League of Angels Seraphs and Inferno Guide

League of Angels Seraphs and Inferno Guide by adithvarghese

1.Angel Evolution :

Basic method of using your seraph stones is to use them on your “deployed” angel …

Your angel starts of from “COMMON” and uses 1 seraph stone each try to have a chance at becoming “UNCOMMON” and from there takes 2 seraphs each try for “RARE” , 3 seraphs each try;for “EPIC” , 4 seraphs each try for “LEGENDARY” and so on to a total of 10 Evolution.; ;;;;Until you touch level 51 , this much be your one and only course of action…. Dont be worried if you are using it on even nocturna or prospera while other use it on boadecia,, while “inheriting” the evolution level ALSO gets transfered thereby YOU ARE NOT WASTING YOUR SERAPH STONES {NOTE: Only Evolution”Level” gets transfered and not “Evolution Points” }

Once you reach level 51, you unlock GUARDIAN ANGELS ;feature and from there on , Stop evolving ur deployed angel once she touches Legendary and

try to make all your guardia angels to atleast RARE and once thats done you can go back to your deployed angel and start working your way up into making her MYTHIC ( Consumes too much so u better be preppared to lose your patience);

 2. Inferno:

Inferno is basically a modified version of erebus wherein 2 or 3 people can team up and participate ….

so basically lvl 45 Inferno is the Beginner’s version and you unlock a stronger version once every 5 levels;

 Basic points to remember :

BR Requirement ( from my observation) for lvl 45 inferno mini bosses a.k.a the Beasts would be atleast 80k to okho( one hit knock out) them … If u have atleast 80k BR u can easily help your team in a big way in lvl 45…. Lvl 50 is atleast 120k to 140k and for lvl 55 it is minimum of 140 to 160k ;to kill the beast..

There are a few buffs other than the beasts, the Artefacts and treasure :

Angel Figured buff is to reduce cooldown duration of fights{ each fight has a 12 second cooldown action} , The ball of fire figured buff is to reduce your artefact cooldown time { when u occupy an artefact there is a certain “n” second cooldown time to that action , this buff reduces it }, The star figured tile to “JUMP TO A RANDOM TILE ” , and the brown chest figured buff is to raise your team’s ATk by 10%;

Ok so there are a few does and donts which can help you to get a proper grade { S, A, B} in inferno

1. ALWAYS opt for a 3 player team if you want rewards …………….. If you are gonna do inferno to collect all the soulstones 2 players is more than enough;

2. BEFORE you click ” Start” talk with your teammates and plan on how each player is gonna tackle the course, i,e 1 player takes bottom, 1player takes middle and last player ( preferably the one who is gonna fight the boss ) takes the top

3. DO NOT activate teleport { Star Shaped Tile } Its an unnecessary gamble that will throw your plan to shreds

4. Move upto and i mean only UPTO maximum 14 second in ur timer … this way u can be assured of not gettin thrown into a cooldown .. ; ; if u r goin to collect an artefact , move to maximum 14 second whereas if its for fighting a beast you can start to a maximum of 10 ;secs .

{ This is a picture from the forum announcements , so pls dont ask me about the players involved in it } The Tick Mark shows what you can target and the X mark shows the ones you neednt activate as they r just useless … Ive left the treasure one out because that depends on you ;)

So thats it for the method of doing these two features … Hope i will be of help to atleast some players ^_^

And these are my “prefences and my style of gaming” so pls if u dont agree with my thoughts u can suggest me a few of urs and help others too ^_^

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