Heroes of the Storm Communication Guide

Heroes of the Storm Communication Guide by khilair

Communication is key in heroes which is why I hope they end up adding in game voice chat. That being said you can still communicate without any voice chatting. Letting your team know what’s going on is just as important as listening to them as well.

Make use of your map pings in the game, they added them for a reason. Call out for help when you need it, listen when people call for a retreat. If you’re having trouble in a lane then tell your team that you need another person to help you out, don’t just leave the lane.

Your team should be in constant communication with what they are doing. Want to take a merc camp? Ping it and the game will tell your teammates that you want to take it. Want to go all in for a YOLO push or their palace? Let your team know it’s an opportune time to do so and go for it.

Not communicating in this game or not listening to your teammates is a great way to lose any match. You still need to help them out even if your team wants to do something that’s not right (even if it’s after you tell them the correct thing to do). When what they said to do doesn’t work they will learn and do what you said next time. If you don’t listen or try to help out then you’ll just get blamed for the failure “because you didn’t help”.

Ping Commands:

Hitting “g” then:

Yourself says you need help
An ally says you want to help them
An enemy that you want to kill them
A merc camp that you want to capture it
A general open area that you want to go there

Hitting “v” then open ground calls a retreat to that location

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