Titanfall Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Titanfall Beginner’s Guide and Tips by Uncle Le


Hey guys , Titan Fall is only hours  away from release ,and I know you guys are eagerly waiting for it. I make this early guide to help you guys s you prepare and start pwning and instilling fears asap.  This guide will be in 3 parts. 1st we will go over the foundations and pitfalls of gaming posture. This first part will help you become a better FPS gamer not just Titan Fall. 2nd We will discuss gaming hardware. Then 3rd we will talk about the FPS mechanics of Titan Fall based on my experience with the beta. Keep in mind the game mechanics might be different at release and I will update this guide later ; however, this guide should still give you a good grasp of the game basic mechanics and help you start strong. I hope this guide will make the game more enjoyable to you.

Part 1

Foundations Posture

In this part I will talk about some basic yet often neglected  steps that will help you improve your FPS skills.

A) Body Posture

Key principle: Tension equals inaccuracy

How do you sit when gaming? Does your sitting cause you to ache and sore or even sharp pains in your gaming session. Sit up straight don’t bend your spine and neck and be mindful of the tension in your body. Loosen your shoulder. Don’t neglect this part because tension in the body will cause tension in the mind to missing shots to feeling salty to rage quit to smashing your computer/console ,well, maybe not that far but you get the point.

B) Arm Placement (PC)

How do place you arm , especially your aiming arm ? Without proper arm rest your arm will not get enough circulation and you will get tensed and will start hurting.

Look at picture 1

and 2

these are examples of bad arm placements. In these 2 examples the arm and the elbow ( one main pivot point in FPS game ) is not supported, and the arm will get tensed. It’s very hard to play at your full potential with these poor arm placements.

In picture 3
the arm is supported and are kept as an almost horizontal level. The elbow is supported well also, so it can act as one main pivot point during aiming besides your wrist. Try to set up your gaming area so that your arm is supported by the arm of your chair of a arm supporter such as this one: http://www.amazon.com/Ergonomic-Adjustable-Computer-Extender-YELLOW/dp/B00EPRX8WG/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1394281910&sr=8-8&keywords=arm+rest

C) Arm Oxygen Flows

Have you ever seen those concert pianist constantly lifting their arms and hands in an elegant way? They don’t just do that to impress the audience but it also to allows oxygen to flow through the arm hands to release tensions. After some intense fire fights try to lift your hand up slightly from your mouse or take it away from the controller tilt down and shake lightly and also wiggle your fingers to loosen the hand. This will promote circulation , ease tension and help your accuracy a lot.

D) Eyes strain

Some people say getting a gaming glasses help them reduce eyes strain. I haven’t tried one myself but if you are sitting on  a PC there is a free software called f.lux that helps me reduce eyes strain during long session on the pc. Try it out , it’s free anyways.


Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any potential damage done to your system. Try the programs I suggest in this guide at your own risk

E) Mind

Smile. Have some fun. When you smile you ease tension in your mind and the task you are doing become more enjoyable. After all life is fragile and unpredictable , lets cultivate more enjoyments in this moment with a simple smile.

Part 2:

Hardware Setup

A) Mouse (PC)

If you still rocking a basic optical mouse and hope to do well in FPS , do yourself a favor and get a gaming mouse asap. Steel Series, Roccat, Razer , Corsair … all make good products; however don’t just  buy a mouse that is popular , try it out first to see how it fits your hand. Don’t be swayed by the DPI rating , you don’t need crazy high DPI. You will be fine even at 1800 DPI with a high quality mouse. Make sure to disable window mouse accelerator .  You can use this file on the following link which is what I did and it worked wonderfully for me. Simply follow the instruction on this link  http://donewmouseaccel.blogspot.com/2010/03/markc-windows-7-mouse-acceleration-fix.html  .Also get a gaming mouse pad if you don’t have one. I currently use Steel Series Qck which I bought for $7 , and it was one of the best gaming investment I made.

B) Monitor/TV

If you are playing on console make sure you get a TV that has low input lag and high refresh rate . Research for a brand and model .There are plenty of articles discussing this topic. If you are on a PC , get a gaming monitor with more than 60 Hz if you can. I often hear people say how the human eyes cannot see more then 60 fps so gaming monitor is a waste of money . Well, they are wrong. I could definitely see the difference beyond 60 FPS but most importantly I can FEEL the difference. There is definitely a difference of how your mouse feel at 60FPS vs 90FPS. Being able to display more frames will give you a better advantage.

