Hearthstone Rogue Malygos Legendary Deck

Hearthstone Rogue Malygos Legendary Deck by Creapz

Hey guys, so this is the malygos rogue deck that got me to legend rank 1 on EU. And guide how to play it, and some match specific details.

2 x Backstab
2 x Preparation
2 x Deadly Poison
2 x Sinister Strike
1 x Conceal
1 x Sap
2 x Eviscerate
2 x Shiv
2 x Blade Flurry
1 x Fan of Knives
1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
1 x Loot Hoarder
1 x Big Game Hunter
2 x SI:7 Agent
1 x Earthern Ring Farseer
1 x Edwin Van Cleef
2 x Azure Drake
2 x Gadzgetan Auctioneer
1 x Assasins Blade
1 x Malygos

You can swap big game hunter out for 2nd Earthern ring if you are not facing handlocks/control warriors and que more into hunters/zoos.

Overall gameplay: So starting from the mulligans you usually search for your SI:7 agent and depending do you have coin or not you keep backstab. Coin = no need to keep, No Coin = keep it. This works for most of the matchups and guarantees you some safety and board presence on board early turns. Next card you want to get in your mulligans is 5 drop (azure/gadzgetan). Other 2 cards are optional in most of the matchups. You always want to guarantee that you have strong turn 3 and turn 5 on most of the matchups. We go over this on the class specific sections later but this works 95% of the time. So ye other 2 mulligans are optional, some matchups you want deadly poison and some games you want to get assasin blade or maybe blade flurry. Some matchups you look for sap.

Malygos; reads: Spelldamage +5.
Malygos is this decks bread and butter. You can make huge plays with malygos on turn 9 or 10 and easily hit your enemy for 17 dmg or even more. Try to hold on to your nukes until you have to use them to clear board or keep you in game. So don’t waste eviscerate and sinister strikes if you have other options. Try to hold atleast 1 preparation for malygos so you can turn 9 or 10 use prep with it and have more options what to do.
Conceal adds nice twitst to this deck so you can stealth your minions midgame if you want to keep your auctioneer on board or conceal malygos on later turns. Stealthed malygos is not easy to kill!

Edwin Van Cleef; reads: Get 2+/2+ for every card played before this turn.
Sometimes flashy edwin plays work or just lose you the game instant. don’t but too much in one basket and always think what you are playing against and what they can have to neutralize it. Silence/big game hunter? Safest edwin is 4/4 or 6/6 depending on matchups. Against Zoo locks you can make it big if you have resources. But always think before you pull ALL IN EDWIN card.

Gonna go over some specific matchups you meet everyday on ladder:

Zoo Locks:

Mulligan: search for SI:7 agent and backstab no matter if you have coin or not. Deadly poison and bladeflurry are high value cards on this matchups. Keep earthern ring.

Gameplay: Early turns goes on warlocks favor. You just have to hang on. So if you get SI:7 aim to get it on board turn 2 with coin and kill something with battlecry. backstab here if you have to. Most likely he’s gonna soulfire your SI if he has it. if you have deadly/poison bladeflurry in your hand you should be fine to turn 5 when you want drop your 5 drop, and it gets soulfired. Save eviscerate for doomguards if you can. don’t SAP DOOMGUARD. Sap hes buffed taunts or flame imps :) Auctioneer conceal is really strong against zoo locks if you can drop it on turn 5/6 but still don’t keep conceal on starting hand. Make the play if you are not under too much pressure. If this game goes even to turns 8-10, you will win it. He runs out of gas. It hurts but clear the board and be humble.

Control Warrior:

Mulligan: Search for your 5 drops and Assassin’s blade, keep deadly poison if you have it. If you don’t have coin you can keep backstab.

Gameplay: Early turns you don’t need to do much except dagger up and keep board under control, this match usually goes long and you don’t want to waste your resources.
Warriors want to make task play with armorsmith/acolyte. You don’t need to do anything to it before he makes the play or you can kill it smooth and easy. Keep dagger and use deadly poison and SI when he tasks. You are looking for strong auctioneer turn here. Before you drop your 5 drops watch he’s armor and try to keep it low so he cant shield slam without shield block. They do waste excecutes on your 5’s. You have to clear board on this matchup until he’s close to dying, Aim to bait both excecutes and brawl before you go to board with your malygos. If he still has excecutes, save your conceal. If he has 1 minion on board with 2 hp and you have 2 deadly poison stacks, You can easily just hit face and flurry if you feel comfort with your hand midgame. All the dmg to he’s face matters on this matchup.

Midrange Hunter:

Mulligan: Keep SI:7 and backstab on this matchup to get rid of he’s river crocks and search for 5 drops and deadly poison.

Gameplay: This matchup is relatively easy if played correct.
You always clear board against hunter until you guaranteed lethal next turn and you are sure he has no way to kill you with any possible compo.
So early turns he’s gonna drop rivercrock or something else and you clear it with SI or deadly. And he’s gonna kill command your SI. when he sees that you have deadly on your weapon he don’t want to play anything anymore! So don’t waste your weapon early turns if you don’t have 2nd deadly in hand or youre sure you can clear board. Face dmg early turns don’t matter for you, you only need to be threath and make he’s feel uncomfort as possible going towards turn 5 and 6. So turn 5 is coming for hunter. don’t PLAY Bloodmage/loothoarder. he’s gonna kodo it, and then highmane and you lose the game. Play azure or auctioneer. He don’t want to drop kodo/highmane on that board. if he does, eviscerate kodo/sap highmane. anyways sap or kill it and but 2nd 3/5 drop on baord and start dealing dmg to face. This is the tempo point for you in game when he starts panicing and you win the game in 2-3 rounds.Until the turn 5 try to keep he’s unleash value as low as possible. Usually you don’t need malygos on this game but sometimes you can finish games with it.

Ramp Druid:

Mulligan: SAP! You look for sap/way to handle he’s innervate i.e. backstab/eviscerate. keep one 5 drop. If you have sap you can keep deadly poison/3drop/2nd 5 drop or Blade.

Gameplay: Early game you pray that he don’t innervate something retarded on board… if he does you sap or kill it and feel it in your face. You cant leave turn 1 yeti on board even if its gonna do 12 dmg to you. If you don’t kill it its gonna deal even more. Ramp druid with good hand is really hard to beat. Value your poison flurrys on this matchup to get you some edge even if you have to take some dmg for it. If you are able to get good auctioneer turn on this game you most likely gonna win it. don’t sap if you don’t have to. If you don’t have to waste your sap to get huge edge on board or to save your face, don’t use it. Deck runs only one sap and should be used against druid wisely. If you can but alot of pressure on him by sapping one of he’s big taunts or if its gonna safe your life/put you back into game, use it. Try to get him use keepers on your drakes/auctioneers and look for black knight. Druids have easy way to kill you malygos if its open on the field. They just silence it or mark of the wild it and then they black knight it. If all of these are used they don’t have any way to kill it. Malygos preparation blade flurry value is huge on this matchup so try to hang on till you can malygos.

Okay guys thanks for reading this and hope it helps you to get better, and get legend :)
Overall fun deck to play, hard to master! It was my 1st guide so be gentle on me here if its not the best :D

I’m streaming everyday on twitch @ twitch.tv/Creapzter
Step by to watch my gameplay and ask me anything in chat or PM and Ill try my best to answer as best as I can.

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