Grand Chase Zero Guide

Grand Chase Zero Guide by HotStuven

* Feel free to use Ctrl + F to search for specific things or sections.
* This guide is mainly focused on 1v1 matches. Of course all these things can be used in 2v2 and 3v3 matches, and Zero can work in tangent with other classes (teammates) easily with a bit of practice and coordination.
* I refer to Stuns as Flinching, due to Hyper Armor conformity.
* This guide was posted before the Season 5 changes. Numerical / damage values might differ after the patch when GC re-opens on April 3rd. Updates will probably be made.

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Table of contents

  1. About Zero
  2. About Me
  3. Movement
  4. Basic Actions (Freelancer)
  5. Insta-Cast Methods
  6. Grandark’s Domination
  7. Sword Stance (SS)
  8. Defense Stance (DS)
  9. Offense Stance (OS)
  10. Specials and Techniques
  11. Weaknesses
  12. Glitches
  13. My Skill Tree
  14. Tips On Fighting Certain Classes
  15. Dungeon Stuff
  16. Conclusion

1) About Zero

Zero was the second AP-type character released in Grand Chase, soon after Dio joined the Chase. His past is very mysterious and stuffs to the point where the game doesn’t really tell you much about him, so you would have to refer to the Grand Chase comics and those people who love to analyze these types of things, along with all the Wizard Labyrinth cut-scenes. I am not one of those people. All I know is that he’s involved with Elesis/her father, but he is much more cooler than them, and blah blah Eclipse/Transcendence/Void yadda yadda. Then again this information is useless since it will not improve your game play. =) Zero’s weapon is a Grandark, which is pretty much a huge broadsword with spikes on it, and an green eyeball that looks around planted on the base of the Grandark. He talks to his sword, calling it “Gran”.

Zero was designed to use multiple Stances and its abilities, somewhat like Rama. His Stance abilities provide him with Hyper Armor, preventing flinch effects of attacks. You still take normal damage (except for Defense Stance which reduces damage taken by 15% total) and can be moved around, stuck in place, and popped into the air by attacks. Being in a Stance prevents being petrified, flinched and frozen. Also, being brought into fatal while in a Stance will not kill you, but will leave you at Fatal to make a final stand. However, once Zero hits Fatal, he cannot enter any Stance and is stuck in Freelancer until he regains HP somehow. (Loss HP, Orchid HP, potions, HP Absorption (from TID set bonus), other players healing you with skills) However you can still jump XX to pull out your Grandark, but it will not enter Sword Stance when you land. Each stance can be immediately switched to from Freelancer mode using various X commands.

His second job Seeker is obtainable at Lv20, his third job Vanisher is at Lv40, and his fourth job Advancer is at Lv60. His 4th AP Bar mission is auto-registered at Lv70 and his 4th Bar Skill “Zero Domain” has a purchase-able mission at Lv73. Or you can just use Extreme Skill Keys for them both, helps dungeon-grinding so much.

2) About Me

I’ve been playing Grand Chase since about Lass release, and my oldest item from those days would be the Nephilim Wings from Sentinel release. It makes me feel special because I barely see any other veterans wear it on their characters. When I first got Zero, it was about two weeks after his release. I had been on a semi-Grand Chase hiatus for a while (was busy with other games) and I had his GP mission registered but didn’t attempt to get him. Then Chaos Season patch came and those 2 weeks later they randomly gave me and other players like 38/40 character orbs for their GP missions if we had them registered. So I was like “Cool! Might as well go unlock him.” It was my best idea ever. I had never seen Zero or anything about him (other than being an AP character) before I unlocked him. I started playing him in the first few dungeons and I fell in love. He was so different and unique. His jump attack popped people up, he swings a big sword around at a slow pace, and he was pretty strong. (He is still pretty strong in today’s times) I started developing a nice defensive AND offensive play-style with him and it works wonders. I decided to main him for life, even after the Balance patch. Before the Balance patch, I used to play propped matches with him in “80- “ rooms, but now I always play “No Pet/Prop/4th”. I have claimed the spot of NAGC #1 Zero since I reign supreme over every other Zero user, openly accepting all challenges. BUT THAT’S NOT THE MAIN POINT OF THIS GUIDE, SAVE THIS STORY FOR ANOTHER DAY! MOVING ON!
I’m more of a 1v1 kind of guy, who prefers melee over ranged characters when it comes to any game I play. I usually play mostly on Elven Forest or the mirrored Kounat version, and sometimes the usual other GWC stages (Marsh, Orc, Outer Wall, etc.) I do spend most of my time nowadays playing in GWC rooms.

My statistics right now in-game?

Note that I do NOT care about Park Rankings (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) They are meaningless since it only goes by the maximum number of wins made no matter how much you may lose. I have a life.

3) Movement

It is very important to know how to move with your character, in this case Zero. He has average movement mechanics like most other characters. Just like these characters, he is capable of performing advanced movements, such as rockets, demon-stepping, flash-stepping, back-spelling, and all that jazz. (All of this while in Freelancer mode)

Directions in parenthesis means they are pressed at the same time. V means pressing down.

Rocket: >(>^)

Stepping/Flash Stepping: >(>^)v

Shadow Stepping: (>^)(>v)
Performed really fast, repetitively. If you can Flash Step, DO NOT USE THIS. Flashing is superior. Shadowing is usually for laptop users who cannot Flash Step.

Demon Stepping/Back Spelling: >(>^)v <(<^)v
Basically Flash Stepping one way and then quickly in the opposite direction. To Back Spell, wait til the ending frames of the dash animation.

Platform Stepping: >(>^)v^
Pressing up at the end prevents you from falling off the platform.

Rocket XX + Jump Slice: >(>^)XX followed by Z^
Used to leap-attack while jumping over a distance. Also makes a great approach and helps jump over attacks. Also note that you can XX in the air as long as you perform an air dash)

Claw Step: >(>^) and then when at a certain height during the dash animation (<vZ)
It can be used as a movement style as well as an approach. Different Claw methods:

  • When traveling up or onto a plat
    • >(>^)Z
  • When traveling on flat ground or plats
    • >(>^)(v^)Z
  • When traveling down or through plats
    • >(>^)vZ
    • If the ground is too close for this to work, follow the same method as “flat ground or plats”

Since Zero is a character with average movement (can Rocket, Step, Demon, all that jazz), it is highly recommended to buy a good keyboard for Grand Chase, like a Logitech K120 USB keyboard which only costs $15 or less at any Walmart or Staples store. Or an iRocks/Razer keyboard. Having a good keyboard is very important to speed and practicality, like performing Super Jump Slices, Dash/Jumping Offense Stance Combos, Jumping OS Spikes, and the simple Rockets/Steps. You WILL notice a major difference between a lame keyboard (mainly laptop keyboards) and a good keyboard.

When you decide to not chase and opponent, and they decide not to chase you (so you’re pretty much standing still, waiting), I guess you can all it being on Standby. While on Standby, you can just chill around Demon Stepping. You usually see movement like these used by professional players in other fighting-type games. They move quickly back and forth in place while on “Standby” so that their next movement can be somewhat unpredictable. Maybe they’ll Flash Step forward and grab you. Maybe they’re gonna use a special (or Back Spell). Maybe they’ll Flash Step away. The choice is yours.

Advancer (4th job) brings us his Roll ability, which actually functions more like Elesis ST roll post-revamp instead of Shisa/Asura/Rama rolls. This roll (which can only be used while in Freelancer) can be activated freely during a Z combo, Double/Critical attack, or both of his dash attacks. (The default orb one and the 4th job swipe one) If you perform any attacks followed by a roll, those attacks’ hit-boxes will linger and slightly follow you throughout the roll, allowing you to catch people in combos or get a grab in. These rolls have nice invincibility frames and can get you out of many tough situations. They also provide a split second of Hyper Armor upon usage and when the roll ends. However unlike Elesis ST rolls, Zero will face forward when using a Special/Tech while mid-roll like Jin rolls do. When Flash Stepping or Rocketing and using a Roll with it, you can achieve greater distance. A great catch method is to Roll into your opponent and use XX (only with the Advancer’s Stance Change: Attack passive) to stun them, and then Z combo them. You may need to re-adjust your direction after the Roll so you don’t combo nothing by accident. You can also input another Roll command during the last few frames of the current Roll, allowing you to maintain invincibility constantly. I call it Roll Hummer, because it’s similar to a DA Hummer for constant frames. The timing however is very precise and requires a lot of practice.

