League of Legends Vayne Season 4 Guide

League of Legends Vayne Season 4 Guide by HDCommentary_

Hey Summoners!

It’s time for another guide! This time I made a guide about Vayne, one of the best ADC’s in the league. I played her extensively and figured out ways to play her successfully in both ranked & unranked. I thought this reddit would like it as it’s very educational for not only vayne but for all ADC’s.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5svyE8idiQM


  • Hey guys and welcome to this Vayne guide. Let me start off by telling you what we will cover in this guide.
  • As you can see on top of this screen there are buttons which you can press to skip to specific parts of the guide. In case you already know several things about the champion you might want to skip to the more advanced parts like the laning phase or the teamfighting phase.
  • If you’re new to the champion and want to learn her from the basics, start from the beginning which will cover masteries, runes, item builds and skill order.
  • So without further or do, let’s get started. First, let’s take a look at runes & masteries.
  • My Vayne runepage is pretty similar to any other ADC runepage. It involves attack damage marks, flat armor seals, flat magic resist blues and 1 attack damage and 2 attack speed quints.
  • For masteries I go for 21 points in the offense tree and 9 points in the defence tree. It is best to pause the video here if you want to fill this in for yourself, because I won’t be going in full detail on masteries.
  • Now that everything is set up, let’s take a look at Vayne her skills. If you already know her skills you might want to skip to the next part: Skill Order.
  • Her passive, Night Hunter, increases your movement speed when you are facing an enemy. This is a great chase tool because you usually walk faster than your enemy because of it.
  • Her Q, Tumble, dashes you quickly to the position where the mouse is at that moment. It is a fast skill and is used the most for repositioning yourself in teamfights. Also for dodging skills this skill is amazing.
  • Her W, Silver Bolts, deals true damage every third hit you deal subsequentely on one enemy. This is what makes Vayne such a beast in the lategame because she doesn’t care about tank stats. It is based on % max hp of your enemy. — CHECK
  • Her E, Condemn, shoots your target away from you. If the target hits a wall, you will stun him. This is her best lane ability because you can chain CC with your support. In teamfights, shoot those assassins away from you to stay safe.
  • Then her R, Final Hour, grants you a huge buff for several seconds. It grants you a bunch of attack damage and your tumble will now grant you stealth for 2 seconds. Use it when the teamfight starts or to go all-in.
  • For skill order you can do two things. Either max Q first or max W first. This is dependent on the situation you’re in, because if you’re playing vs heavy tanks then maxing W first will help you more. However, maxing Q first is usually the best for the laning phase.
  • If you max Q first, max W second and E third. Ofcourse level up your R on level 6, 11 and 16.
  • If you max W first, max Q second and E third. Once again, your ult should be leveled whenever you can.
  • Now item builds. Vayne scales very well with attack speed because of her W passive which deals true damage on every third hit on the same enemy. After doing the math this build seems to deal the most damage:
  • You start with a dorans blade an 1 pot. After that you try to get your Blade of the ruined king first, followed by Berserker Greaves. Follow this up with a Phantom Dancer and you will have loads of attack speed early on, making you very strong. After this you will have to look at the situation.
  • Do you need a defensive item because you die too much? Get a Guardian Angel or a Banshee’s Veil. Guardian Angel works best when you’re playing vs fed Assassins while Banshee’s Veil works best against poke champions and hard CC champions.
  • Follow it up by a Last Whisperer and an Infinity Edge. Always have 1 defensive item because this is way more important than getting even more damage. Vayne already has enough damage at this point so there is no reason to get even more, unless you’re really far ahead. Guardian Angel, Banshee’s Veil and Randuins Omen work well in the late game.
  • So now we have covered all the basics of Vayne that you need to know to start playing her. Now the question remains: How to play her well? This is the more advanced part of the guide explaining you how to play early, mid and lategame.
  • Vayne’s early game is a struggle to play well. She is a weak early game champion and if her support can’t make up for that then it will be relatively hard to win early. However, because of her scaling it is not that important to dominate early. You just need to farm it up, don’t die and get your money together for your first crucial items.
  • Vayne matches well with supports like Alistar, Nami, Lulu and Thresh. Even Leona can work really well because of the strenght she gives early game. Try to get your support play one of these champions.
  • Even though I said farm it up on lane, if you get an opportunity to poke or to initiate it’s great. Vayne isn’t that strong before level 6, but your tumble does allow for some nice poke damage when your enemy goes for a last hit.
  • If you find an opportunity to stun an enemy into a wall, go for it. This can either mean free damage or it will result in a fight that you’ll most likely win.
  • Also great to know on Vayne is how to use your tumble effectively. After you shoot a standard auto attack, tumble right after to cancel the animation, allowing you to shoot faster than you normally would. This means you can shoot 2 auto attacks very fast. Add one auto attack before or after that combo and you proc your W true damage for some extra damage. !!!!
  • On level 6 Vayne will usually be stronger than her opponent. Her ultimate adds so much to her kit that her dueling potential goes up greatly. Try to find a fight with your support to either get a kill or take summoners from your opponent.
  • On your first back, get that Bilgewater cutless. It makes you even stronger when you go all-in on your targets, because of the slow and damage onto your enemies. There is almost no way for them to get away from you, unless they flash or their support CC’s you.
  • Just try to play it safe early. There is no reason to play over aggressive with vayne early because after the earlygame, no matter if you’re 2-0 or 0-0, you will deal tons of damage. All you have to do really is get all farm possible.
  • If you have a Blade of the Ruined king, a phantom dancer and a defensive item, go and gather up with the team and get into teamfights! This is where Vayne shines, since she deals the most damage of any ADC in the game.
  • So let’s get started with the mid game. This phase is about split pushing and teamfighting, two things in which vayne is exceptionally good.
  • Teamfighting with Vayne is not the easiest thing because you are such a huge thread. Lately in the LCS we saw pro player Doublelift playing Vayne against team solo mid. Once TSM saw Vayne, they all shouted: “VAYNE VAYNE VAYNE”.
  • This is a common problem for Vayne because you want to show your damage to your team but if you get close you will be focussed hard. Her low range makes it hard to stay safe, but that’s the challange you have as a Vayne player and that’s why she is so much fun.
  • Like any AD Carry, stay in the backlines of your team. Yes I know it’s hard as vayne but you will have to do it to stay alive. Doesn’t matter who you focus first, your damage will be huge on anyone, even tanks. So try to kill the targets that are the closest first.
  • Use your ULT + Tumble to reposition yourself. It is crucial that you don’t get stunned / CC’d because of your squishyness. Tumble is great for dodging skillshots, but also flash helps a lot when you have to react quickly. You need fast reaction speed to play Vayne properly.
  • When enemies get close, use the active on Blade of the Ruined king to give yourself some mobility to move away. Let your team react to them and once your team has initiated on them and you’re in a safe location, deal as much damage as you can. You can also use your Condemn (your E) to shoot targets away if they use a gap closer onto you.
  • Please, don’t just run in to kill someone and die afterwards. This is terrible and will only cause you to lose the game. If you want to carry, take it safe and try to not die. This is how high elo players carry themselves out of elo-hell. Just play it safe and get ahead over time.
  • Once you are full build you can sell your boots and replace them with a Zephyr. This item is perfect for Vayne because of the movement speed, tenacity and attack speed. If you’ve come to this stage you should have already won the game. This is Vayne’s territory, if your team doesn’t fail too much.
  • There is not much more to it. To sum this up: Stay in the back, only use your Q to reposition yourself and play safe earlygame.

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