Grand Chase Terms and Abbreviations List

Grand Chase Terms and Abbreviations List by Ley

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GC: Grand Chase
NAGC/GCNA: North American Grand Chase
KGC/GCKR: Grand Chase Korea
PHGC/GCPH: Grand Chase Philippines
BGC/GCBR: Grand Chase Brazil
SS: Screenshot
JF: Just Frame
GG: Good Game
GJ: Good Job
SGi: Smile Gate Interactive, the former owner of North American Grand Chase
KC: KillerCombo, the owner of North American Grand Chase

Characters, Jobs and Transformations

SM: Sword Master, Elesis’ third job
AR: Arch Ranger, Lire’s third job
WL: Warlock, Arme’s third job
BM: Battle Mage, Arme’s fourth job
DA: Dark Assassin, Lass’ third job
Wolf: Ryan’s first job transformation
Neph: NephilimRyan’s second job transformation
Magnus: Magnus Dan, Ryan’s fourth job transformation
Vanq: Vanquisher, Ryan’s fourth job
Xenocider: Another name for Vanquisher.
Xeno: Vanquisher/Xenocider (sometimes referred to as Xenostriker)
SK: Spell knight, Ronan’s first job
DK: Dragon Knight, Ronan’s second job
AK: Aegis Knight, Ronan’s third job
ABK: Abyss Knight, Ronan’s fourth job
Sieg: Sieghart
WL: Warlord, Sieghart’s second job
PK: Prime Knight, Sieghart’s fourth job
RC: Rune Caster, Mari’s first job
GS: Gunslinger, Mari’s second job
DB: Dusk Bringer, Dio’s fourth job
AdV: Advancer, Zero’s fourth job
DM: Dark Matriarch, Ley’s fourth job
BH: Bounty Hunter, Rufus’ first job
SS: Soul Stalker, Rufus’ second job
HK: Holy Knight, Lime’s first job.
Vei: Veigas


HD: Hero Dungeon
RD: Raid Dungeon
NMC / NC: Nightmare Circus(Event Dungeon)
Mt301: Monster Train 301(Event Dungeon)
PR: Pet’s revolt(Event Dungeon)
SL: Silver Land
Cruc: The Crucible, the second Hero Dungeon – Silver Land
SoD: Sanctum of Destruction, the first Hero Dungeon – Ellia
BfB: Battle for Bermissiah- Ellia
ToC: Temple of Cutal- Xenia
AoJ: Alter of Judgment- Xenia
ToD: Temple of Destruction- Xenia
FoL: Forest of Life- Xenia
FoA: Fortress of Ascension- Xenia
Alc: Alcubra
SoI: Sands of Illusion- Alcubra
DT: Deserted Town – Alcubra
Arch: Archimedia
TH: Thunder Hammer – Archimedia
RoK: Relics of Kounat/Ruins of Kounat – Archimedia
ZB: Zeruel Border – Archimedia
DT: Deserted Town – Alcubra

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