4) Basic Actions / Freelancer

THE LOVELY Z COMBO. It consists of three command strikes. (looks like Zero is scratching people) If you enable the 4th job passive Z combo Freelancer passive, you get a small spike attack that pulls enemies in, followed by the default three-command combo. (Allows for better combo accuracy) All three (or four) Z hits flinch, and can be used for catching people in the air with the flinch, down to the ground. Sometimes if an opponent is in fatal and when hit while in the air, any of the Z strikes may knock them down and kill them (usually depends on the timing, random scenario). Z strikes have quite a bit of reach, and sometime even Hyper Armor frames. You can even fully Z combo someone as you both are falling through the air together if you do the Z combo while falling off a ledge!

The Double/Critical attack only works after doing the second or third Z hit, and knocks down opponents with a small air pop-up. (If you have the Advancer pre-combo Z spike attack, you can double/critical after the first of the default three Z strikes) You can also Insta-Cast after performing a double/critical attack. (Use a Special or Tech while performing the double/critical attack without using XX first. It works even in Fatal)

Zero’s Jump Z attack pops people into the air. His jump attack places a green X mark in front of you where you used it, and it lasts about 1/3 of a second. Within that 1/3 of a second, anyone that touches it will get hit. With the pop-up, you can easily juggle someone with repetitive Jump Z attacks like between platforms or on platforms themselves, each hit lifting the opponent up a bit. It’s great against people who have a lag-delay on them, although following it up is hard to predict due to the delay.

Here’s a on-platform juggle, linked to a between-platform juggle, linked to a dash attack with a jump attack, and continued into a Z combo + others.

Also, Zero can be a viable Team Match player with his Jump Z alone. For example, any partner who uses a grab with a character that pops up the opponent (Geas, Battle Mage, Savior, Rufus), you the Zero can place a Jump Z hit to bump the grabbed person up after their grab ends, allowing for another grab or a Special by you or your partner, or maybe you the Zero can Z combo them using the first Z hit to stun.

By the way, now, try to combine a Jump Z with a Z combo as a possibility.

The pop-up also allows for an easy grab if you want to, but I’d recommend doing a Z combo as shown in the previous GIF whenever possible for greater damage output.

Zero’s dash attack is pretty revolutionary. The dash attack is a green orb thing that is held in front of him, dealing 3 quick hits to anyone who touches it. Each hit pops up the opponent as well, but does not give as much height compared to a Jump Z. It is still enough height to grab someone after the dash attack finishes. Doing a Z combo instead is sometimes possible, depending on the conditions. This dash attack also allows a method of Insta-Casting. (Even while Fatal) If you use an ASDFG Special or Technique at the end of the dash attack, it will Insta-Cast without using XX. (Similar timing to the regular Dash-Insta-Cast) With Advancer you get a second dash attack that happens before the default one, which is a nice swipe-stun for catching opponents, and you can press Z after that to perform the original dash attack.

And here’s a GIF of combining a Demon/Back Spell Step with a Dash Attack with SS Unique

Zero’s grab is pretty short and basic. Zero can set up many grab situations, but try to combo with those situations before thinking about grabbing, unless you’re truly sure that you need to grab. A grab war (when you and your opponent repetitively grab each other over and again which beats special casting/running away/attacking) usually only happens in mirror-class matches, since pretty much most grab times (The full grab animation) are different for each class in the game. Most of the time when a grab clash occurs, you will either finish your grab first or at the same time if your opponent’s class has a short grab. If you end first, you can Jump Z into a combo or just normal Z combo when they become vulnerable. If it’s a grab war, like a Zero vs Zero match or a Zero vs Rama match, then you have two choices:

  • Keep grab warring until someone messes up.
  • It is possible to input XX right before Zero’s grab animation ends, and then use the Special of your choice. (Force skills recommended for it’s fast delay speed) Doing so is faster than doing another grab, and will beat your opponent in the grab war. Might take some timing to get used to.

Zero’s Counter (holding 1 bar of AP or more and then being attacked) works slightly different while in any Stance. Basically what happens is you will counter and gain the invincibility time WITHOUT being knocked down or anything due to Stance’s Hyper Armor. After the counter you can continue walking around or attacking during the invincibility time, which is about 3-4 seconds or so, enough time to get out of the area to dodge long Specials and whatnot. Zero’s ASDFG abilities all go on cool-down of course. There is no visible sign for the invincibility time, so it can easily catch people off by surprise, like countering while Stanced ON PURPOSE so you can attack them afterward in a surprise SS/OS combo or something.

Freelancer has access to the Advancer abilities Shock Wave, Escape Fatal, [Technique] Viper and Born Crusher, and [Special] Huge Impact, [Special] Slash Chaser and [Special] Grandark Domination. (the Freelancer versions of Stark, Shining Gran and Dimension Fissure) See the section Specials and Techniques for more info on these.

Advancer’s Freelancer ability FATAL Escape allows you to spend 2 bars of AP to instantly heal a very small fixed amount of HP, like 100 or so, which is a decent trade-off because being Fatal can ruin like 70% of available actions a Zero has to use. He can still be a super deadly force to wrecken with even while Fatal.

Advancer’s ability Shock Wave (X^) allows you to knock-up enemies around you, and also blocks projectiles like Arrows and Fire-bolts. (Maybe more, needs testing) This can be used in Freelancer as well as all three Stances.

5) Insta-Cast Methods

As previously mentioned, Insta-Casting is the method of performing a Special or Technique without waiting for Zero to pull out his Grandark when he is not in a Stance. (Freelancer) The normal method (and the first method) for Insta-Cast is pressing XX to enter Sword Stance, but quickly using the desired Special or Technique afterward. There are many ways to perform Insta-Cast, this being the main original method, however not usable while Fatal.

  • The second method is what I mentioned already with Double/Critical attacks. (Usable while Fatal)
  • The third method is using a Special or Tech as you perform a recovery attack after being knocked down. (Does not work in Fatal since you would be dead)
  • The fourth method is dash-Insta-Cast, using a Special or Tech at the end of a dash on a platform or floor. (Usable while Fatal)
  • The fifth method is using Jump XX and then using the Special or Tech as soon as you land. (Usable while Fatal)
  • The sixth method is Walk-Insta-Cast, where you walk forward and press Jump, but immediately use a Special or Tech and it will Insta-Cast it. (Usable while Fatal, does not work with dashing)
  • The seventh method is during a Roll, which will keep you facing forward. (Usable while Fatal)
  • The eight method is using a Special or Tech during the 4th job pre-Z-combo spike attack. (Usable while Fatal)
  • The ninth method is using a Special or Tech during the 4th job pre-dash-attack swipe attack. (Usable while Fatal)
  • The tenth method is using a Special or Tech at the very last few frames of a default dash attack. (Usable while Fatal)
  • The eleventh method is Mid-Air-Insta-Cast, using DS Teleport (See the Defense Stance section) I consider it as so because DS Teleport leaves you into Freelancer, and that is when you perform the Special or Tech.

Here’s a dash-Insta-Cast GIF.

And here’s a GIF of dash-Insta-Casting using Demon Step.

6) Grandark’s Domination

I will state this now before going into the next few sections that discuss the three Stances. Vanisher’s effect “Grandark’s Domination” (Or Advancer’s addition of Level 2 version) is a bar under your AP meter that builds up as you hit opponents with Sword Stance attacks, Defense Stance attacks, and Offense Stance attacks. When the meter is full, you cause a delay- freeze and transform into Domination mode for 25 seconds, increasing your overall damage and attack speed. Upon transforming, your current action is stopped and you are reverted back to a standing position. If you used a Special/Technique the same time Domination is activated, it will cancel, wasting your AP and putting that Special/Technique on it’s cool-down. While in Sword Stance Domination, you gain the Leap-Dash + Rocket Booster Jump similar to Mari jobs. If you return to Freelancer mode during Domination, the buff goes away and you have to refill your meter from scratch. All of your Specials change with added effects when used in Domination mode. (See Specials and Techniques section) Also all Techniques get 2 seconds of decreased cool-down time. With the Advancer Domination Level 2 passive, you get a Sword Stance dash attack and a Sword Stance rocket jump attack. When turning Fatal using Lv2, you will remain in Domination mode and you are NOT forced into Freelancer mode, but the remaining duration is halved. You pretty much cannot die unless you get grabbed.

