Dawngate Voluc Indestructible Build

Dawngate Voluc Indestructible Build by Remni

So the 2.0 patch definitely changed up a lot of stuff and I think Voluc is stronger now than ever, even after the small nerfs he received. His new preferred build seems to be focused on tanking hard now, and it works pretty well for him. After quite a bit of playtesting, I think I’ve found what seems to be a pretty unstoppable build for him, going 14/2 in my last couple matches. So here goes.

Loadouts and Role
The obvious role for Voluc right now is going jungle, but he can sometimes assist in a lane for support and running Tactician. This build is going to be mostly for junglers though. The loadout is up to the person, but my preffered makes use of the Spiritstone of the Hoplite, with it’s special giving you bonus Power based on 12% of your armor. Mine looks like this, though it’s still being tweaked.

1xSpiritstone of the Hoplite
2xRed Spiritstone of Celerity
1xRed Spiritstone of Armor
1xRed Spiritstone of Mag Resist
1xRed Spiritstone of Health(sq)
1xRed Spiritstone of Health Growth

2xRed Spark of Magic Resist Growth
2xRed Spark of Armor Growth
4xRed Spark of Health
4xRed Spark of Health Growth
2xGreen Spark of Piercing

Early Game
So start off with the recommended item and grab Resilience and 3 pots. Start your jungling off however you prefer and at about lvl 4 you want to start ganking. First skills should be E/W/Q/W. You can usually bag an easy kill right around there provided your teammates are doing their jobs as well. After you get to 2k vim, go back to buy your first main item, a Perseverence. The stacking HP/Armor/MR goes a long way early-mid game.

Mid Game
Larger fights should be starting to happen around here, and you should be bagging a few more kills. Next main items to get is to upgrade your Resilience to a Hope, then start working on your Ambition so you can sustain more in fights. Following that you should work towards building an Adamance. After getting that, you should have a significant increase in power thanks to the Hoplite passive in your loadout.

Late Game
If the game gets this far, your final items should be Oppression, and then your choice of either Glory to increase your damage output or a Vibrance to give yourself a great boost in sustain, but Glory is usually the choice in most cases.

At the end of it all, your build should look like this with some extremely high defensive stats, as well with a decent amount of damage (although the stats shown arent accounting for the bonus given by the Hoplite passive, which equals out to about an extra 30 Power).

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