Grand Chase Hungry Pet Revolt Puppeting Guide

Grand Chase Hungry Pet Revolt Puppeting Guide by DeSora

Puppeting mean control-ing and altering the escape route of mobs.
Action Spot is the spot that will decide the mobs next action (as when mobs reach the spot), if you know how the action spot work, you could alter the mobs escape route

There is a few simple logic in this dungeon, you can skip this for now if you want to, read this when you have any confusion about how the dungeon work

1. Mobs will not attack you manually if they are taking a food.
2. Mobs route (both steal and escape route) is possible to be altering by having them attack you. OR even you attack them to alter the route
3. When mobs damaged, mobs will stop for a second and look around, find if the attacker was in nearby, if it wasn’t, they will continue their steal/escape action.
4. An escaping mobs that was in dead end area will only escape keep moving onward, if they were block by a player, they will try to jump, or drop from a platform.
5. Mobs will pick up the food in their way, and change their currently action from Steal to Escape.
6. Mobs will drop the food that their carry on where they stand, as if they was killed
7. Mobs have zero collision to each other

So lets start,

This is the default map, I to X represent 10 spawn spot of mobs, A to M represent the Action Spot, pink color is dead end aera/zone

NOTE: Mobs move between D and E will not affect by action spot I, same for mobs move between F and G, they will not affect by action spot L.
It is my mistake that the square higher than platform in my picture ._.

This will happen generally if no player was control the map, mobs will take these route to steal food and escape. However, they will search and take the food in dead end aera first, if there are any and ONLY if the food was closer for them to reach than an action spot:

So assume that all food on specific zone is taken, mobs will change their route :


If mobs on J action spot fail to reach E action spot after jump, they will keep jumping in middle of the map until they get food from above directly from jump


While mobs jump from K action spot, it is possible for them to not entering F action spot, make them jump around in middle of map and taking the food from top zone. Else if they enter action spot F they will moving to spot C

Don’t ask me whats the top right side pet route if both Top and Right zone food is empty, I assume that you loss all food from 2 zone, puppet-ing no longer has point, you should not try to puppet-ing in that situation.

Here is the spot that you can puppet-ing the mobs

1. Puppet-ing work when you stand at a specific range of the mobs, for the most important spot you have to know is the one in right side of map

So instead of moving to right side, mobs will jump to left side. This trigger when you stand in Right side of mobs in L, where you stand in a non-dead end aera

2. If you get into mobs Left side before they arrive F and K action spot, F and K action spot will order them like this.
Mobs come from E will jump through you if they went from left side, else no effect, while mobs who enter action spot J will moving to left side

3. If you stand direct above action spot I, mobs that steal food from I will move to either action spot H or J. And if a mobs come from F to E saw you in their left side, they will directly jump down, while mobs who enter spot J will moving to K. There is a little time when mobs jump down from I to J, you can take the opportunity to move yourself to somewhere between E and F, so they will reverse back to H instead of heading to K action spot, but beware don’t rush for it if there are a few mobs in I, cause some could escape from D if you move yourself outside of “above I action spot”

4. Somewhere you can puppet-ing the mobs before their enter a dead end aera, for the right side

5. Somewhere you can puppet-ing the mobs before their enter a dead end aera, for the left side

6. Beware of something coming from F , they will jump to action spot C if you stay in somewhere above L zone (will moving to G generally)

7. Alter the route for mobs that will escape from C by staying a point between C and G

8. How you alter mobs in B use another escape route by simply stand in a distant between action spot A and B, but you don’t want this to happen, it look very likely that the mobs will enter dead end aera first before you can kill them

9. How you alter an escape mobs that enter action spot A , by standing somewhere between D and A, after mobs drop down from A to, they will moving forward to E.

10. A mobs that detect you was very close to them in, as if both you and mobs are in action spot B, the mobs will drop down from action spot B, the direction they went after drop is random though.

These are all spot you need to know for you to puppeting


Extra :

Killzone placement :

Your killzone will not 1 hit KO mobs without critical, so there is a chance that mobs can take your food and moving a little before they kill by the killzone, it will MOVE the food position and very possible the moved food will be taken easily cause it was no longer within an aera where killzone can confirm dealing 2 hit to mobs. So it is suggest not to put killzone on center of food zone

It is suggesting to have your killzone put on left side food zone if you using duo block + puppeting strategy, please be sure to stand at topper platform to place your killzone so that your killzone can kill hit mobs who travel from E to D (refer to other image action spot), and put it in left side corder, since no mobs coming from right side to steal food from left side food zone.

And since all mobs that steal food from top generally will moving to left side to escaping, putting killzone between spawn spot II and action spot B is the best idea (refer to other image action spot)

For right side, since you put kill zone in there to let kill zone done the job, all mobs that steal a food from right food zone will generally escape by walking to right side, placing your killzone in this rightest side of the food zone will allow your killzone do 2 hit for any mobs that steal a food in there.

Specific specials:

Yellow for archranger 1bar, purple for eddy and red for lance.

You can wise use them to get rid the mobs that come from spawn spot (I) from high range, useful when there are mobs in direct beneath you, they will still escape by walking to <<< way

Veigas portal could be useful for altering the mobs route (assume it is not critical hit and kill the mobs, lol)
Wise Evil shock to kill mobs in high range as you control when to explode the evil shock (only if you can aim it probably)
Shock stun could also useful to get rid of some mobs that was in far away

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