Heroes of the Storm Black Heart Bay Guide

Heroes of the Storm Black Heart Bay Guide by Khilair

In this guide I’ll be covering Basic Strategies/Concepts of the Black Heart Bay map

Here we go –

First of all let’s cover the side objective of Black Heart Bay:

Black Heart Bay (BHB) is technically a Three lane map but the upper two lanes are so close together that they are almost one lane while the bottom lane is quite far from both of the upper lanes.

The whole goal of BHB is to collect coins that you turn in to Black Beard in the center of the map. Once you turn in enough coins (counter at the top) Black Beard’s ship will start firing on your enemy’s buildings causing significant damage.

Coins are gathered from Coin Chests. They both spawn at the same time, one being directly north of the Ghost Ship and one directly south of where you turn in your coins. Each chest must be attacked until its coins spill out.

Coins are also gathered from killing any mercs on the map. Each merc camp drops 2 coins.

If a hero dies while carrying coins then they drop them all and they can be picked up by anyone.

So now let’s talk about what you should do on this map:

This map is my favorite tbh. It’s all about controlling the entire map.

With this map you mainly have one person holding the bottom lane while the other four roam around the top lanes.

At the very start of the fight teams that don’t have Abather on them should do a 5 man push to the vision shrine located in between the middle of the top upper lanes. You should have your warrior (preferably Diablo or ETC) out front. You rush up from the middle lane because it’s the fastest way to get there. The goal of this initial push is to wipe the enemy team or anyone they send up there. Your warrior should try to throw a person back to the rest of the team for a fast kill. The overall point of this is to gain control of the upper two lanes and gain massive map control.

The chests will spawn very quickly by the time this initial team fight is done. It’s important to send a person down to get the bottom chest, this person should be able to duel 1 on 1 with against another hero. If done correctly your team will secure all 10 coins, giving you a bombardment off right away along with a hefty xp lead.

After that it’s all about roaming the map, capping merc camps and keeping control of your lanes. Most of your effort should be in the upper two lanes to get the most control in the map.

This map is a little different than the others in that the Bombardments can win you the match completely on their own. It’s still important to push the lanes as much as you can to win faster but I’ve seen a lot of fights be won over a bombardment wave killing the Palace (it hits the palace after everything else is destroyed). Pushing the lanes will be natural though if your capturing merc camps for coins likes you should be.

Do note that this strategy is based off of the current map and is subject to change if they change the map. Also note that this is a general strategy and that things fall apart in game at times. It’s up to you to adapt to what’s going on.

Anyways, that covers the basics of Black Heart Bay Basic Strategies/Concepts. Feel free to comment if you think I missed anything on this specific topic.

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