WildStar Warrior Endgame PvP Analysis

WildStar Warrior Endgame PvP Analysis by Halper

First off I want to make it clear about the current tiers of DPS classes since wb4(winter beta patch 4)

PVP: Engi > Medic/Warrior > Spellslinger/Stalker > Esper

First off.. You need to understand what our class is. It is currently the somewhat RNG and buildup class. We go into a fight with 0 resource, our resource is our source of power currently… Amps giving us benefits while our resource is higher..(Things like 8% mitigation, 12%damage above500 and 25%damage above 750) Also.. we snowball/build up with arguably the best amp in the game POWER HITTER(Landing a crit grants a buff that adds 25% crit severity[crit damage] that stacks 5 times)

So we need to get hits in with out builds and attacks to get our resource high and crit stacks going to be optimal.

What this means is Warrior is currently one of the top classes in the game. Warrior have amazing sustained damage and a good amount of burst.

Warrior also benefit from being one of the most diverse classes in the game in terms of skill builds. Engis/Medics/Stalkers/Espers/SS generally follow 1-3 different DPS builds in pvp, While Warrior… its just too many to list really… Put it this way… Me/Jackie/Megatfwo (probably recognized as above avg Warriors) probably never had the same build as one another. I would run a build which granted movespd from amps and used “Savage Strikes” to apply extra burst damage + grapple, while Jackie used skills such as leap and whirlwind, and Mega gameplay was based around his healing partner for the most part, using amps/skills to prolong a fight and win with sustain(defense grid, defensive innates, [old] crushing blows amp)

Just saying, Warriors have good all around skills, you really can’t mark off too many skills as useless and our AMP tree is filled with goodies that you wish you had more points to get.

Okay. So how do we fare in different types of pvp?

Small scale?

We are currently a powerhouse in 2/3s Arena play, most top teams wouldn’t want to run without a warrior. A warrior that is ignored is dangerous. As in, you can’t just ignore a warrior and focus a medic, because the warrior will be on your back being one of the highest sustained damage.

With grapple(pull currently has no DR), Kick(knockdown), Flashbang(really good duration blind with good damage), defense grid(placed defensive bubble), Sentinel(a type of bodyguard type skill). We have much to bring to small scale fights to be extremely viable past just our damage being great.

Open world pvp?

Solo roaming, Warrior are a very strong 1v1 class due to their innate, making us viable in solo roaming. Classes to watch out for are Stalkers/Engi/Medics while you will have an easier time against SS/Espers… Stalkers can prolong a fight(invis+heals and attack again), Engi’s are currently overtuned, Medics can be a toss up, but their damage and burst with their current build is just broken(Their innate cooldown was release but amps like Meltdown went unchanged even tho the duration was cut by 2/3rds)

Group roaming

With teammates such as a healer + stalker + extra burst, you can constantly fight higher numbers based on Stalker’s aoe group pull + your CCs/Burst/ and decent ability to take a hit. Warrior are great to have in any group roaming open world pvp.

Here is just a video of random footage… The first 2 clips shows how much we benefit from a medic/stalker teammate, while the longer last clip shows how with a healer in small scale a warrior can reach its potential pretty easily.


How about Warrior in mass pvp?

A warrior can be effective in the same way as above in the small scale fights. Going into a fight and using some burst on top of a large group of players without having to change his build much and trying to catch his opponents off guard with big AoEs and what not.

https://www.youtube….h?v=7qr4z-YLkdk <– clip during wb3 of warplots(getting behind the enemy with a group and standing on top of a stalker that AoE pulls them together and start swinging)

On the other hand, a warrior could spec into range skills like Tremor Strike. It is by far our best AoE skill as it hits 10 targets on a low cooldown and can have 2 chagres.

https://www.youtube….h?v=DM2jrpKAMtA <– 10+ v 20~ most the clips with a Warrior’s PoV using tremor strike to try to stay out of the huge AoE hits.

Being Melee in mass pvp isn’t all sunshine and rainbows… That is for sure… there is huge amounts of AoE that are larger than they should be and a warrior in the midst of a fight is going to have to eat the hits while trying to deal damage. In the wrong situation and playing recklessly you can find yourself dying instantly to damage that isn’t even aimed at you. As shown above you can overcome that with some build changes and good teamwork, but trying to run in an be a hero… This games damage is just too high relative to your hp pool.

https://www.youtube….h?v=601i2pbkdDU <– Playing like a stupid hero jumping into a group fight without escapes/range skills

basically we are a great class in every form of pvp with this current patch(Each patch completely changes the meta/class balance/flavor of the month), but in the future that can all change, overall melee is probably more enjoyable in this game because of the mobility involved with warrior/stalkers, but that all comes down to personal preference. Just saying don’t skip on this amazing class cause you think it might be weak, it is honestly strong.

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