WildStar Warrior PvP Builds

WildStar Warrior PvP Builds by MatchlessGlory

I just wanted to put a a Topic where people could post/discuss builds and ideas for PvP. I’m going to put up the builds that I find to be the strongest and we can start from there. (Note: End game items allow for an additional 7 Tier points and 10 AMP points to be unlocked but I won’t be included those directly at this point since I’m more focused on Launch builds)

Battleground Build

Concept- As a Warrior you want to be a front line bruiser. You want to push the enemy lines and even jump keep the enemies on the defensive. In Battlegrounds you have to be aware that sometimes you will be focused but you also want to do “good damage” to keep the pressure up.

Pros- Very strong burst. Build still has Detonate in the assault AMP as well as good damage modifiers. Power Strike and Breaching are both Tiered high which is the majority of burst. Good control options. Able to change to Defensive Stance and Tank a bit as required.

Cons- Does not have Undying or Speed Burst in the Utility Line. Some Mobility is sacrificed for durability.

Special Note- Bum Rush was chosen over Leap because of mechanic reasons. Bum Rush has a lower cooldown and can be used in-between Global Cooldowns, while Leap can not.

Special Note 2- With extra AMP points I would likely move the points from the Support Tree over into the Hybrid A/S in order to grab “Fury.” Between Fury, Kinetic Fury and Recklessness a warrior should have a very noticeable and intimidating damage presence.

Special Note 3- Like with any other game, Warrior’s will continue to excel in large scale pvp with healer support.

2v2 Arena Build

Concept- You want to utilize the Warrior’s burst potential but in arena being able to keep up-time is going to be key. Also this build includes multiple debuffs in order to stack them and protect your healing debuff from dispels. Warrior’s should 2v2 with a Healer. At this moment all 3 healers have synergy. Esper can provide CC/Burst support and provide Interrupt Armor on you during burst. Spellslinger should be the hardest healer to kill while providing CC support and effective resource management. Medic can provide strong buffs as well as sturdy Medium Armor.

Pros-  Burst, Control and Debuffs. Burst through Detonate, Power Strike and Breaching Strikes. Control through Kick, Grapple Tier4, Ripsaw and Festering Blade. Debuffs through Festering Blade, Augmented Blade, Ripsaw and Laceration.

Cons- For maximum success you will need to coordinate CCs with your healer to insure Power Strike/Breaching Strikes rotation. Grapple should be used more for control/interrupt than gap closer, so this build is sacrificing a gap closer in a lot of ways.

Special Note- Augmented Blade Tier 8 has been bugged for a while and hasn’t received testing. Tier 8 might be staple.

Special Note 2- No Unyielding. Although the ability to not be dazed while sprinting is important you still lose your whole endurance bar and I think the extra dps/debuff from Laceration will benefit you more in the long run.

3v3 Arena Build

Concept- Burst and Mobility. Coordinated burst can wipe out almost anyone at the moment. This build drops the bleeds and augmented blade and focuses entirely on Mobility and Burst Kills. I think this build would be most successful with another class that is built in a similar fashion. So you can both time and burst together. I think the ideal setup would be Spellslinger Healer, Dps Engineer and Dps Warrior.

Pros- Unparalleled Burst to any other warrior spec. It still has Overdrive with Detonate, which not only hits hard but resets your cooldowns. Savage Strike, like Bum Rush, both can be used in the middle of the Global Cooldown. So Savage Strikes is essentially just free extra damage thrown in the middle of your Power Strike/Breaching Strikes burst. Additionally, Tier 8 Savage allows for the potential of a double proc. 15% reduction in cooldowns allows for maximum Power Strike/Savage Strike/Breaching Strikes burst windows.

Cons- No healing debuff. Less sustained dps than 2v2 or Battleground builds. It also won’t excel without good team coordination.

Special Note- With extra AMP points I would highly consider dropping the points in the Utility Tree and looking into Fury in the Hybrid A/S tree. Mostly because % based damage modifiers usually scale pretty ridiculously.

5v5 Arena Build

Concept- The most “different” of the builds. AOE is going to be very strong in 5v5 arena and ranged dps is going to create a lot of crossfire. Like the Battlegound build I went into the Support Tree to strengthen my defenses. My abilities are completely different. I still wanted to keep the bread/butter dps skills but I really wanted to focus more on a Utility and Dps Support Role more. Ideal comp- Engi, Medic and Warrior on Dps with Esper and Medic on healing.

Pros- Amazing Utility. Two Pulls, Kick, Blind and Defense Grid. AMPs and Power Strike/Breaching Strikes still allow for strong burst with support. Built to survive AoE.

Cons- Limited mobility, might consider dropping blind for Bum Rush. No healing debuff but with two healers I find most debuffs impractical.

Special Note- In a lot of ways I think you’ll play this similar to a Tank. You should spend the majority of the time peeling for allies while putting up a solid stream of damage.

Special Note 2- Depending on how it functions I might also consider Sentinel Tier 8. After the last nerf though I’m not sure i can justify its use.

Special Note 3- Another highly considered utility is Augmented Blade Tier 8 depending on the value of the ability. Although this would likely also result in Ripsaw and Laceration being picked up again.

– Warplot Builds –

I truly believe that Warplots are going to be very difficult for a warrior that isn’t a tank. Unless he is part of some small death squad that roams or does small scale objective play. Also, Warplots have some PvE elements that would need addressed. I think your build will vary greater based on the role you are assigned in your War Party.

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