WildStar Helpful Addons List

WildStar Helpful Addons List by hateplow169

I would like to compile all of the helpful Addons into a list and would appreciate your help. Post a comment below and I’ll add it to a list on this post if you could include a link that would be even better.

Click this to see how to install addons the process is simple but can be confusing to first timers.

  • BijiPlates BijiPlates is a nameplate replacement add-on that shows separated health and shield bars instead of the default in-line style.You can add the castbar aswell.
  • JunkIt It sells all the junk.
  • GalaxyMeter DPS-/HealMeter etc.
  • BetterCombatText Changes the ingame combat text.
  • PotatoUI New unit frames, with a lot of options.
  • ThreatMeter Well….
  • SCastBar New castbar.
  • Grid Compact unit frames, awesome for dungeons/raids.
  • Fast Target Frames makes 3D portraits on target frames static, good FPS boost
  • CheatSimon automatic simon mini-game. I have really bad memory so it’s a must.
  • CustomFoV easy way to increse FoV (60 is optimal for me)
  • SquareMiniMap I prefer square map because it has wider view
  • Athena crafting grid enchantments. Easy discoveries.
  • Iconloot makes it easier to see when you loot something of value
  • Navmate my favourite map addon
  • Stickyhintarrow useful to have a permanent quest arrow on demand
  • Gatherbuddy helps you locate various gather nodes without having to pull up the map all the time
  • Actionsetprofiles my favourite addon by far, main game is limited by having 4 action sets at lvl 50, this one allows you to more than that.
  • NoisyQ is perfect for letting you know when you get that spell pop. Customisable for a single load sound or repeat etc.
  • Spacestash Identical to Bagnon from WoW (if you’re familiar) to make the inventory window much, much more useable.
  • RadarThis addon shows you nearby TALES keys, books, and datacubes. It’s an absolute necessity for scientists trying to get zone completion. I’m not sure if it’s been updated for the latest Wildstar version, but there’s a fix on the last page of the thread.
  • GroupRadar I believe this is like radar but for groups or group quests.
  • ClassicQuestDialog WoW style quest frame.

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