Hearthstone Fireside Cardback Easy with Evolve or Tunngle

Hearthstone Fireside Cardback Easy with Evolve or Tunngle

Using Evolve by toriskulls

Hey guys I found a very easy way to get the cardback without having to mess with pesky files or your internet.

-Download https://www.evolvehq.com/
-Make an account
-Login to the client
-Go to multiplayer
-Find hearthstone then click “Find Match”
-If no one is on then just wait or you can post the Group lobby link here for other players to join.
-The people in your lobby will appear as nearby players.
-Challenge one of them while the other one stays in main menu.(Minimum of 3 people including yourself.)
-Win 3 games and you’ll get the card back!

Easy as that! Good luck and have fun.

Using Tunngle by Trokken

Hey there! Since A LOT of us went into the Evolve platform to get the cardbacks seems like the heavy traffic hurt them badly and it’s (at the moment) not operative. I’ll like to share a miniguide to get dem cardbacks through Tunngle.

Lets begin:

– Step 1: Account creation / Download and install: Account Creation — Download

Follow the good old nextnextnext procedure. IMPORTANT: Install the network adapter when the notification pops up! Reboot seems to be optional but do it just in case.

– Step 2: Joining / Creating private networks: Screen 1

Community>Private Networks>Join (put the name ‘Hearthstone EU’ it’s already created.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There’s a region restriction: Please create more networks and tag them as EU or US for easy recognition.

– Step 3: Make sure you got the nearby thingy setting activated! Screen 2

It’s tested and works like a charm! Enjoy!
Edit: Remember you should see the other players “nearby” at the bottom of your friend list like this: Screen 3

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