Grand Chase Berkas Lair Ability and Skill Usage Guide

Grand Chase Berkas Lair Ability and Skill Usage Guide by DeSora

The guide contain no basic knowledge for Berkas Liar, If you are still new then I suggest you try to run berkas with a party (they will demonstrate and show you how to air-tactics)

This guide will focus on what a character can do by their individual, in berkas liar, by using air-tactic.

of course you can try land-tactic, but it will take you 15 or even times of suppressor and catapult activation for a solo run, which take you long enough to finish the dungeon.

Note that if you try to solo, you will need to step good enough in order to get back to barrier room from suppressor room

By using air-tactics, 19 characters basically will do the same things from start, note that this is a solo condition :

1. Jump to avoid being dmg by berkas “JUMP” caution
2. Went to most-left bottom side, wait until berkas come (notice that if you leave main room and went to suppressor room, berkas will hellfire immediately, just pls don’t)
3. Wait until berkas “JUMP” or “BREATH”, head toward to suppressor room, kill the mobs (if any) then active suppressor immediately, head back to main room, use anything that can heavily nuke berkas, assuming berkas take 20bar dmg in this period, he will start flying.
4. repeat 3 until berkas fly , assume that berkas casting WIND STORM, try to protect yourself from being hit by the wind first, don’t rush to suppressor room
5. as soon as berkas fly, move yourself to barrier room, kill the mobs in barrier room, then waiting berkas “BREATH” sign then active barrier

Afterward it will be determined by the character you using, I will just list down what they can do, especially their NUKE

Elesis :

C-key super armor rush through Berkas Breath fire

Spearman :
3rd-bar [Dragon Slash]
4th bar [Lance of Spirit]

A Lance of Spirit will deal more damage than a Dragon Slash if you happen to land it on back attack

Lire :

Arch Ranger:
2nd-bar [White Wind], dare to move yourself in breath flame with this?
3rd-bar [Chakra] , use in center of sup room to deal full dmg to aim berkas
4th-bar [Big Shot]

Aim a back-attack Big Shot

Arme :

White Magic 1st-bar [Fear], reduce berkas defense, use it while berkas fly on lower platforms
Black Magic 3rd-bar [Meteor]

Battle Mage:
Black Magic 3rd-bar [Deep Impact]
4th-bar [The End]

You are not moving fast enough to went back barrier room in time , so you will just spam your 1 bar for invincible frame until the upcoming breath flame worn off

Lass :

Wise use X -> to jump

3rd-bar [Raven Walker], all kunai can land their hit on berkas
4th-bar [Dread Breaker], allow you to nuke at the same time travel you from Barrier room to Suppressor room

4th-bar [Shadow Vanish], it is possible for Shadow Vanish to hit berkas even though you are in Suppressor room, a result of stack damage with mobs will deal heavy damage to berkas. Shadow Vanish happen to be one of the special that can cause a delay to berkas

Ryan :

Wise use C key for natural tamer invincible frame

3rd-bar [Spinning Phantom]
4th-bar [Flying Divider] , travel yourself to left ballista room immediately after went down from barrier room to main room during the berkas breath.


4th-bar [Spiral Rage] , use on suppressor room, since the spike travel slower than berkas, you have to cast this sooner before berkas reach you, for the best


Spell Knight:
White Magic 2nd-bar [Blast Bomb]

Dragon Knight:
White Magic 3rd-bar [Arc Breath]
4th-bar [Blast Wave], due to the slow projectile speed, you have to cast this beforehand 


4th-bar [Empress Waltz]

4th-bar [Elegant Glow], cast this on right timing so all 4 hit will land to berkas


Burning mode allow you to Arhan Jump/technique to fly from barrier to suppressor room or suppressor to barrier room

3rd-bar [Fist of 10000 Hells] non-burning mode

4th-bar [Skyfall]


Wise use Easy Breeze for invincible frame

3rd-bar [Mocking Blade], allow you to walk through berkas breath flame
All other 3-bar can aim well on berkas, best damage output 3 bar is Triple Slash
2nd-bar Sword Flame and Death Knell do full hit on berkas, but dmg not that impressive, use 3 bar to nuke if can.

