Grand Chase Monster Card Guide for Total Attack

Grand Chase Monster Card Guide for Total Attack by CujoEX

Here’s a little quick card guide for those who’s wondering how to increase your stats. My guide is targeted toward users who plans to equip cards in their higher level equipments (preferably Lv 80+ with Relic Equipment). You can use your best judgement to use any other card lower level card not suggested within this list if you plan to add them to the slots in a lower level equipment. Note that the cards listed are only cards dropped by normal dungeon monsters (not including events), with cards Lv 70 or higher. Besides the Helmet, the other equipment will focus on raising the Total Attack.

Monster Card Hunting Suggestions

  • Farm for cards in Champ Under Hammer, Archimedia (Full Run Including Gate Boss) since half the monster cards dropped are useful; or Champ Kounat’s Collapse, Archimedia (Half Run before Astaroth during Drop Events) using any fast clearing dungeon character.
  • Berkas is a great place to obtain the highest level crit cards (hopefully obtaining Berkas for CritDmg or Hatchling for CritChance)

Monster Card Equipping Suggestions

  • Best to equip cards on equipments that are Relics since they have three card slots available.
  • By priority, I would equip
    • Helmet: In most cases, Defense > Vitality
      • If you have a high HP Regen, then I would go Vitality > Defense to benefit from the regeneration.
      • “If you’re low on Vitality, Vitality Card will be better in effect.”
    • Weapon/Gloves: In most cases, Critical Damage>Critical Chance
      • Your Critical Chance should be 8~10% of your Critical Damage. [Example: If your Critical Chance is 30%, try to get your Critical Damage between 240%~300%]
      • If you Change Weapon, the monster card equipped previous to the Primary Weapon will not be carried over to the Secondary Weapon. I suggest to have your Critical Damage Cards on your Glove and Critical Chance on your Weapon(s) since it’s more common.
      • “Critical Damage > Critical Chance when your skill land a critical hit, it take out almost all (a little HP left ) of a mob’s HP
        Critical Chance > Critical Damage when your critical damage is enough for you to kill a mob when landing a critical hit.”
      • “Critical Hit will eventually goes through mobs resistance … when you land a critical hit, the resistant will be remove, the hit deal full damage. It goes same just like when Hell Spear is triggered.”
    • Upper Armor/Lower Armor/Mantle/Shoes: MP Regen>Special Attack>Attack
      • If you’re using an AP character and your AP regenerates faster than your cool down, you may add more Special Attack instead.
      • If you feel the need to have more Special Attack, limit it to 5,000 and equip the rest of the empty sockets with MP Regen Cards.
  • I would not advise adding Attack Cards if your MP Regen is high. You will most likely be using skills anyways.
    • If you’re a MP or MAP (MP/AP Hybrid) character, charge with Z to avoid cooldown.
    • If you feel the need to add Attack Cards, at least give them to characters that has high damaging combinations or that can ottoshot.

Monster Card Stats & Location

The tables have been arranged by highest stat first, limited by Lv 70 cards and up. Please note that only droppable Monster Cards from normal dungeons are used in this guide. Any Event Character Cards or Rally Monster Cards are not included.

Helmet (DEF)

Lv 80  Guardian Spirit      137  Common  Archimedia  Zeruel
Lv 75  Mecha Taurus         130  Common  Archimedia  Thunder Hammer
Lv 78  Sand Ruler           130  Epic    Alcubra     Sands of Illusion
Lv 72  Iron Dwarf Overseer  127  Common  Archimedia  Under Hammer
Lv 82  Seth's Amazone       127  Common  Alcubra     Seth's Pyramid
Lv 79  Axe Bandit           122  Common  Alcubra     Deserted Town
Lv 80  Hooded Crow          122  Common  Alcubra     Ra Canyon
Lv 74  Big Kungji           118  Common  Alcubra     Kungji Village
Lv 72  Underpass Ergate     118  Common  Alcubra     Underpass of Lost Hope

Upper Armor/Mantle (MP Regen)

Lv 85  Astaroth (Final Phase)  6.37  Epic    Archimedia  Kounat's Collapse
Lv 74  Sentry Keeper No.1      6.02  Epic    Archimedia  Under Hammer
Lv 72  Talin Elfbane           5.95  Epic    Archimedia  Hammer's Reach
Lv 78  Dark Elven Assassin     5.67  Common  Archimedia  Zeruel Border
Lv 71  Brutus                  5.18  Rare    Alcubra     Goblin's Work Site

Weapon/Gloves (Critical Attack Damage)

Lv 85  Berkas                      26.39  Epic    Alcubra     Berkas' Lair
Lv 80  Dahlia                      25.81  Epic    Archimedia  Zeruel Border
Lv 82  Carte                       24.07  Epic    Alcubra     Ra Canyon
Lv 83  Commander 'The Dark Staff'  24.07  Epic    Archimedia  Kounat's Collapse
Lv 72  Fire Hammer Driller         22.62  Common  Archimedia  Under Hammer
Lv 70  Thanatos                    22.04  Epic    Xenia       Fortress of Ascension
Lv 72  Underpass Dinergate         20.59  Common  Archimedia  Underpass of Lost Hope

Weapon/Glove (Critical Attack Chance)

Lv 83  Commander 'The Dark Sword'  2.70  Common  Archimedia  Kounat's Collapse
Lv 83  Hatchling                   2.70  Common  Alcubra     Berkas' Lair
Lv 75  Void                        2.70  Rare    Archimedia  Thunder Hammer
Lv 80  Khufu                       2.67  Epic    Alcubra     Deserted Town
Lv 72  Iron Dwarf Engineer         2.54  Common  Archimedia  Under Hammer
Lv 72  Sethek                      2.54  Epic    Alcubra     Goblin Work Site
Lv 75  Guardian Kungji             2.36  Rare    Alcubra     Kungji Village

Lower Armor/Shoes (MP Regen)

Lv  78  Drawl                  6.16  Epic    Archimedia  Relic of Kounat
LV  74  Sentry Keeper No.2     6.02  Epic    Archimedia  Under Hammer
Lv  83  Highlander's Illusion  5.81  Common  Archimedia  Kounat's Collapse
Lv  80  Elite Elven Mage       5.74  Common  Archimedia  Zeruel
Lv  71  Spiderbot Guard        5.67  Rare    Archimedia  Hammer's Reach
Lv  83  Anubis                 5.60  Rare    Alcubra     Seth's Pyramid
Lv  79  Crossbow Bandit        5.25  Common  Alcubra     Deserted Town
Lv  70  Grim Prior             4.90  Common  Alcubra     Goblin Work Site

Lower Armor/Shoes (Special Attack)

Lv  85  Astaroth                774  Epic    Archimedia  Kounat's Collapse
Lv  82  Quoronnos               765  Epic    Archimedia  Zeruel
Lv  84  The Immortal Barakhufu  714  Epic    Alcubra     Seth's Pyramid
Lv  74  Tech Guard              672  Common  Archimedia  Thunder Hammer
Lv  80  Hooded Jackal           638  Common  Alcubra     Ra Canyon
Lv  73  Scorpis                 638  Rare    Alcubra     Underpass of Lost Hope
Lv  76  Sand Dinergate          621  Common  Alcubra     Sands of Illusion

Feel free to input your own thoughts into this. I’m open for any additional Tips or Suggestions.

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