C) Sound

Ideally it would be nice if we all can setup a 5.1 surround system to easily identify threats ,but most of us can’t , so we have to rock a pair of headset. Generally speaking I found gaming headsets that label themselves as having 5.1 and 7.1 surround capability to be bad. I recommend a solid pair of stereo studio quality headphone with good a sound stage. They perform just as well if not better then these gaming surround headsets ,but they are also great  for listening to music as well.

D) Video Settings (PC)

Generally speaking if you want to be very competitive, run the game on all low and turn off AA , V sync , put texture filtering in your GPU control panel to performance. If you have Nvidia make sure to set your power management to prefer maximum performance. I like to look at pretty games too but I don’t have a beast computer so I just find a middle ground between performance and graphic. I will say though , AA and V sync generally produce input lags in games so I leave those off for FPS. Thankfully Titan Fall is not that demanding. Whatever you do , I recommend set your game up in a way that gives you at least 60fps consistently . You can check your fps with Fraps. Last but not least , update your driver regularly.


Part 3

Titan Fall Quick Tips

General tips:

– glance at the mini map often and form a mental picture of where you are relating to other threats and allies on the field using the mini map

– don’t just reload after a kill if you have plenty of ammo left. Hold that reload. Make a mantra and say to yourself ” hold the reload” . Check for potential threat and get to a safe spot then reload. On a PC, You can also bind the sidearm weapon to your side mouse button for quick access of the side arm and have your thumb ready at the side button as you reload your main weapon.

– be aware of covers and don’t run in the middle of the street unless you are cloaked. I picked off so many people who often exposed themselves needlessly.

– stand back a little from a window , check the sides. Shoot out of the window with minimum body exposure. Don’t just stand right in the middle of the window with no space in between.

– Save Cloaking for fire fights and running through open area.

– use grenades

Pilot weapon tips

– Weapons in titan fall have almost no recoil so it’s not hard to compensate for recoils. Weapons can be equipped with a silencer which I think is OP in the beta. From what I can tell there is very little penalty for equipping silencer. With a silencer equipped you can farm minions and pilots without showing up in the mini map this will give you a very , very powerful advantage over those people who don’t have a silencer. As soon as they shoot to farm for minions you know where they are and can react accordingly.

– Smart pistol is a very good way of farm minions. If you caught someone off guard and waiting for a lock on , don’t fire too early. This weapon take out the skills needed to pick off someone who is parkouring fast if you just follow them and lock on. Quite ridiculous.

– The carbine (r-101C) is the most well rounded weapon in the beta and probably will be a very good weapon in the main game as well. It is very fast and accurate , I can pick off people from across the map with this weapon. Even with a silencer on this weapon remains accurate and deadly. It has a pretty bad hip fire accuracy though so don’t hip fire it unless you are very close to the enemy and in a pinch.

– The shotgun Eva 8d is no doubt very powerful at close range. It has good hip fire accuracy and can even pick off target who is not very close you quite accurately. Again with silencer this weapon is very deadly .This weapon is not very good for farming minions without a suppressor because you don’t have a lot of ammo so you can’t pick off that many before alerting another pilot .

– R97 compact SMG is deadly in close quarter and have decent hip fire. However it lacks accuracy at range. It bounces quite a lot at medium to far range. I will need to play around with this more .

Dealing with Titan as Pilots Tips

– you can use the rocket launcher, sidewinder , to deal big damage to the Titans . Rocket takes a bit to lock on and the Titan can hide or find you while sidewinder deal small damage immediately . Depending on your play style I prefer to side winder because I can quickly deal damage then hide away immediately.

– if you rodeo a Titan with a pilot make sure to jump away AS SOON as the titan kneels because the pilot will be out looking for you.

– use emp grenades to blind titans and pilots.

Titan tips

– generally don’t engage another Titan if you are outnumbered. Have a wing man .

– i found burst cannon damage to be very high but it’s hard to hunt for pilots with this gun.

– chain gun is excellent for hunting pilots and minions buy it doesn’t do much damage to titans. -If you near group of minions closed together and you are in a Titan , don’t waste your ammo to shoot them. Simply run them all over. Conclusion I hope this guide is helpful to you. I will be updating this guide once the game is out. I will also be streaming at launch night on twitch. http://www.twitch.tv/unclele Come chill with me and have some fun if you want. Peace!

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