The Grandark’s Domination bar, when filled, can possibly give the effect without the bar itself going into it’s yellow-red duration, and instead completely empties. This happens when you attack enemies too fast when the bar fully fills, like using Thrust hits or SS Double/Critical swings, or even Trace from OS. Since the bar empties, you can continuously refill it to re-trigger the Domination buff. Each refill afterward automatically causes the glitch without the first-time need. The easiest way to trigger it is, starting from a completely empty bar, to use Thrust three times, without the extra Z presses.

7) Sword Stance (XX while not in a Stance (Freelancer mode), or Xv while in Defense Stance, or X> while in Offense Stance)

Sword Stance is Zero’s default Stance as a part of his character. You can enter Sword Stance by pressing XX, where he will take out his Grandark, doing a small stun hit in front of you. You can enter Sword Stance while jumping, along with after an air-dash. His default Sword Stance combo without Skill Tree add-ons is a plain ZZ, and 3rd job you get the passive to make it ZZZZZ. His Backspin Slice and Thrust passives are extensions of his Sword Stance combo. You can repeat Backspin Slice and Thrust repetitively via (Starting with Backspin) vZ>vZ>vZ>, or (starting with Thrust) Z>vZ>vZ>vZ> (Note, from Backspin to Thrust you just have to press >) (Note that Thrust stun does last long enough to hit with Backspin properly) Continuous Thrust usage with the 3rd job passive for continuous hits can be linked together, but you’re better off using a Z combo after a Thrust or a Jump Slice. (Give me a moment to explain soon) You can add these two attacks (Backspin and Thrust) to the Sword Stance Combo by doing ZZv>. (Second SS combo Z attack can go into Backspin by just pressing v) After Thrust, you can also perform a Jump Slice immediately just as Zero starts pulling back his Grandark, it is fast enough to connect and hit your opponent. With the Vanisher passive “SS Thrust Enhancement”, you can spam Z when Thrust hits for extra hits, damage and continuous flinches. The flinch is good enough to start another combo, especially if Domination is in effect. Vanisher also has “SS Sword Swing Enhancement”, which allows you to do a new slam-down attack after Backspin if you press Z after it.

Backspin can also be used while falling off platforms by pressing (vZ) or while jumping (^vZ) (Jumping version might be difficult to do if you have Vanisher’s Impale attack ON, there’s a specific frame timing to it)

Jump Slice is a great passive attack, pretty much his most useful one. The hit pops up opponents to lead into other attacks, or you can even quickly XX out of Sword Stance and run for a grab before they fully fall to the ground. (Called a land-grab) If you press (Z^) (at the same time), you can do what I call a Super Jump Slice, where you attain much more air and distance. You can hit people in many places like this, jump up platforms close by, and can even jump over opponents and their attack hit-boxes. Your own hit-box moves into the air instead of staying on the ground with a normal Jump Slice. With the SS Z combo extension from 3rd job, you can use regular Jump Slice during the 3rd, 4th and 5th hits. However, the 3rd and 4th hit happens so quick that Zero just slams the ground out of nowhere (skipped animation), no distance traveled. I call it the “Ground Jump Slice”
Super Jump Slice

3rd/4th hit Ground Jump Slice (Notice the random Slam hit of the Jump Slice on the 4th hit, without the jumping)

5th hit Jump Slice

Jump Slice can be used immediately after Thrust or the new SS Thrust Enhancement hits. This course of action also goes for Backspin as well in a similar manner, instead of Jump Slice.

You can also use Jump Slice while going down platforms, by using v(Z^). The command for Jump Slice must be entered immediately after dropping down the platform. It can be greatly used as a surprise approach.

The Dash Speed passive gives you a small walking speed boost while in Sword Stance. Nothing too special, but I recommend having all these Sword Stance passives. (From 1st job)

The Increase buff for Sword Stances, [Effect] Increase: Reinforced SS, depletes your opponent’s MP/ AP when you hit them with Sword Stance attacks. Fire and Gran Force damage-over-time also depletes your opponent’s MP/AP, ONLY if you stay in Sword Stance while the damage happens. If you exit Sword Stance, the buff still stays on but you will not deplete their MP /AP unless you enter Sword Stance again. This means you can cast it first in SS, run up to them normally in Freelancer, then SS combo them later while the buff is still active. Recommended to use with Gran Force for best potential since the DoT drains their MP/AP and you can easily combo them as a follow-up, them probably unable to MP-counter out.

Here is one of the best ways to combo using Increase SS. The Orchid + Gran Force haste leaves them in the air for enough height and time to cast Increase and combo them afterward.

With Vanisher’s Unique Technique for SS, Zero shoots a small beam wave forward for 3 small hits, bumping up and dragging opponents. It is easily possible to chain this into other attacks, or chain other attacks into this for small bits of extra damage.

With Vanisher’s “SS Enhancement” passive, Zero gains a slight damage boost for like 5 seconds upon entering Sword Stance. It’s not that big of a difference and hard to make use of. (I think it’s 5% attack)

Vanisher also comes with an extra “SS Speed” passive to help you move a tiny bit faster. Not recommended because it takes 2 SP per level and Zero is very tight on SP usage. Once again doesn’t make much of a difference at all.

Vanisher’s Impact attack is usable in SS, where using vZ while jumping, you perform a dive attack similar to Dragon Knight’s dive. It slightly knock opponents up however. Can be chained into Specials and Techniques. It also allows for no-delay-Specials like when using Backspin/Thrust into Triple Bash.

Advancer’s passive Stance Teleport allows for Sword Stance (and Offense Stance) to perform a teleport similar to Vanisher’s DS Teleport. The command for it is Z + X. (at the same time) After using it, it goes on a small cool-down. You can actually use it twice in a row, however, if you input it twice fast enough since the cool-down trigger lags a bit before kicking in.

Advancer passive Stance Initial Strike Application allows for Sword Stance (and Offense Stance) to perform a small AoE around him when entering Sword Stance (and Offense Stance) This is great for making catches.

Advancer passive Stance Jump Attack enables a new jump Z attack while in Offense Stance (and Sword Stance) which is similar to the new dash attack. However it is not too reliable and it prevents you from using Super Jump Slices, falling Backspins, and falling Z combos. I highly recommend not using this passive. (or even putting a point into it)

Advancer passive Reduced Grab Damage allows for approximately 7% damage reduction when grabbed. This affects all three Stances.

Advancer’s ability Shock Wave (X^) allows you to knock-up enemies around you, and also blocks projectiles like Arrows and Fire-bolts. (Maybe more, needs testing) This can be used in Freelancer as well as all three Stances.

8) Defense Stance (Xv while in Freelancer, Sword Stance or Offense Stance)

Defense Stance is Zero’s second Stance, which he does not have unless you put points in it in his Skill Tree. It has 5 levels to it, each slightly decreasing the damage you receive while you are in that Stance by 3% each, 15% damage reduction total. You move extremely slow in that Stance, and the only way to turn around is to either re-enter the stance, or press Z to use the Defense Stance: Change Direction passive attack, where he swings his sword 180 degrees above him to turn around and remain in Defense Stance.

There are two other attacks for Defense Stance. Strike Up knocks enemies up, and Strike down slams the Grandark down, popping up enemies. They’re both pretty slow and unreliable, but can be chained together for about three attacks, starting with any first. However there are a few methods to chain other attacks into these two swings, such as DS Dash > Upper swing > Lower Swing, or SS-Backspin+Slam > quickly enter DS > Upper swing > Lower swing.

