Titanfall Gooser Challenge Tips

Titanfall Gooser Challenge Tips by Mintykanesh

Note For those of you who don’t know the Gooser Challenge is required to advance onto prestige level 6. You need to kill 50 enemy pilots while they are ejecting.

Having looked through the advice on reddit I found that while much of it was accurate and helpful, it wasn’t really optimal. Here is my advice to complete the Gooser Challenge as easily as possible.

  • Play last titan standing. There’s no need to be waiting around for titans.
  • Your primary source of Gooser kills is shooting ejecting pilots from within your titan. It is significantly easier and produces more consistent results than primarily going for rodeos. I would recommend the Ogre or Atlas as you will likely need to be aiming at the sky under fire. If your titan is destroyed and the opportunity presents itself only then go for a rodeo. If going for a rodeo follow FrothyOmen’s advice:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfYb0Ap_mkI
  • Use the arc cannon only until you have completed the arc cannon challenges which you also need to complete. After this point use the chaingun with an extended mag. I have found it significantly more effective than the arc cannon. You get more than one shot on the target so can adjust your aim, unlike with the arc cannon. Its max range is also greater than the arc cannon’s, which is very helpful.
  • If you end up on a server where most of the enemy team is using stealth on their ejections then leave and find a new server. Stealth makes it much harder to spot pilots so don’t just sit there with an inappropriate enemy team. The same goes if the enemy team really hate hitting the eject button. If your team is bad again, leave. You need to be selfish to get this done so go and find the best server you can.
  • Stay outside. You want to be outside with your opponent outside. If you go inside you can’t see the sky and you will lure enemy titans inside where they cannot eject properly. Go outside and try to block off entrances to covered areas.
  • Be mindful of the location of the sun or bright areas of the sky. Try to avoid having a pilot eject in front of this part of the sky as they will be much harder to see. In other words, you want this part of the sky behind you or to your side. This isn’t always possible though – if you have a chance take it.
  • If an enemy titan is doomed, stop shooting it. Give the enemy a chance to eject. Use your shields as they will probably be trying to kill you.
  • Watch your ammo. You don’t need to last hit a titan so if there are allies around often it is best to let them finish it off while you reload or wait. If there aren’t consider using your ordinance or punch, or reload before finishing them off.
  • DON’T use auto eject. I have made lots of gooser kills while my own titan was doomed.
  • Accept that occasionally you will have to just focus on destroying enemy titans. If six enemy titans are together and all are firing in your direction, aiming at the sky isn’t going to go well. Thin out the ranks and then try for gooser kills. Go for stragglers.
  • Avoid using your core ability when pilots are ejecting. The screen tint isn’t going to make spotting pilots easier.
  • Try to avoid getting shot. It seems obvious but if you’re being shot at your aim will be knocked off. Sticking with teammates helps in this regard a lot.

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