Hearthstone Priest Blast Legend Rank Deck

Hearthstone Priest Blast Legend Rank Deck by BCNU

I’ve been playing Priest exclusively for a couple months now experimenting with different deck ideas revolving around Mind Blast. With my most recent version of my Blast Priest, I went from Rank 5 to Legend in a total of about 50 games. Decklist: http://imgur.com/DG6Gidc. Proof: http://imgur.com/w9H96Rx. I’m currently rank 316 (also notice I’m gold Priest :D): http://imgur.com/md7XAnx.

In the early versions, the idea behind this deck was dish out as much damage early on and then surprise the opponent with Mind Blast finish. However, I found that it was inconsistent and I often ran out of steam before I could pull the finish combo off. Then I started putting in more later game cards such as Mind Control, Shadow Word: Death, and Thoughtsteal. With that, I found that I couldn’t consistently deal enough damage to put them within TKO range. Once I removed all of the conditional cards such as Thoughtsteal, Shadow Words, Mind Control, Faceless, etc., and put consistent cards in its place, that this deck performed at a much higher rate.

The play-style of this deck is a bit unconventional, but that’s what makes it extremely fun! This deck focuses on very high-value board wipes using Wild Pyromancer + Spells, Soulpriest + CoH, and Holy Nova. With all three of those, you can maintain board control and card advantage. You will be forcing your opponent to make high value trades in order to stay in it. And that’s exactly what you want, because before they know it, you’re dropping Alexstrasza turn 9, then finishing them off turn 10 with Mind Blast + Mind Blast + Holy Fire (or various combinations of cards including Velen and Holy Smite).

Since you will be relying on the board clears, it’s wise to hold onto your Soulpriest, Pyromancer, and CoH and to not play them without unleashing a deadly combo. To help with getting these combos out, I added a lot of card draw potential (priest has very limited card draw without a bit of help). This is why you see 2x Loot Hoarder, 1x Bloodmage, and 1x Novice Engineer. These help with putting bodies on the field as well as cycling your deck into your board clear or late game combos. Against aggression, I will typically drop a cleric turn 1, but against control, hold on to her until you can perform a good card draw combo. Sometimes I will use Pyromancer + Cleric + Spell + CoH for lots of card draw. Just make sure you don’t use both CoH for that as you need the 2nd one for Soulpriest.

Blademaster, Farseer, Sen’jin, (and sometimes Soulpriest or Cleric) are your bread-and-butter for board presence. These can be very difficult for the opponent to remove efficiently (i.e. they won’t be getting 2 for 1 on you). All of those minions carry well into late game as they can still be tricky to remove even turn 6-10 which is exactly what you want. Focus on keeping these alive along with board cleared (pretty obvious). Keep trying to draw into your late game or board clear combos.

Word of advice: Don’t use your Mind Blasts when you don’t need to! The element of surprise gives you a very strong advantage. No one expects 2x Mind Blast to the face for the win. If you play this too early, they can adjust their style to be more defensive and thwart your plan. The only situation that I will use Mind Blast early on is if I have Pyromancer and I need the extra spell to deal 1 damage to all minions. And even then, I will never do that to a Paladin, Priest, Druid, or Handlock.

The toughest matchup for this deck is Control Warrior. The only chance you have is to throw your taunts up late game to fend off Grommash and to pull off your late game finishing combos.

Easiest matchup is Mages and Hunters. Relatively easy is Zoo Warlock, Token Druid, Rogue, and Handlock. Medium matchup is Shaman and Ramp Druid. Tough matchup is Paladin and Priest.

Mulligan keepers: Any class: Keep your card draw cards. Against warlock: keep your Soulpriest, CoH, and Pyromancer along with your card draws. Against control and hunters: keep Farseer and Blademaster along with your card draws.

That about covers it. This deck is REALLY fun and competitive. I don’t really like the current meta and it makes me happy to smash zoo warlocks and token druids. Give this a shot and tell me what you think. Introduce Blast Priest to the current meta. :)

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