The best part of Defense Stance is the Counterattack passive, which requires Defense Stance at lv5. It allows you to briefly reflect Arrows and Fire-bolts that hit around the center-is area of the Grandark. You’ll see a green circle over your Grandark, and it lasts for about 3 seconds. To re-activate it, you have to re-enter Defense Stance. If you have Vanisher’s “DS Counter Enhancement”, the reflect buff is permanent as long as you remain in Defense Stance. It can still glitch, having the projectile-reflection as a permanent effect even when exiting Defense Stance. (Might have been fixed, it’s a rare occasion)

The Increase effect for Defense Stance gives a Maximum HP boost by percentage, depending on the level (Level 1 or 2) I think level 2 is like 30% + Maximum HP. The effect goes away if you exit Defense Stance. While this may seem useless, it actually increases your HP Recovery rate, since recovery rate is based off your Maximum HP without additional HP Recovery boosting properties. If you are low on health, and your opponent is not going after you or camping, you can sit in a corner and cast Increase to heal some extra HP. However, please have a backup plan, like a Force skill or the Unique Tech ready to use if they do come after you.

Speaking of boosted HP recovery rate, DS has a natural +100% HP Recovery as long as you remain in the stance. It’s a pretty dumb mechanic that was ninja-added in an old patch, and nothing in the ST mentions it.

Vanisher has an ability called “DS Dash Move”, where Zero continuously rams opponents, constantly stunning them for no damage. It makes a really good approach against Strikers and Rins. If you spam the dash (>> >> >> >> repeatedly), it increases the flinch rate to secure your flinch-lock even more.

With Vanisher, Defense Stance gives a Damage Reflect effect that comes with the permanent Arrow/Fire-bolt reflect add-on as long as you remain in Defense Stance. It’s REALLY REALLY good to be aware of, because people will take the same damage than they will deal to you. Grab damage, Ley Summons, and Dio’s Blocker damage is not reflected, as well as other things of the sort. Basically any kind of outside, non-direct damage from the opponent is not reflected. This form of damage reflect can be used to OHKO bosses like Yamini and Void. (Both normal and Angry Bosses versions) (See OHKO videos in the Offense Stance section) However, Dhalia (Zeruel boss) cannot be OHKOd by both reflect means. (both DS reflect and Increase OS) (See Offense Stance section for more details) You also cannot reflect the damage dealt by Berka’s flame breath while he is flying. (Unlike Arme’s PoF skill)

Vanisher’s “DS Teleport” allows you to press Z and X at the same time to teleport to a nearby enemy, causing a stun to them. It takes you into Freelancer mode where you can Z combo them easily and do what you please. The flinch is similar to Geas’s barrier-shield. The distance for Lv1 is pretty good, and for Lv2 it’s slightly more. You can also use DS Teleport to perform a mid-air Insta-Cast, similar to Dio’s vertical Blink casting.


With Vanisher’s “DS Enhancement”, Zero gains a 5 second or so buff that reduces Grab Damage taken by a small amount. The ratio is somewhat like 195 > 175 damage taken from a grab, it isn’t too much.

Vanisher’s Unique ability for Defense Stance is a heavy stun to enemies touching you. It works exactly like Geas’s barrier shield, but with a second-or-so-long stun. Feel free to do as you please with them. I would suggest switching to SS or OS to combo them, or use a Special.

Vanisher also comes with an extra “DS Speed” passive to help you move a tiny bit faster. Not really recommended though as it costs 2 SP per point with little actual difference.

Advancer passive DS Defense Increase allows for extra increased damage reduction while in Defense Stance. Normally DS gave a 15% damage reduction boost, I am not sure how much this passive adds onto it, maybe an extra 15% for 30% total.

Advancer passive Reduced Grab Damage allows for approximately 7% damage reduction when grabbed. This affects all three Stances.

Advancer’s ability Shock Wave (X^) allows you to knock-up enemies around you, and also blocks projectiles like Arrows and Fire-bolts. (Maybe more, needs testing) This can be used in Freelancer as well as all three Stances.

9) Offense Stance (X> while Freelancer, Sword Stance or Defense Stance)

Offense Stance, like Defense Stance, is something you have to put points into to use at 2nd job. The ZZZZ combo has a nice large hit box, especially with the Trace passive. The third hit of the combo has a nice long stun to it, but the second Z flinch might not last long enough without the Domination speed-boost for a proper chain. The Dash passive allows you to do short dash bursts around to get some speed, and attacking while dashing changes the first Z hit of the ZZZZ combo. Vanisher has a passive that allows a double-dash by dashing a second time in a row. You can also dash forward and then quickly dash in the opposite direction. The OS Z combo works slightly faster without Trace on, but the flinches might not be long enough and your opponent could get out of your combo with a bit of lag. Trace Lv2 is a must-have due to 4th job requirements, but you should always have it on.

Unlike Sword Stance, Offense Stance DOES NOT activate Hell Spear if you have it.

Offense Stance forces you to waste extra AP when casting Specials / Techs, but they are still usable as long as you have the normal cost. It is recommended to switch to another Stance or Freelancer before casting skills. You can easily press X> to switch to SS and receive the Vanisher SS Attack Buff, and then cast.

Just like Super Jump Slice, you can use the same method to jump while attacking with the first Z attack of the OS combo. It makes for some great air and distance, and can jump over people and attack hit-boxes.

If you have Vanisher’s “Apply OS Combo” (which I will call OS Spikes), then it replaces that sometimes depending on input frames/timing. However it is much more efficient to use as the spikes’ hit-box follows you for lots of protection while moving. Same command of (Z^), but you MUST hold forward. You can also hold both forward and backwards while doing this, which will make you jump backwards while performing this. You can jump up platforms with it as a form of movement. You can also fall down platforms with it by pressing (vZ)^. You do not need to hold forward unless you want the momentum.

Once again, use the same method but with the dash. Basically it’s exactly a Rocket Step, but with Z added. >(>^Z). You can even do (^Z) mid-dash to gain some extra distance while performing it, so using >>(^Z). Works with Vanisher’s double-dash as well.

Now normally, the Dash cannot be used while going down platforms, since it unfortunately cuts off into a walking pace. However, you can do an upside-down version of what I just mentioned to perform it while falling down a platform. The command is the same as the previous method, but using Down instead, so (vZ) mid-dash or >(>vZ) Somewhat similar to using OS spikes down platforms.

Increase’s buff with Offense Stance is a damage reflect buff. Any enemy that hits you will receive the same amount of damage back in dungeons, and a nerfed amount in PvP. The buff goes away if you exit Offense Stance. The best uses for this would be against:

  • Yamini’s Death Sentence attack in Alter of Judgment, since it auto-KOs. You can auto-KO her too with this. (You should live in Fatal due to Stance’s Hyper Armor)
  • Void, since he only has about 350 HP (You deal one damage to him only normally and his attacks deal like 50 damage to you) It takes ~8 hits depending on your defense stat to kill him. Champion Mode Void takes a few more I think.
  • The Gardosen mobs in Sanctum of Destruction, when they use their auto-KO vortex of doom. (See 1st bullet)

Zero can do a “Drop-Cancel Otto” while in Offense Stance. It requires being on a platform, and hitting a target. After a OS dash attack, quickly press down to “Drop-Cancel” the combo/animation. You should see Zero’s feet spaz and return to a standing position. Then quickly perform another OS dash attack. Rinse and repeat. >>Zv>>Zv>>Zv

With Vanisher’s “OS Enhancement”, Zero gains a reduced AP consumption effect for using Specials and Techniques, so you don’t have to worry too much when running around in OS. It’s not by much though, so still be cautious.

Vanisher also comes with an extra “OS Speed” passive to help you move a tiny bit faster. Also useless like the DS version and a waste of points being 2 SP per level.

If you perform a Dash OS combo, on the first hit if you time it right, using (^Z) right when the 1st hit damage kicks in, you can continue the Z combo while jumping and doing the second hit, WITHOUT using the OS Spikes. If you time it wrong, you will end up using the Jumping OS Spikes instead.

Vanisher’s Impact attack (Cut and paste/edited from the Sword Stance section) is usable in OS, where using vZ while jumping, you perform a dive attack similar to Dragon Knight’s dive. It slightly knock opponents up however. Can be chained into Specials and Techniques. It also allows for no-delay-Specials like when using Backspin/Thrust into Triple Bash.

