WildStar Tips, Tricks and Useful Links

WildStar Tips, Tricks and Useful Links by Black_Sparrow

Hey guys, so I made this guide for my guild and thought I would share it with you! This guide is meant for people who have already decide that they are buying & playing the game, yet may not have explored around beta like the rest of us and may want some more info before/as they start playing through the game. Feel free to share this with your friends, and I hope you find it useful!



— At level 7, you unlock your first costume slot. You will get multiple costume slots as you level, and you can switch between them on the fly. You can place any piece of armor or costume item in a costume slot no matter what class you are.

— In order to change your costume, you must go to your faction’s capital city and find the protostar “Personal Stylist”. Here you can place items into your costume slot as well as dye your costumes and normal gear. However, you do not unlock the ability to dye until level 14.

— You can purchase your first mount at level 15, they are just over 10 gold, and at level 25 you gain the ability to purchase and ride hoverboards, that cost 24 gold or 5k renown at a vendor. You also unlock the ability to add flairs to your mount at level 25. A good mount guide can be found here.

— Crafting starts at level 10, you can have two tradeskills, as well as two hobbies (cooking and farming). Here is a nice guide to crafting, and an interactive chart on how the different tradeskills affect each other can be found here.

— Rune-crafting is separate from your tradeskills and is learned at level 15. Your items will begin to have rune-slots at 15, and you can craft your own runes to add different stats to weapons & armor. Here is an extensive guide on how rune-crafting works.

— AMPs are like talents, there are three tiers and you can spend AMP points to gain different abilities and stats. The tier one AMPs are unlocked for free, however to unlock tier 2 and 3 AMPs, you must first purchase the specific AMPs from different vendors, or by doing quests and challenges. Here is a good video explaining AMPs.

— Your first 5 man group content will be Adventures that unlock at level 15, and your first Dungeon will unlock at level 20. An average time for the first Adventure is between 30 – 45 minutes, and the first Dungeon lasts about 45 – 60 min, and they increase in difficulty/time the higher level you get. You will die in these, they can be tough, so don’t give up and just have fun with them!

— There are four types of paths in the game: Soldier, Settler, Scientist and Explorer. You pick your path when you create your character, and it is set in stone once you pick it. Your path has it’s on experience bar and levels up separately from your character level. Paths let you receive unique titles, housing items, mount flairs and costumes (exile costumes/dominion costumes)! If you really need help deciding on a path, you can look here to help you choose!

— To preview items on your character, ctrl + right click on an item in your inventory or while inspecting another player to see how it looks on you. Also, use shift + right click while your chat input is open to link items and quests in the chat window. This is useful if you are trying to get a party for group quests in an area.


— You unlock Housing at level 14. You must go into your capital city to unlock a simple quest to receive your housing plot. You start out with a few basic housing items, however you can receive housing items from anywhere in the game, as well as purchase them through the vendor screen when on your plot.

— You can set your privacy settings for your house, as well as add neighbors who can easily visit your house. There is also a button on the bottom left of the neighbor tab that shows you other player’s public houses that you can go visit. This is a great way to get ideas for your own house!

— Some housing items give bonus rested exp, and you can tell how much by the buffs they give you while on your housing plot. And for those of you who don’t care about housing, you can also log out at a neighbor’s house who has more items and receive their bonus exp buffs!

— You can do a lot with housing, and a good guide for beginners can be found here.

Battlegrounds & Warplots

— PvP begins at level 6, and you can queue for “Practice Battlegrounds” through your party screen. Once you hit level 50, you can then queue for Rated Battlegrounds and begin leveling up your personal & group ratings.

— Practice Arena’s unlock at lvl 30 and Ranked Arena’s at level 50. The arena sizes are 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5.

— Warplots also unlock at level 50 and are 40v40 matches, and there are two ways to enter a Warplot match. The first way is to join a Warparty, these are like PvP guilds that are separate from a regular guild. Warparties can customize their own Warplots and face off against other Warplots. The second way is to join as a mercenary. Mercenaries are when you join a Warplot queue without being in a Warparty, and you fill in any gaps that Warparties might have to reach the 40 players needed. More info on Warplots can be found here.


— Wildstar supports user created addons, and they can be found on Curse. Below are a few addons that I personally find helpful, however there are many addons out there and more will be constantly added, so keep an eye out for ones you might like!

  • BijiPlates — this addon adds custom name plates/health bars over characters heads. I believe it looks much nicer and has more customization than the default ones.
  • JunkIt — This addon allows you to automatically sell junk items as well as automatically repair items when you visit a vendor. However, I would suggest you leave the auto-repair off, since it takes a while for your items to get damaged, and you will most likely upgrade them before they break in early game.
  • IconLoot — When you loot an item, it shows you on the side of your screen the item that you looted. I found that the default way the game shows you is far too small and easy to miss. This addon improves that and better shows you the item you looted, as well as the rarity of that item, without getting in the way.
  • BetterQuestLog — This addon improves the way your quest log looks, and makes it much more organized by zone and type of quest.
  • ClassicQuestDialog — This addon changes the quest dialog to something you might see in WoW. I find this easier to read, as the default can be hard to see when it’s just small chat bubbles around your screen.
  • NavMate — This addon adds several customizations to your mini-map that you may find helpful, and allows you to see your coordinates, make your minimap square and mute the taxi driver!
  • CustomFoV — A lot of people don’t like the default field of view that the game has. This addon allows you to easily change it to the FoV of your liking without having to type commands in the chat box.
  • ThreatMeter — Useful for tanks and dps in dungeons, shows your threat as well as your parties, and warns you if you generate too much threat and are about to pull aggro.

Again, these are just some addons that I find useful, and there are many more that you might like out there. Here is a guide on how to install addons, and here is a video on how to use the curse client if you so choose to download it.

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