the new arcane ring recipe, and many other lvl 41 gears, which is more dope. Farming these dragons teeth will not be easy but it will be worth it.

(You cannot buy Dragon’s Teeth with plat.)


Beware of person that is called a scammer, these peoples want to steal and use trickery on you, never make negotiations with these people, they will cause trouble and money lost. 

  • Never make conclusions in full payment.
  • Choose a good trade.
  • Know the price, so you will not be lowballed.
  • Walk away if you seen a scammer.
  • Give discounts for those who are really good and deserving.

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