Advancer’s passive Stance Teleport (Copy and pasted from the Sword Stance section) allows for Offense Stance (and Sword Stance) to perform a teleport similar to Vanisher’s DS Teleport. The command for it is Z + X. (at the same time) After using it, it goes on a small cool-down. You can actually use it twice in a row, however, if you input it twice fast enough since the cool-down trigger lags a bit before kicking in.

Advancer’s passive Stance Initial Strike Application (Copy and pasted/edited from the Sword Stance section) allows for Offense Stance (and Sword Stance) to perform a small AoE around him when entering Offense Stance (and Sword Stance)

Advancer’s passive Stance Jump Attack enables a new jump Z attack while in Offense Stance (and Sword Stance) which is similar to the new dash attack. However it is not too reliable and it prevents you from using Super Jump Slices, Impale through platforms, falling Backspins, and falling Z combos. I highly recommend not using this new passive. It’s not BAD, it just removes a few vital elements that Zero can heavily make use of in PvP.

Advancer’s passive OS Critical Rate Increase allows for increased Critical Rate while in Offense Stance. My educated guess (based off Ley 4th Haunt Crit buff) is that it’s a 9% or 10% boost. Very nice to use with Pet attacks in dungeons.

Advancer’s passive Reduced Grab Damage allows for approximately 7% damage reduction when grabbed. This affects all three Stances.

Advancer’s ability Shock Wave (X^) allows you to knock-up enemies around you, and also blocks projectiles like Arrows and Fire-bolts. (Maybe more, needs testing) This can be used in Freelancer as well as all three Stances.

10) Specials and Techniques

I’ll now give an extensive overview of these.

  • Classic Force (0.75 bar Special) deals a normal hit and a weak hit (with the Hit passive), popping up enemies a small amount with a knockdown. Cannot be chained into many things as easily. It does some pretty high damage overall for having that Hit passive though.
  • Ice Force (0.75 bar Special) deals a normal hit and freezes enemies for enough time to quickly go into a combo afterward. Easy to chain into combos.
  • Fire Force (0.75 bar Special) deals a normal hit and burns enemies, receiving damage-over-time, popping up enemies a small amount with a stun. Can be chained into several things. However, the flinch from Fire Force will not stack with other stuns easily, like even a simple ZZZ (Freelancer) afterward, and people can easily jump / dash / Step out of the flinch rendering the skill pretty useless at most times. I highly recommend avoiding this skill if you are going to use it with ZZZ.
  • Gran Force (0.75 bar Special) deals a normal hit and poisons enemies with damage-over-time, as well as giving them the Haste effect, drastically slowing down their movements. Their falling speed also becomes very slow, so you can chain Jump Zs. Very easy to chain into combos, and is recommended as a must to have/use out of the four Force skills. This Special deals slightly more base damage without the buffs for it learned, but you’re better off with the buffs because they’re useful anyways.
  • Triple Bash (0.75 bar Special) is weak in damage but is mainly used to chain combos and to prevent getting hit. If activated during certain frames, mainly during Backspin Slash and Thrust, then it will completely skip the skill-freeze-delay and go straight into the 3 hits. This somewhat helps people from running away or using a skill during the Triple Bash. Triple Bash Lv1 is a single hit (uncounter-able) and sends opponents flying away. Lv2 is two hits of stun with weak damage as well, can’t really chain much after it. Having lv3 is recommended, mainly because of skill-duration and catching, and it’s pop-up at the end. While in Domination mode, the last hit (after the slam) also sends out a beam wave dragging opponents away with a small bit of extra damage.
  • Gran X (1.5 bar Special) is a pretty good damage dealer of 3 start-up hits (has a slow start-up) and a final hit. The start-up has an instant non-delay freeze of anyone nearby. The final hit’s hit-box can reach above and behind you, lasting for a small amount of extended time. Can be greatly used off ledges. When in Domination, the last hit changes, sending waves downwards as well for extra damage. These hits deal massive damage compared to the original single-hit.
  • Bleeding Gash (2.25 bar Special) The first hit is weak and the following 3 hits are very strong. It has a nice large area of effect. Note that the skill leaves you facing to the right after it ends. Has plenty combo potential and can be chained to a Z combo as soon as the special finishes if placement is proper. It is slightly weaker (when non-Domination) than non-Domination Abyss with all direct hits. When in Domination, the area of effect is greatly increased as well as damage.

  • Loss is a Technique that stabs the opponent with your Grandark for a weak hit, which can be used for combo purposes. It has a passive effect of absorbing HP or AP from the enemy when you hit it, by a pretty nice amount. Your choice on which to pick, but most people take HP.
  • Rude Pressure is a Technique that rams the opponent for 3 weak hits with 3 big flinches, and can be used for combo purposes. You can chain an additional Sword Stance combo on an opponent after Rude Pressure finishes. Can be used to stun falling opponents to combo them afterward.
  • Orchid is a Technique that makes spikes appear under an opponent. It can be dodged by constantly moving. Orchid is also very delay-sensitive, meaning as long as it hit’s an opponent’s character model, it’s HP/AP effect will work. The Thorns passive increases the amount of enemies that can be locked onto at once by Orchid. Just like Loss, it can absorb HP or AP, your choice. However it absorbs less compared to Loss. Orchid is mainly used for utility or slight HP drain to get out of Fatal. One of Orchid’s best uses is to hit someone who misses a special, which can combo into many things. Orchid is best used in dungeons when mobs are grouped together, since each spike and hit each enemy. Same goes for PvP if it isn’t a 1v1.
    Orchid also has a neat little way to punish people who counter out of your combos. Sure that may sound a little mean, but it’s really difficult to time. When someone counters your attack, you can properly time an orchid + any skill like Force or Bite-Off/Triple Bash so that when they get up, the delay freezes them and the Orchid pops them up right into the special at the same moment. From there feel free to combo as you wish. The proper timing also makes this technique grab-proof. Even if you miss the timing for the Special, the delay will allow the Orchid to hit, giving you HP/AP. This works because the proper timing works with the skill delay out out-last the recovery invincibility frames, so that Orchid will hit them when they get up.
  • Increased Absorption is a passive that slightly increases the amount of HP and AP absorbed by both Loss and Orchid. Mandatory to max.
  • Amid is a Technique that consumes ~1.5 bars that makes you invincible for a short amount of time. You can now attack while using Amid, but you are locked into SS. If you used in while in OS or DS, it forces you into SS. Used to escape bad situations or to tank in dungeons. (Or you can just abuse Domination Lv2) Vanisher has a passive that reduces Amid’s cool-down time.
  • Increase is a Technique that has a different effect depending on which Stance you are in. You must have both the Increase Technique AND the buff for the particular Stance. Please refer to sections 7, 8 and 9 to learn about each one specifically. There is a duration-boosting passive for it, but I recommend not getting it, it isn’t worth it.
  • Whirlwind is a Technique that does two heavy swings around you at a slow pace. It does decent damage but has a long ending animation. It has a 1 second cool-down and is pammable. If timed right, you can juggle lock opponents and it does not cost too much AP per use. You can combo people into a juggle, or turn a hit into a combo with a Force or something.
  • Bite-Off (0.75 bar Special) does a little bit of movement forward before hitting the opponent, which is supported by it’s delay. It sends people flying off. (Not counter-able) If you are near a side of the map, you can hit them towards that side and then combo it with Jump Z, any kind of catch combos, or a grab. You can combo Bite-Off into Gran Force to prevent them from flying away, to quickly Z combo them. Otherwise they will just fall down without even flying at all. The damage is similar to Force skills and is uncounter-able. With Domination mode, Bite-Off causes a wall-bounce effect if the opponent hits a wall, allowing for other types of catching into combos. It’s similar to Asin’s wall-bounce passive and Duelist’s 2nd Jump Z strike knock-down.
  • Breakthrough (1.5 bar Special) turns Grandark into a drill and drives into your opponent. Damage and utility-wise, it is on par with Gran X. (non-Domination) However, it tends to push opponents away from you, preventing some combo chains. When in Domination, you advance forward more as you attack them, allowing for easy chains into another Special or Technique. Domination damage is weaker than Gran X Domination damage.
  • Abyss (2.25 bar Special) does a weak spin attack thing into the air, lifting opponents, and then shoots down spikes that do heavy damage. Can be used off ledges to move around a bit. Does not have combo potential. Does more damage than Bleeding Gash if it’s a direct hit, like on large bosses. When in Domination, the whole skill changes into something like Spell Knight’s Kanavan Strike, doing nice AoE damage on par with regular Abyss damage if the enemy is fat enough, but can kill small multiple mobs perfectly as well.
  • Unique is a Technique who’s effect differs depending on what Stance you are currently in.
    • If you are in SS, you shoot a beam wave forward for decent damage with decent range. Can be used for combos and additional damage.
    • If you are in DS, you will cause a heavy flinch to anyone next to you that lasts about a good 1-2 seconds long. You can exit DS or enter another stance and combo your opponent. Works like Geas’s barrier-shield, but a heavier flinch.
    • If you are in OS, and if someone is nearby a certain distance, you spawn a small green field on top of them that petrifies them like the Madeline/Leprechaun pet does, where they have to quickly tap left/right to free themselves. You can use the opportunity to quickly combo them. Be warned that for some reason, using OS Unique on a Fatal’d opponent will bring them out of fatal with a small but of health. It is an unfortunate glitch.
      If you are Fatal’d, using Unique will use the effect of the previous Stance you were using. Freelancer (if you never used stances) will use the SS Unique. For example if I am fatal-ed while in Offense Stance, using Unique while fatal will use the Offense version.
      If you use OS combo and use X> to turn it into an SS combo, and then use Unique, it will use the OS version. (It is a glitch)
  • Mega Slash (1.5 bar Special) does decent (but weak) damage and hits both sides of you evenly. Each hit does the same damage, starting with some hits that draw in, and the waves slightly push outwards. Can easily combo into many things. When in Domination, the range slightly increases and does some extra hits, as well as being able to move a bit to the left or right during the skill.

