Heroes of the Storm Dragonshire Guide

Heroes of the Storm Dragonshire Guide by khilair

In this guide I’ll be covering Basic Strategies/Concepts of the Dragonshire map

Here we go –

First of all let’s cover the side objective of Dragonshire:

Dragonshire is a traditional Three Lane Map where both teams start off fighting each other as they do in any map. The only difference is that there are Shrines in the middle of each of the lanes on this map.

The objective of this map is to take control of both the northern and southern shrines once they are activated. You take control of the shrines simply by having more players near then than your opponents do. When the shrine is yours it will remain yours unless the enemy team captures it (ie, you don’t need to stay right on the shrine once it’s yours unless an enemy is there).

While you have both of these shrines under your control you have to have a person in middle click and channel on the dragon knight shrine located in the middle of the middle lane. Once the channel is complete that person becomes the Dragonknight.

The Dragonknight is a really tough character with a frontal cone flame breath ability, an ability that punts enemy heroes across the map and has auto attacks that deal extra damage to structures.

So now let’s talk about what you should do on this map:

This map is the most straight forward map but has one of the hardest objectives to complete since you have to control the area around all three shrines in order to get the Dragonknight.

The way most people play this map is simply have 2 people in both the top and bottom lanes while one person holds the middle lane. The person is the middle lane should be someone that can solo hold a lane by them-self while dishing out damage like Raynor.

Use the time before the shrines activate to juggle your team around in the lanes to best match them up against your opponents. You need to be constantly pushing back you lanes in order to control the shrines. You’ll get a warning when the shrines are about to activate and a timer will pop up in the middle of the top of your screen.

If you capture the Dragonknight it’s usually best (depends on the situation) to push with it and your whole team to whatever is the weakest lane atm. Usually you push the middle lane on the first Dragonknight since it’s closer.

While although the Dragonknight is strong it’s not invincible. don’t immediately go all in when you get it because it’ll die fast without support. Harass the minions in the lane you’re going to push in for a few seconds while you team comes to help you out. While the Dragonknight (DK) does good damage it’s biggest asset is tanking shots from forts for your team. You team needs to work together to do as much damage as they can while the DK is up. Be aware that when the timer on the DK runs out or it dies that the person that became the DK goes back to the regular form once again. It is a good idea to fall back when this is about to happen.

If the enemy team gets the DK it’s a simple matter of killing it. If your team falls back and focuses it down then it won’t be hard to take it down quickly.

Do note that this strategy is based off of the current map and is subject to change if they change the map. Also note that this is a general strategy and that things fall apart in game at times. It’s up to you to adapt to what’s going on.

Anyways, that covers the basics of Dragonshire Basic Strategies/Concepts. Feel free to comment if you think I missed anything on this specific topic.

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