SMITE Kumbhakarna Guide

SMITE Kumbhakarna Guide by The11eartless

Hi everyone, just a quick guide on my favourite support at the moment, Kumby. Honestly he was pretty broken on release from a purely supporting perspective and he still is, so here’s the rundown on how to play this monster.

The Build:

I run a risky start of Watchers Gift, HoG 2 and one of each potion. His early kill potential is low due to the time it takes for his damage to come out and the overpowered minions. I rush HoG 2 as this allows you to solo blue on the decayed side, and pick up the back small harpies for free, while still having HoG for mid harpies second spawn. Note that taking the small harpies on your side solo doesn’t hinder the jungler’s farm as he’ll be in the solo lane anyway. You have to play a bit more passively in lane for the first 5 mins, but you’ll be doing that anyway. Normally you can get away with no wards before everyone is level 5 because at that point wards won’t substitute for player skill and communication anyway. This start also means that being forced back early isn’t an issue, simply an opportunity to refill wards and potions.

Basic build for standard team of 3 phys/2 magic

Watchers Gift -> Midas Boots/Pen Boots -> Sovereignty -> Bulwark of Hope/Pestilence -> Mail of Renewal/Spirit’s Robe with a Voidstone in there after I finish Sovereignty and depending on how far ahead we are. Order of Spirit’s Robe and Mail of Renewal depends on what is hitting you hardest at the current time.

You’ll see people like Dirgius build CDR boots on Kumby and this is just something you should never ever do. Either get Midas boots for the farm, Kumby doesn’t suffer that much because of his insane amounts off cc and peel, or go for kills with pen boots. CDR boots will shave like 1.5s at most off his abilities, and his ultimate has an amazingly short cooldown anyway. Just not necessary when pen boots bring so much more to the table, and it’s super easy to build CDR on guardians anyway. The pen boots also give him decent waveclear for very good early push and harass.

The combination of the two items Mail of Renewal and Spirit’s Robe is something I encourage everyone to try on Guardians, insane amounts of CDR and defence. Spirit’s Robe is honestly the best tanking item in the game (barring the mandatory Sovereignty) with it’s amazing passive, which will bait enemies into wasting their abilities on you and inflicting laughable damage. This combo is even better on Kumby as he is one of the most naturally tanky guardians in Smite.

Active wise I always get Weakening Curse/Crippling Curse or Girdle. Shell is never really necessary on Kumby because of the insane amount of cc he brings to the table, and girdle further capitalizes on his unparalleled set up potential. DO NOT EVER buy blink on Kumby, he has a dash which does the job. Same principal as blink on Bacchus, just such a waste of an active slot.

So why is Kumby so good? Firstly he has unparalleled peel and set up potential. It’s mindboggling. Mighty Yawn is just so broken, for reference, a five person Mighty Yawn has a longer total cc time than a five man Waxing Moon. Kumby can literally cc a single target for over 7s just by himself, pick up a curse and it jumps to 11s. It’s insane. If you have creeps under tower you can also mighty yawn and then ult and you won’t even receive tower agro till they hit the ground. that’s over 5s sitting under tower for free. To make him even more broken, the landing of his ultimate knocks up any enemies around it in a small AoE. It’s just overkill.

Since Mighty Yawn is so good you’ll be using the bread and butter combo of groggy strike -> epic uppercut. It’s unlikely an opponent will ever beads a groggy strike, and thus will fall victim to an immediate follow up ult. If they interrupt/dash your groggy strike then that’s also a win in itself. Simply waddle after them with your one and mighty yawn for guaranteed set up.

That’s all there is to Kumby. He is deceptively simple but so easy and devastating in his execution. Having people interrupt his mez by mistake is never a big deal because then they get a 40% slow anyway.

This god is actually overkill and severely underrated.

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