Continuation from the same section.

  • Twohand Smash (2.25 bar Special) You heavily slam the ground and cause spikes to appear for extra hits. When in Domination, the spike range increases and covers a bigger range. It has a lot less damage than Bleeding Gash and Abyss, however.
  • Zero Domain (4 bar Special) Obtainable via GP mission at Lv73, or an Extreme Skill Key. This attack hits up to 5 enemies within the range of your screen, spawning a spike ball on each enemy that explodes with first doing a few small hits, and then a few very strong hits, all at a really fast rate. Each spike ball explosion can hit other nearby enemies, meaning you can mob 5 enemies together and do 5x damage to each of those enemies. When doing so, it becomes known as one of the best boss-killing 4th Skills in the game. The damage alone from one spike ball is already pretty high. Zero Domain can take out Namaah’s shield (Hero Dungeon – SoD) in one use with the gargoyles around her at the start of the room, AND kill her immediately, OHKO. In Hero Dungeon – The Crucible, use the skill when the boss summons the first wave of mobs around him, and he’ll take damage so fast that you don’t even have to worry about the Orb he summons that negates damage to him.
    On light mobs with large amounts of HP, like in Wizard Labyrinth, you can knock enemies up with Orchid and then use Zero Domain. They will get frozen and hit in the air, giving you the aerial damage bonus.
    In PvP, Zero Domain can be countered, but if your opponent doesn’t charge MP ahead of time, they will either die before they can charge enough MP, or counter while taking about half max HP worth of damage.
  • Viper is a Technique that has two versions, Freelancer and Stanced. In Freelancer it does a drill attack that does multiple hits and drags in enemies and can easily be chained with a Z combo or other attacks. In Stanced it does about the same thing but actually has a longer end-time and cannot chain into a Z combo unless in Domination mode because of the attack speed buff.
  • Born Crusher is a Technique that has two versions, Freelancer and Stanced. In Freelancer it does an elbow drop that slightly pushes people away, but then can be chained to a Z combo and drags them back towards you with the Combo Attack Addition spike. In Stanced it does a small swipe that pushes enemies further and cannot be chained into a Z combo. However if Domination mode is on you can use that, then Viper, then Z combo.
  • Huge Impact / Stark (1 bar Special) In Freelancer, Huge Impact is used and it does an attack similar to Dark Rin Dash Attack / Viken 1 bar. Can easily chain other things with it and it can be no-delay-casted similar to Triple Bash / Mega Slash. In a Stance, Stark is used and it does an multiple hit AoE attack around you. Can easily be chained into a Z combo and other things. When in Domination mode, additional slash marks appear and do damage, as well as a bump knock-up when they hit the ground. (Similar to Asin)
  • Slash Chaser / Shining Gran (2 bar Special) In Freelancer, Slash Chaser is used and summons an orb with drills that drags in enemies to the center dealing multiple hits, and enemies around its outside perimeter are hasted. You can freely move around and attack while the Special is going on to inflict additional damage. This special does not knock down people afterward. In a Stance, Shining Gran is used and shoots out a giant blast similar to Jin ST Fighter’s Dragon Squall, it drags enemies a short distance and then explodes for a single-hit damage. When in Domination mode, the damage will also cause a haste effect while they are falling.
  • Grandark Domination / Dimensional Fissure (3 bar Special) In Freelancer, Grandark Domination is used and attacks with multi-hitting spike drills in all directions around you (except below you) similar to Bleeding Gash. In a Stance, Dimensional Fissure is used and it creates a vortex with quite a huge upper/lower hit-box that sucks in enemies and deals multiple hits of damage, finishing off with a Dio-like grab animation. When in Domination mode, the Dio-like grab gets replaced with a mini Zero Domain-like attack for extra multiple hits of damage. I believe the overall suction hit-box is bigger as well.

11) Weaknesses

Just like every character, Zero has his own set of weaknesses. It is best to learn then, so you can counter them or use them against other Zeros, or protect yourself from those who know.

Weaknesses #1: Grabs. Zeros have been known for being grab bait for their “slow” Stance movement. The best counter for this is to predict your opponent’s actions, and to try to move swiftly in and out of Stances. (Refer to Movement section and previous GIFs) I actually get complimented for “moving fast” with mainly Sword Stance alone. Try not to use Techs out in the open. Without a proper back-up plan, you can get easily grabbed. A good back-up plan is using a Force skill for it’s delay. If you use a special and miss, your opponent might wait for it to end to grab you. If they do go in for a grab, use Force delay before you actually become vulnerable, if they got close enough to you to be frozen by delay. Make sure you don’t get faked out into wasting your Force, or any AP on any other attack. (But mainly Force) This is pretty much using pure general PvP smarts, or the term “game-sense”. Some smart people will wait for a Force to be thrown out before going to grab, so switch it up.

Weaknesses #2: Being hit into the air while in a Stance. You become completely defenseless while in the air like this. You can barely move, you can’t attack or get out of your Stance, and you can’t use Specials or Techs. Avoid this scenario at all costs by playing carefully.

Weaknesses #3: Certain Specials that have better freeze delay than yours. If you were to use a Special at the same time as a Geas or Rune Caster using their 1 bar Special, they will hit you first before your Special even kicks in. It is due to their delay being naturally faster than yours. Another good example is Dio’s Cool Spiral. Be aware of these skills, and try to avoid them. Most of the time, just hope you get lucky and it doesn’t happen.

Weaknesses #4: Being in Fatal. While in Fatal, you cannot enter any of your Stances, and your only sources of Hyper Armor are from Rolls or Jump XX. That means no Jump Slice / Impale dive / OS approaches and very limited combos. To live some attacks while Fatal, you can quickly use a Technique to abuse Hyper Armor frames. You’re best bet for survival is to try and use Loss or Orchid HP to gain some back. You can also use Advancer’s XX to heal like 100 HP at the cost of 2 bars of AP, which can help a lot if you play carefully. Sometimes 1 HP is all you need.

