Titanfall Advanced Tips

Titanfall Advanced Tips by Achzay

Looking to create a simple and advanced list of tips and tactics. Here’s some things Ive found and can think of while I’m not playing. Some are repeats and some are new. Anyone with new ones feel free to add.

-Fully charged charge rifle kills pilots in one shot. Great for taking out camping snipers across the map.

-In LTS having one pilot up high sniping titans with charge rifle almost always results in a win. Charge rifle is the eater of shields. This keeps groups of enemy titans from advancing on your allies and gives your team the opportunity to push forward and take down health.

-Make sure to aim for red parts on titans. Critical hits do major damage, especially with pilots’ anti titan weaponry.

-Adding a silencer to your weapon makes it so you kill in one additional bullet. This rule of thumb does not apply to the smart pistol. Smart pistol is a three shot kill from all ranges, doing 67 damage.

-When using the smart pistol don’t wait for the locks to go from yellow to red. Once you see the third lock acquire you can pull the trigger and get the instakill. This is especially helpful during combat head on with other pilots where split seconds matter.

-R-97 with scatterfire is the hip fire king. Beats everything close range. With the exception of being one shotted with a shotty up close.

-Leadwall is the best attachment for the shotgun since it gives you better accuracy which results in making more contact on targets at range, slight increasing the distance you can get shots that do major damage.

-When wallrunning you don’t have to continue running in one direction, you can turn around mid run.

-Nothing beats titan chaingun and cannon for damage per second. The other titan weapons aren’t as effective in dooming.

-When engaging in titan on titan fights, save you ordinance for when you reload since this is when enemies will try to retreat to replenish shield. Taking pot shots with homing missiles keeps enemies shields down until you have a full clip

-If you have a knack for flanking enemy titans who stay in the background relatively still trying to snipe, sneak up behind them and unleash smoke and a cluster missile. This does massive damage if they can’t get out fast. Ogres especially vulnerable.

-ADSing the carbine up close beats hip firing. The carbine’s hip fire is decent but it pales in comparison to almost all other guns. You can get the kill extremely fast if you ADS the carbine up close, which makes up for not being very mobile.

-Don’t forget about your sidearms. These can drop pilots quick when accurate, espcially when they have been wounded. Wingman is a killer. Two shot kill, with a hip fire that’s better than the smgs, so if you can follow a moving target, don’t bother ADS.

-When rodeoing a titan until its doom, the ejecting pilot will ALWAYS be in front and slightly below you.

-When being rodeo’d disembark, turn around jump and kick for a OHK on that cowboy.

-When rodeoing a titan and the pilot disembarks jump off, throw a satchel in front of the titan and detonate.

-Call your titan down on kneeling titans, be it auto titans or titans in the animation of picking up their pilot.

-Beat down pilots in the animation of entering their titans. THEY ARE NOT INVINCIBLE during this animation. Too many people wait for them to enter to engage. When you see a pilot running for his titan follow and beat his buns.

-If you don’t use your tactical ability constantly, its not worth taking the power cell. Chances are you’ll have it when needed. Quick reload and run n gun are very useful on loadouts, so pick your perks wisefully.

-Bunnyhop. This is when you jump right after landing. You will not lose momentum.

-Burst fire your SMG when engaging enemeies outside your range. This greatly increases your chances of getting the kill before having to reload and letting that pilot get away.

-On the map overlook, there is a main corridor where all the action takes place. You can wall run around all the walls to get a good height above titans and pilots. Equip the smartpistol and get to a good height and wall hang and lock on to enemies running down this hallway for easy kills. People never look up, especially when its not a rooftop.

-On the map Rise, if you can’t cap the flag in less than twenty seconds than you aren’t wall running enough.

-Longbow DMR sniper is a two shot kill. Although using this gun kills most mobility so prepare to play stationary.

Questions? Anyone have good strategies for the mag launcher? This weapon does not do enough damage, and has such a small clip. Only benefit i know of is that it allows to you to fire from behind cover. Hemlock, whats the flipping point? Looks cool but it absolutely sucks in comparison. Yes people can do well with it but those are dedicated burst lovers. They will always be able to do better with the carbine, so I ask you what does it excel at?

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