WildStar Housing Guide

WildStar Housing Guide by Nashor

Sitting around your main city, doing nothing but chitchat? No where to sit and relax, apart from that cold bench over there? Always dreamed of having a house of your very own?!
Well fear not! I am Nashor – a known housing specialist working for Protostar (not really) and I am here to get you started with Housing! So what are you waiting for? Start reading below!

[UPDATE] : Links to previous screenshots, will soon update with new ones and a video guide.

Visiting your capital city:

Well, first things first. Once you hit level 14 – head over to your faction’s capital city, either Illium or Thayd, for Dominion and Exiles respectively.

Once you do so, you will receive a call from the Protostar Housing Specialist, calling you to get started with housing!

Commcall Quest

All you have to do is to get to the Housing of the Future building located in your capital. You can either talk to a Protostar Housing Representative to get a free ride there, or walk by yourself! Below I will post a map with the Protostar Tram locations for the cities of Thayd an Illium, the Housing of the Future building and how a Representative should look like.

Map of Illium  / Map of Thayd 
Housing Specialist
Protostar Building in Thayd / Illium

Once you get there you will have to check out the Housing Displays and then proceed to the Housing Hologram that will take you to your Humble Home! Make sure to accept when you are requested whether to get to your housing plot or not.

Housing Display


This quest is skippable but I wouldn’t advice to skip it – since you can get some pretty sweet free Housing items!
You can either pick a Quaint Housing Set or an Adventurer’s Housing Set.

  • The Quaint Set contains: a Wooden Bed, a Round Rug (Red and Blue), a Round Wooden Table, a Sofa Bench (Blue) and a Pine Tree.
  • On the other hand the Adventurer’s Set contains: a Wooden Bed, an Aligator Rug, a Flat Metal Table, a Sofa Bench (Red) and anOlive Green Tree.

All those items are purchasable except the Aligator Rug!


Building your House:

Time for the spicy stuff – building your Humble Home!
Alrightie, this is where most people get lost due to poor guidance, but fear not because I am here!First off, click your Landscape button on the bottom right of your screen to build a house!
Cozy Houses (Starter ones) cost 1 gold, while the Spacious ones cost 3 platinum (300 gold) and require you to be level 36 (for now).

House Droplist / Granok House

Once you select the house you want (I picked the Granok one) hit the replace button! What to replace you’d say? The Starter Tent (junk) plot with your house – so don’t hesitate destroying “what’s already there”.


There you go! You got a Humble home of your own ready to be filled with your treasures!

Builded House


While in your house – you can acquire rested exp bonus (elder gem bonus if you are level 50) based on your placed decor and their current benefits. You can also access a buff board which will give you then option for a 24-hour boost to either PvP, PvE or Group PvE. There is also the Neighbours tab, which allows you to view your current neighbours and visit currently public homes.

Neighbours tab

House Options:

Now you got a house, but it’s empty. Well, why not starting messing around with the options then!Options

As you can see above you can select between LandscapeHouseCrate and Vendor! (Room instead of House if you are inside your Home). You can also see your List button, which will display all currently placed decor in a dropdown list (and allow you to store it all if you want!), anEscape button, which will take you back to your house’s spawn point in case you are stuck. You can also toggle edit mode on and off!

Let’s start with the most basic one – which is the House itself! Once you click that tab you will get a pop up window showing your currentHouse Configuration and your Housing Plot name – click the small button next to it to change your settings!

House Config / Residence Settings

You can make your Plot available to Public, Neighbours Only, Roomates Only or even Private! Renaming your house will cost you 100 Renown (group / housing currency).

You can also change your Door – Roof – Walls – Entry and even the Sky itself! That is one of the many ways you can personalise your house.
Below you can see my current setting and it’s cost (it’s not that cheap).

House Settings


Completed House

Time to get to the Landscape Options! Once you click the landscape tab – you will see a pop up that will show your current plugs. If that is your first time they will probably be empty – apart from your house.

Once you click a “socket” spot you will be able to see what you can place there. In order to build something in any socket, you will need aFabrication Kit, also known as a FABkit. There are also a few starter plugs that do not require any FABkit. Once you fill your sockets with plugs you are good to go!

Landscape Options / FABkit Popup

There we go!

House with FABkits

Let’s get to the Crate! This is where all your decor is stored at – you can currently have up to 1000 decor total in your crate.
In order to place decor down you need to access it via your crate. Right clicking decor in the world allows you to preview it!
In order to obtain decor for your beloved crate, explore! You can find decor from drops, special vendors, housing vendor, dungeons, challenges – everywhere!


And last but not least, the Vendor – Sponsored by Protostar Corporation! This is the place you want to go to if you need to fill your crate with decor, ..for money!
Decor sold at the Housing Vendor will either cost Renown or gold. Hit purchase to send the decor directly to your crate or right click in the world to preview it!


Room Options:

Great work out there placing your plugs and exterior decor – what about the inside though?You’ll have to hit the Room tab – located on the bottom right of your screen to get started!
You can change the Walls – Trim – Ceiling – Floor and Lighting!

Room Tab

You can go from a cozy house – to a disco party – EVERYTHING!
Or just keep it default, I guess.

Room Options

Inside your room you can still access your Crate and your Vendor!

Placing Decor:

Your room is all set-up but something is still missing, try adding some decor!

Simply open your crate – select the decor you want, right click in the world and hit Place!


You can move your placed decor around and rotate it as much as you want! You can also toggle options to scale it, link it to another items, toggle advanced mode on and off, alot of stuff that I will talk about below.

Decor Options

The more decor you add the better! You can do some pretty basic stuff – or delve into hardcore housing!
There’s a simple sitting room configuration!

Example Room Config

Advanced Options:    

You place your decor, alright – but it is just not perfect – and you, you want perfection! How to achieve perfection you say? Toggle onAdvanced mode! How to do that you say? Simply right click a decor item and hit the small cog button saying “More options” You will see 3 more buttons pop-up, you can either crate (send back to your crate) your decor, link your decor to other items, scale your decor up or down or toggle advanced controls! What you want to hit – is the advanced controls button.Toggle Options

Once you do that, you will see a big pop-up window which allows you to move, rotate, scale, crate, transform your selected decor. Simply clickadvanced mode in order to get handlebars to move decor around or rotate it. Red changes Y-axis and PitchBlue changes X-axis andRoll, while Green changes Z-axis and Yaw!

Options Popup  Move Options 

Great, now you can place decor all around the place – but what if you want multiple pieces to be exactly the same? Whether that is their size, rotation or location, Transforming them is the way to go! Simply check T R S, for Location, Rotation and Size respectively and Copy Transform! Now click on another item and Paste Transform. You now have 2 items exactly the same! Repeat the procedure and you will have even more!

TRS Copy Transform
Transformed Item

Another housing feature that would help out is Linking items together! Once you have an item linked to another – moving the link (the item everything is linked to), will cause all the other items to be moved / rotated respectively! Simply click the small link button and right click the decor you want your item linked to! You can also unlink all linked items by selecting to do so from parent decor options! Great for moving alot of stuff together or makeshift/ custom decor!

Linking Items Linked Items 
Unlinking Items

With good will (and money!) you can do some pretty crazy stuff!
So get out there citizens of Nexus and start housing!

Suspicious Picture
The above picture is totally not what you think it is.

If you got any questions, or need help with your house – reply to my post or hit me up in-game!
If you are an Exile you can find me in-game as Nashor or SpoiledCassian if you are in the Dominion!

If you got any house you’d like to show me I’d love to do so, but no. Nah just kidding! I want to see all of your creations guys!
Feel free to add me as a neighbour! Happy Housing!

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