Hearthstone Rogue Aggro Mill Legendary Rank Deck

Hearthstone Rogue Aggro Mill Legendary Rank Deck by Colma_


Three months ago I made a post about an aggro mill deck I made. Since then I moved on and started playing different decks and some of the cards in the old deck even got nerfed. A few days ago I decided to take a look at my old deck to try and update it and make it work again. I was legend rank 450 when I started playing the new version of the aggro mill. I decided I would post an update on the aggro mill deck here if I got to top 100 I reached it, so here we go.

Here is the deck:

Rogue Cards

Backstab × 2
Shadowstep × 2
Cold Blood × 2
Deadly Poison × 2
Blade Flurry × 1
Eviscerate × 2
Sap × 2
Edwin VanCleef × 1
SI:7 Agent × 2
Assassin’s Blade × 1

Neutral Cards

Argent Squire × 2
Leper Gnome × 2
Bloodmage Thalnos × 1
Loot Hoarder × 2
Acolyte of Pain × 2
Coldlight Oracle × 2
King Mukla × 1
Leeroy Jenkins × 1

Milling talk

First things first, the deck is more aggro than it is mill. Think of it as an extremely aggressive deck that sometimes have great mill opportunities. Say the enemy has 9 cards, then you play mukla, now he only gains 1 banana and the card he would have drawn next turn get burned. Of course this works even better when you can sap in the same turn to make it work like assassinate.

What you should not attempt to do with this deck is see the other guy with 5 cards in his hand and then try to fill it up with the oracle plus 2 shadowsteps. Sure you burn 2 cards, but you also gave him 4 new ones he would not have had and you used 2 shadowsteps to accomplish it. There are many ways to be creative with milling, just be smart about it.


This deck relies heavily on early pressure, so mulligan aggressively for 1 drops. If you don’t have a 1 drop in your hand and you go first I would mulligan it all trying to get it. If I go second I would keep an SI:7/Edwin even if I had no 1 drops just because it works so well with the coin. If I do have a 1 drops I will not keep a second 1 drop instead I will mulligan it looking for 2 and 3 drops to fill out my curve.


Go for early board control, it is usually not hard to achieve with all the tempo cards in a rogue’s arsenal.

Whenever you have a clear board and are about to attack face with one of your minions give it cold blood if you can. At worst it is 4 damage to the enemy for 1 mana, at best he will not be able to remove it and it can snowball into a quick victory.

While playing your normal game keep an eye on the amount of cards in the other player’s hand, if it is close to full you should look for opportunies to play your oracles to both fill up your own hand and to burn his cards at the same time. If that never happens and you start to run out of strong plays it is ok to just play the coldlight oracle without burning any cards beause at that point 2 cards will likely help you more than him.

Sap, save it for a big creatue 5+ mana, a taunt in the way of your leeroy or if you can burn a decent minion because his hand is already full when you sap.

The goal of the early gave is take off the top of his health, get him down below 20 hp while playing a lot of card draw minions like loot hoarders and acolytes to cycle through your deck. If he ever spends removal cards to kill a cantrip minion that is a huge gain for you.

Now late game you are looking for combos to finish him off, the classic leeroy->shadowstep->shadowstep for 18 damage. Often times though you can kill them without even needing leeroy. If you get out a strong Edwin and Mukla early on together with a cold blood you can sometimes win before a miracle rogue can even get an auctioneer out.

Here is a video of me reaching top 100 with the deck http://goo.gl/CetFk8

Thanks for reading this far!

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