Weaknesses #5: Being hit with Gran Force by another Zero while you are in Freelancer mode. When the haste effect slows you, and you try to Special at the same time, two scenarios can happen:

  • You did not Insta-Cast, so you become vulnerable for a few seconds before pulling out your Grandark, leaving you to be easily grabbed.
  • You did Insta-Cast, but you still become vulnerable for a few seconds, and then the Special will kick in.

During both these times, you can get in a free hit or two (pretending this happened to the opponent) before the opposing Zero becomes free of the haste. If the first scenario, you can also grab as they pull their Grandark out if it wasn’t an Insta-Cast. While vulnerable, you can get in a few hits of damage, such as a few Z combo hits. Sometimes you will not get hit or flinched by the Grandark when they pull it out, or if you’re doing it, you will not flinch the opponent.

Weaknesses #6: Staying in Stances for long periods of time. Always switch between the various stances and Freelancer depending on the situations. Running around mindlessly in OS or SS for long periods of time will probably get you killed. You want to keep moving and remain agile and ready to strike when an opening is spotted.

12) Glitches

There are some minor glitches to take note of with Zero. This section is for everything that is not related to Technical Abilities such as everything already mentioned in the guide aka Super Jump Slices, Insta-Cast, no-delay-Specials, pretty much the stuff I made GIFs for in past sections. These are actual bugs/glitches.

  • Sometimes Defense Stance reflect gets glitched and stays even though you exit the Stance. It does not show on anyone’s screen but will continue to reflect arrows randomly. However, replay files do show the glitched animation for the reflect. The chance of the glitch happening is pretty rare.
  • This isn’t really a glitch, but if you absorb HP with Orchid and die immediately afterward, you will revive and stand back up with the HP you absorbed. If you can perfect this, you can trick your opponents and live to fight another moment. Throw an Orchid out right before they kill you with like a Special or something, and you’ll revive to Z combo catch them as they get popped up.
  • Some attacks in particular tend to turn you around randomly when hit while in a Stance. For example, a Striker hits me with a Jump Z a millisecond before I Insta-Cast a Special, while still vulnerable. It might literally turn me around to face the opposite direction, firing the Force over there instead. Sometimes this can be bad, and sometimes this can be good. It might make it so I hit them instead, like if they did this to me from behind, making me turn around and hitting them in the face with a Special.
  • When Zero is grabbed while in a Stance, he will zoom backwards when the grab ends, instead of falling straight down. This happens due to Hyper Armor frames from the Stances. It can help prevent double-grabs or infinite-grabs, and create distance between you and the opponent.
  • Amy’s Shy Punch Lv3 final knock-up hit sometimes sends Zero soaring to the sky for a good amount of time if the Zero was in a Stance when hit, once again due to Hyper Armor.
  • When hasting an opponent with Gran Force, and they try to Special at the same time, you can hit them quickly with anything and their Special will be canceled, allowing you to combo them.
  • Grandark’s Domination tends to cancel any Specials or Techs you use upon activation. When you hit so that the Domination meter becomes full, try not to special immediately until the transformation happens. It will waste your AP and apply the cool-down for it.
  • When Zero is hit by Blizzard (Warlock’s 3 bar Special) while in a Stance, you will start spazzing while being unable to move. You will not get hit or petrified from the Blizzard, but you will be vulnerable. (Better to be grabbed than possibly lose more than half your health)
  • Grandark’s Domination sometimes does not give the black shading, but leaves the glow. The effect and timer still work as normal. Sometimes your transformed Grandark effect stays even after the duration ends and the rest of your character model reverts to normal.
  • Certain frames of Zero can cause fail-grabs, meaning when opponents try to grab you, you walk out of it as if you weren’t grabbed at all, while the opponent does a grab against nothing and does no damage to you. You can take this opportunity to strike them when their grab ends with the right timing. (Depends on delay/lag) Other classes have their own grab-fail frames too. It is good to know of them and how they occur. One of the main causes of Zero’s fail-grab frames is during the OS combo hits.
  • The Grandark’s Domination bar, (copy and pasted from the Grandark’s Domination section) when filled, can possibly give the effect without the bar itself going into it’s yellow-red duration, and instead completely empties. This happens when you attack enemies too fast when the bar fully fills, like using Thrust hits or SS Double/Critical swings, or even Trace from OS. Since the bar empties, you can continuously refill it to re-trigger the Domination buff. Each refill afterward automatically causes the glitch without the first-time need. The easiest way to trigger it is, starting from a completely empty bar, to use Thrust three times, without the extra Z presses.

13) My Skill Tree

This is my favored skill tree. It is PvP oriented, while it serves me perfectly fine in Dungeons as well. For PvP, I prefer Orchid HP over Loss HP due to utility and combo-initiating purposes, and for Dungeons (specifically WL stages) I prefer AP Orchid so I can spam more 3 bars. Gran X is much more stronger than Mega Slash and Shining Gran, but Mega has more range and hits behind you equally as much as in front. If you prefer another Force other than Gran (even though Gran is pretty much superior) then don’ get it and max out the Force stuff of your liking.

Usually when I dungeon, looking at the ASDFG in the following images (Setting this stuff on Skill Slot 2 for easy changing), I would replace Force with Zero Domain, Gran X with Abyss (overall better to use than Bleeding Gash), Triple Bash with either Bleeding Gash / Dimension Fissure or AP Orchid (unless you have high MP Recovery/TID Absorb props or an AP-healing pet already, then just get Gash/Fissure), and finally HP Loss.
For both Dungeons and PvP, always have something to heal your HP (either Loss or Orchid, and Orchid is better for PvP use for technical reasons)

After unlocking Advancer, you can specifically make a pure Freelancer build/setup if you desire. However please remember that Advancer’s Specials cost FULL bars of AP, unlike the Specials from the previous three jobs. (And it’s not like their damage is higher to compensate either)

I personally prefer to use Lv1 Ice Force without the buffs, because Gran Force is OP. However if I do feel like using the Increase SS cheese combo, then I will switch over.

I also personally prefer not to use the Advancer pre-combo Z spike and the dash attack swipe. They’re very good, but I like using a pre-Advancer-type play style, it’s more fluid to me.

Dungeon Setup: Using 3 bar Specials and 4th bar whenever possible, with the help of 70% MP Recovery and Rutherford Pet. For the sake of pure DPS. You can replace Abyss with Gran X if you like, depending on the boss you fight.

14) Tips On fighting Certain Classes

Some classes are more of a challenge to Zero compared to others. Those would be the higher-tiered classes normally, and Shisa/Asura/Rama jobs. Zero himself is pretty much S-Tier, next to Dio, Geas, Rufus, etc. I will post sample fight videos against certain classes as I make fresh new ones. (the previous ones were very old) Otherwise I will just post advice.

Let them roll into your jump attacks with the power of prediction and game-sense. Be careful with their Hyper Armor rolls since they can live through attacks that would normally, seemingly kill them. Also beware of burning 1 bar and 3 bars. Jump attacks work well, as well on Shisa/Asura rolls too. You can also easily roll out of the suction/damage of his 3 bar.

Prime Knight
Let them JF into your jump attacks with the power of prediction and game sense. Be careful of JF locks and Raged dash attack juggles. Defensive play is highly advised since PK is a rushing class with no ranged abilities.

If using Mana Shield, know that they can counter less. Try to catch when possible. If you Gran Force them while they’re on the ground, beware of possible Barrier + 1 bar while they’re Hasted, it can easily turn the tides if you try to damage them with something like ZZZ during the Haste. Using OS attacks and spikes can work at times if they like to fly around the map with rocket dashes. Play smart and good luck.

Make use of their Stance weaknesses, and openings for grabs. (Refer to Weaknesses section) Defensive play works best, but can be easily breached by Super Jump Slices. Treat their rolling like a Rama.

If they’re using Disciple, then it should be an easy fight since they’re heavily Z combo based. Beware of Razor Air Kicks since they have fast delay priority. However if they’re using Mugen, it can be somewhat rough. Most Mugens will spam the downwards kick thing as their approach, which has a very high hit-priority and hit-box reach. If they do use this, play defensive. Also beware of their Hyper Armor tech if they are Lv80+, it lasts for a whole 10 seconds or so. I recommend playing passive while they have it on, or hit them with Specials because they will probably rush you down. If they use Chaotic Storm on you, you can use any Special for invincibility frames while the explosion happens, and you will NOT receive damage. If they use Water Puddle, you can dash attack and roll around as a defensive maneuver.

