League of Legends Free RP through Bing Rewards Guide

League of Legends Free RP through Bing Rewards Guide by Faustian Echoes

This method does not require a credit card or any league account information! It takes about 5-10 min to sign up, but after that its literally about 10 seconds a day with the bot. You will get $5 worth of RP every 15 days!

If you don’t know, Bing has a program where they will give you some “Bing Reward Credits” for searching on their site. Now I know that some people dislike Bing, but in my experience the results are as good as Google, and it’s nice to get some bonus doing something you already do everyday.

Basically, you can do 30 searches per day which each give you 1 point. You also get 2 extra points a day for clicking on features stories. So every day you can get 30 points, and when you get 475 points, you can change them into 650 RP. I will show you how to do this. 475/32 is just under 15, so you can get $5 in RP every 15 days for free!!! They also have featured searches every day which will give you 1 or 2 points extra if you click them. thus earning you rewards even faster!

How to do it:

1.Sign up for Bing Rewards, You can do so by clicking this link:

Note: If you live outside the US and it says its not available in your country read the last paragraph of my post to make it work.

2.Do the intro, this will give you a nice chunk of points to get you started.

Very important: Do not redeem rewards until you get GOLD status. This can be earned very fast especially with the bonus points this month. When you get gold status, you will get more credits/day by searching and the rewards will be discounted around 10%. So I would wait until Gold before you get any rewards, unless you are very impatient.

3.When you have 475 credits, redeem the $5 Burger King gift card.
4.The code will arrive in your email. When this happens open up League of Legends and go to the Purchase RP section of the store.
5.In payment options, click Openbucks. Then, select the $5 option.
6.Click the icon for Burger King, and enter the code sent to you. You will now have 650 RP added!!!


If you sign up here is a search bot that will do the searches for you every day!

If you have any questions feel free to ask them below!
Enjoy the free rp just by using bing as your search engine!!

Also you can get gift cards for almost anything, you don’t have to use it to get free rp, but that’s what I do. On occasion I get the cvs card because I can use it for rp and for my prescriptions.

Hope I was able to help some people get free rp every 15 days

Edit: here is the bot I use to do the searches for me

Even though the number is not increasing as the bot searches, when you open bing in a new page afterwards your credits will show up.


Get Google chrome, get a extension called Hola Unblocker… and then once you get it go to the page where it says “It is not available in your country” click the top right pic with a small fireball face, and then change the country to the United States.


Step 1 Sign up for bing rewards here: www.bing.com/explore/rewards

Step 2: Do searches everyday using the bot I posted.

Step 3: Profit!

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    However, as of 2020, i think you have to select the cvs gift card to use it

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