3rd-bar [Fire Blaster], rage mode only
4th-bar [Illusion Attack]

Stance allow you to walk through berkas breath flame with hyper armor


Portal : xx c c c z , create portal on Suppressor and Barrier room

3rd-bar [Freeze Tempest]
4th-bar [Core Break], assume that your offensive capability is good enough(atk, sp.atk, crit chance, crit dmg) , Core Break 3rd party damage can kill all mobs in global range


[Stick Lance], although it can’t travel whole map horizontal long, but it still deal nice amount of damage

[Evil Eddy], cast this beforehand, let berkas fly over and pass through the orb
[Chaos Hit] , aim well for back attack, berkas can take full hit from Chaos Hit


Stance + Grandark Domination Lv2 : Immortal until buff run out, allow you to walk through breath flame
Humming Roll: invincible frame 99 allow you to bypass the breath
[Amid] : Walk with Invincible frame

[Abyss] : in Grandark Domination form
[Zero Domain] : Aim well to stack

However, most will not work since you have to exit your stance (in other words you loss Grandark Domination buff), and Zero Domain doesn’t have a large AoE, so if you want to do a 3 or more ZD stack, you have to went down from suppressor room to cast it. Just warn you to use instant cast method, that 0.7-0.8 second of dragging out sword frame can cause you to miss your ZD.


[Secret Passage]
[Firebird Splash] :use this beforehand, the bats will damage berkas while you casting Secret Passage
[On Target] : like firebird, use this beforehand, allow you to do additional dmg to berkas while casting Secret Passage

Rufus :

Actually nothing to mention with, just he can active suppressor before-hand and [Howling Gale] dmg berkas in lower plats/main room, head back to suppressor room then cast a 3-bar to nuke berkas again

Since he has no advantage on solo-ing at all, I wouldn’t recommend to solo this with him ._.


Note that Rin Extreme Skill will not explode upon hitting berkas, the orb will penetrate through berkas and only deal moderate damage

Dawn Rin X-key talisman to reduce berkas defense

3rd-bar [Final Flash of Light] both Twilight and Dawn, you are able to cast this twice, one beforehand (since ffol travel slow, berkas will eat the projectile when he arrive you l0l) , one after you absorb enough mp from pet attack

3rd-bar [Light Restrain] bk atk pls


Tech-[Pressure Point] Debuff purpose
Tech-[Water Puddle] Debuff purpose

3rd-bar [Kings Wrath]
4th-bar [Eastern Rain Liquid Jade] Like core break, it has a 3rd party overtime global damage, if you have high amount of offensive stat, you can kill all mobs in whole maps.


4th-bar [Redemption] since it has no delay like howling gale, if you happen to absorb enough MP with pet attack, you can chain this skill right after a [Holy Smash], for nuking purpose

Note that Lime aura will deactivate when enter a portal


3rd-bar [Circular TYPE 3] chain this after a [Leg Break], 1 screen horizontal range mana-sword projectile damage output is higher than her other 3 bar

4th-bar [Moon Slash] Work exactly same as Assassin [Shadow Vanish], has a better AoE for damage stacking, but deal a little bit lower damage.


2nd-bar [Dark Barrier] this will protect you from hit by breath flame
3rd-bar [Absolute Dark] a debuff , cast this beforehand
3rd-bar [Dark Spear] land all hit on berkas, deal outstanding damage

DeSora ownself rating for characters after solo berkas liar with them

Elesis: Great
Lire: Great
Arme: Great
Lass: Average
Ryan: Above average
Ronan: Average
Amy: Great
Jin: Average
Sieg: Above average
Mari: Superb
Dio: Above average
Zero: Average
Ley: Average
Rufus: Average
Rin: Average
Asin: Great
Lime: Average
Edel: Average
Veigas: Above average

There is no character that can’t solo berkas, just user who can’t solo berkas with them.

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