Play smart, use lots of defensive play and avoid uncounter-able 1 bars / Howling Gale spam. Make use of rolls to get close and attack.

Beware of their strong dash attacks and 1 bars since they can easily pop you into the air while in a Stance. Try to catch them into combos as they approach you. Do note that their dashes do have invincibility frames when they happen.

Learn the delays of their infinite-slashes, let them come to you and catch them into combos. Your best bet is to play defensive since they can literally kamikaze you with their slashes if you try to go too offensive. Watch out for 1 bars and 2 bars.

Dark Assassin
Use jump attacks and Jumping OS Spikes. Learn their delay through hummers and strike accordingly.

Ronan in General
Watch out for Ragna Bolts, and Lunatic Force/Blame Buster. Also beware of AK blocks if the person is really good at them, they can easily block your Z combos and grab you. Do note that AK CANNOT BLOCK OS COMBOS, so definitely abuse that. Should be super easy though to fight AbK. DK may be a problem due to Holy Inferno shield, but if you attack them just as that animation ends, the shield will be gone. Best to use a default Freelancer dash attack or OS dash attack with Trace and they will get flinched.

Avoid uncounter-able 2 bars and have caution when approaching. Currently Stick Lance is glitched and will keep you frozen in a falling position for 5 whole seconds after exploding if you are in any form of Hyper Armor (aka Stances and Techs), leaving you open for anything. It’s majorly unfair. Play smart.

Beware of heavy 1 bar usage and Barrage. If you have the time, you can easily kill their summons using Jumping OS Spikes back and forth. Try not to get popped up by the bubble dash attacks while you’re in a Stance. Roll-dash attack is a good approach, or Impale no-delay-casts. Play smart.

Elesis Classes in General
Should be really easy, just watch out for their stepping. Time it right and catch them into combos. For Spear-maiden, try not to get hit by their jump attacks while in Freelancer mode because it causes heavy flinch. Pray to god that they do not have their Roll Shared ST equipped, because it’s more OP than Zero’s roll to the point where they become a moving hit-box that YOU cannot hit. Their Shared ST Hyper Armor ability also lasts like 10 seconds similar to Asin, so follow the same advice.

Lire Classes in General
Use arrow reflect + damage reflect, or rush in and chase them down fast. Beware of 2 bars. Hope they they don’t lag. Should be pretty easy overall.

When above them, watch out for Lesser Undine (the water shards that shoot upwards in an arc)
When below them, watch out for Blizzard. They will probably rush to the top of the map. -Any stance/tech hyper armor render’s Blizzard useless, but might keep you stuck for the duration.
When diagonal to them, watch out for Greater Salamander. Be ready to get out of there.
When approaching head on, or seeing them do a dash attack, watch out for Lesser Salamander. It can overkill your HP in an instant.
Beware of Tornado delay grabs.
Beware of tricky Teleport-Dash frames. It take’s lots of practice to get to know when they can be hit or not during Teleport-Dashes.
Warlock Jump Z has high priority and reach.
Warlock fire-bolts cannot be reflected back at them. (Unlike Mage/BM fire-bolts) They will also freeze-lock you in place if you’re in Freelancer, to the point of an uncounter-able easy death.
Warlock Tornado 1 bar damage cannot be reflected.

Reflect their Fire-bolts, use Stances to avoid Stone Curse (might turn you around though) and Reverse Gravity. Try to play smart and chase them down into combos, or hit them hard when you do catch them if you’re using Force + Bite-Off cheese combo, or something heavy in general.

She’s a tough loli to fight because of all her Hyper Armor frames at her disposal, as well as a very defensive jump Z and very strong 1 bars with high priority. She can also quickly Tech-cancel everything with an Aura-hotkey for quick escapes or delay grabs. Learning her frames and movement patters is going to be your best bet for winning. You will need to learn when to strike, and make it count. Also try not to get hit by Oracle, it hurts. Play smart.

A stepping Edel can be very dangerous, since she has like the fastest stepping in the whole game. She also has numerous abilities with invincibility frames, such as the Warlord-like flip, the roll, and so on. Her main threats are Circular (especially the no-delay-freeze version), and fast Z combos. So try not to let her catch you while in Freelancer, which gives Stance-using high priority. Single-hit Assault Pierce can also hurt.

I’m going to say this right now, you should have a 95% chance of winning no matter what. Zero’s rolls are a direct counter to anything Veigas has. You can roll out of most of his Specials and that little haste-mine, and render them useless. If you are at a distance from him though, watch out for Venom since it has very high range, is fast, and deals about 350 damage.

If Dawn Rin, watch out for tornadoes. You can DS Dash + Reflect through them if you’d like, but can be predictable. Beware of glyphs popping you into the air while Stanced, as well as her 2 bar with the splitting tornados. If Twilight Rin, beware of basic Z attack damage when Weapon Enchant is used. Also watch out for the 3 bar that spawns the little homing ball. You can easily out-run it with Rolls, but the duration lasts quite a long time.

15) Dungeon Stuff

Pets, the necessity to doing any dungeon faster, and the necessity to get in a cheap timed stun lock in PvP, if you even use pets in PvP. Hopefully not. Only certain pets recover AP in dungeons.

  • Sellion (1st pet to ever recover AP, was a Seal Breaker pet rewarded for getting the full set for a specific level)
  • Rexion (A better version of Sellion, which is 10x better and heals the most AP out of every pet, was a Seal Breaker pet rewarded for getting the full set for a specific level)
  • Rutherford (One of the Champion Mode Xenia dungeon pets. Crafted in the forge with his manual and a bunch of gate ores and Xenia continent pearls. The ONLY GP-pet (non-cash) that can heal AP.
  • Shadow Blitzchen (The 2012 Thanksgiving Cash Box event pet)
  • Princeon (The ice version of Rexion, which AP-regen wise is slightly weaker I think. Acquired from a previous Seal Breaker set)

For Dungeon damage, until you unlock Advancer (4th job) I suggest spamming the Sword Stance combo (Just the first two swings only though) with Double/Critical attack. It makes for the best DPS compared to OS combo (pre-Advancer) and full SS Vanisher combo. SS attacks do activate Hell Spear if you have it for even more damage, while OS does not. Also, OS Drop-Cancel has very low DPS in dungeons. Once you achieve 4th job and get the OS Critical Rate passive, it will deal more DPS than the old SS method would, especially since the extra Critical Rate helps your Pet damage.

If you stack a lot of Hell Spear, aside from using SS combo, you can make use of OS Unique which does one hit of damage and about 8 hits of non-damage, but can activate Hell Spear, HP and MP Absorb on each hit. Mob enemies together and the hits stack on each enemy. 2 enemies means ~16 hits, 3 enemies means ~24 hits, and so on. Hell Spear and HP/MP Absorb activate on about a 1/10 chance. Another reason to stick with OS combo post-Advancer. I recommend using the first three hits of the OS combo and then using OS Unique right after the bash-hit of the combo.

If you have the cash to get a Lv80 Seal Breaker set, or Phantom Phoenix gear, and have very high defense along with high vitality (which you should NOT prop for), Damage Reflection via DS or Increase: OS becomes very viable in late dungeons like Relics of Kounat. You will be able to tank both Drawl and Veron’s super attacks and take out a considerable number of health bars on them. Risky? Sure! Rewarding DPS? Yup! It can also glitch some bosses like the Veron in Stage 30 of Wizard Labyrinth when he attacks you with it.

Refer to the Dungeon ASDFG Setup picture in the My Skill Tree section.

16) Conclusion

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and learned a thing or two about fighting with or against Zeros. To those who wish to contact me for anything, my IGN is HotStuven and my Skype is Hot Stuven (With a space), or via YouTube Channel. (GrandChaseHotStuven) Feel free to ask me questions, to challenge me, or to do stuff with me in general. (Maybe dungeons or team matches or sparring matches for practice)

Good luck out there!

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