Grand Chase Assassin Guide

Grand Chase Assassin Guide by Xevako

It seems likely that the old forums will shut down soon and losing all of this information would be a shame. I have tried to preserve Zydeco’s original wording whenever possible.

Disclaimer: This guide WILL NOT LOOK PRETTY. It is how it is. As well, this guide makes certain assumptions. This will not cover the very simple things that one can see simply from playing the class in practice mode. This will mainly cover the “How to Play” and similar simple tricks, and movement that allows the class to function well.

Table of Contents
1. Why pick Assassin
2. Recommended Ability
3. Basics
4. Dash Attack Basics
5. Advanced Techniques
6. Movement
7. Video(s)
8. Contact
9. Credits

Why Assassin? 

Assassin: a neglected, yet so powerful class. While he’s fallen to the minority in competitive PvP, he’s actually quite the class to use. His ability to juggle, play off of his mates, and deal quick and heavy damage is hard to match. He still carries that classic Lass mobility factor while he travels the map. There’s a couple things presented to you through this guide, varying from basic movement to advanced, hard hitting techniques. Take the knowledge being shared with you, expand on it, and you’ll find yourself with a frightening and powerful class.

Recommended Ability

To play Assassin to it’s highest potential, it is very recommended that you at least be able to Rocket Step, if not Flash Step.

Rocket Step →(→↑)

Flash Step →(→↑)↓

It is playable without these mechanics, however many of its juggles are more difficult to start or continue without these.

The Basics:


The reason Assassin is hated. It is very easy to pull off, continue indefinitely unless the enemy counters, and does immense damage.

His ability to juggle stems from his Air Dash Attack Critical Attack, which is as simple as

↑→→ Z →→,

However, the most efficient way to do this is to rocket step:

→(→↑) Z →→.

If you hit this on somebody, they will be knocked high into the air. This is the basis to the juggle.

Continuing it is very, very simple. You Repeat

For Example, if →(→↑) Z →→ connects, and they are knocked into the air, it is as simple as repeating this same combination (→(→↑) Z →→) to continue the juggle.

As well, you can also continue the juggle with a Flash Step, which would look similar to this (From Initial Rocket Step):

→(→↑) Z →→, →(→↑)↓ Z →→.

This is mainly for opponents that are farther away after the initial knock up.

Dash Attack: 

Assassin’s Dash Attack is one of the very best in the game. Not only does it have damage akin to Striker’s, it is easily chained to one another, and hits behind and above Lass. But on top of that, it is one of his most useful tools for starting a juggle.

Assassin’s dash attack has two parts, a downward slash, and an upward one, which launches. This Upward slash is chained off the end of the downward slash, and launches into the air, which allows you to juggle them.

→→ Z →→ Z

is to chain the downward slash. This is a viable tactic, as it takes up a large amount of space, protects Lass, and DOESN’T KNOCKDOWN, which allows it to be chained with itself for massive damage.

You can use his base dash attack much better as a launcher, though.

→→ Z Z

This will cause Lass to use the 2nd half of his Dash Attack, an upward slash that launches enemies into the air. You can continue to chain just normal dash attacks after this for great damage.

Advanced Techniques

Dash Attack Juggle :

This abuses the upward slash on the 2nd part of Assassin’s dash attack in order to juggle opponents. The keys to do it properly are

→→ Z Z, ←← →(→↑)↓ Z →→

You can also do

→→ Z Z, ←← (↑→↓) Z →→

The key to doing this correctly is quickly dashing out of the 2nd Z upward slash to cancel the animation, which gives you enough time to move in and start a juggle.


Assassin has decent movement, as well as being able to move and deal tons of damage. To maximize his movement capabilities it is RECOMMENDED you be able to step, but it is not at all necessary. This video will depict simple movement patterns and how you can use them to attack, and will only feature small amounts of stepping — It is mostly normal dashes and jumps.

This short clip features many things that Assassin can do:

He can chain his normal dashes while still being in the air, as long as you dashed off a platform. So you can surprise enemies by changing directions after dashing off of a platform and hit them with a knockup to combo

It shows many instances of cancelling his 2nd Dash animation to move out of it. Even though you cancel it, the hit still goes through. This dash also grants you invincible frames for a short period, so you can use it to dash through people while still hurting them.

He can infinitely chain his double jump as long as you don’t attack. This is generally not useful but can be — with his drop down you can immediately surprise enemies waiting below with an air dash attack into a juggle.

Finally, his double jump allows him to dash and cover platforms easily, you will generally be in the air a decent amount with Assassin, and being able to chain your Double Jump with almost all of your dashes, or dash capabilities, can be a life-saver, or take your enemies by surprise by going from the floor to the top platform in about a second.

Video(s) of Assassin in Use


Contact Information

Any questions, You can ask
A) In this thread
B) In-Game, my IGN is Zydeco
C) E-Mail @
D) On my Youtube
E) On Skype

Special Thanks to TofuTasty for writing a little bit of the introduction.

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