Yulgang 2 Farm System Guide

Yulgang 2 Farm System Guide by Ouvertur


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Yulgang Farm: Introduction

1.       Every player will be able to create their own farm. To access your farm, click the icon that looks like a House from the bar in the top left corner of the screen, it’s called the Yulgang Farm Icon. Press Alt(hold) if you are using the First-person Mode to reveal out the mouse pointer.


2.       Once after you have clicked the Yulgang Farm Icon, a pop up window will appear asking “Will you enter Yulgang Farm?”, click confirm. Then the game will teleport your character in to your farm.


3.       Here is an overview of the farm..

97vj.png iwgp.png

xsnp.png 0d6p.png

This is the overall map of your farm.


In total, you will be given seven (7) islands where you can construct your farm and structures. Each island has different lot areas.

Yulgang Farm: NPCs

In Yulgang Farm, there are NPCs that can help you to create your farm.

1. Farm Manager


The Farm Manager is where you can buy the basic tools and items you need to create your farm.

She will also be the one to help you to start your farm.

2.  Warehouse Manager


The Warehouse Manager is where you can deposit your excess items or withdraw your previously deposited items whenever you need it.

3. General Store Seller


The General Store Seller is where you can buy other basic goods not used in farming.

4. Fabrication Manager


The Fabrication Manger is where you can fabricate ingredients you have collected from your farm for fabricating weapons, armors, ornaments, potions, orbs, etc.

Yulgang Farm: Creating a Farm

1.  Talk to the Farm Manager by clicking her, a pop up window will appear. Click the Create a Farm among the choices then prompt window will appear.


2. This prompt window will state the requirements in creating your farm. When you meet the requirements needed, click Creating Farm. Then ashort animation of the place will happen that tell you that your farm have been made. You can now start managing your farm.



  1. Level 20 Character
  2. 1 Gold Coin

Yulgang Farm: Farm Management Tool Bar

To help you manage your farm, the feature has a Farm Management Tool Bar. This tool bar has all the necessary tools you need from demolishing, constructing, and harvesting on your farm.

It is located just above your Hotkey Bars in the bottom center of your screen.


1. Hammer Tool

This tool gives you the ability to demolish obstacles on your land such as trees and rock to clear, or harvest these minerals and use them toconstruct your farm.


1.1 Using Hammer Tool

a.       When you click it with Left Mouse Button (LMB). This brings your camera view in to aerial perspective view of your farm which you can Pan (press and hold middle mouse button), Zoom in (roll middle mouse button forward), and Zoom out (roll middle mouse button backward) to help you navigate your whole farm. (to be edited later due to untranslated texts)


b.   Aside from changing the view port of your camera, hammer tool can also be used to harvest minerals such as logs and rocks that you need to construct a structure.


4ip1.png Log icon represents the trees you can harvest for logs.

8bnt.png Rock Icon represents the rocks you can harvest for minerals.

pt6x.png Farm Extension Icon represents the condition or requirements you have to  meet before you can open the island which extends your farm.

                  Trees and Rocks Quest Icon represents a quest that you have to   4ip1.png 8bnt.png   meet before you can harvest these logs and minerals.

c.       Before you start harvesting. First you must buy some Axes and Pickaxes from the Farm Manager. Talk to her and then click Buy Farm Tools.


d.       A window will pop out where you can buy farm stuffs, sell, or repurchase items.


e.       These are the items you will need to purchase to start harvesting logs and minerals in your farm.

gf4f.png 9sk0.png


f.       To purchase these items, right click on them and then input the amount you want to purchase then click confirm, then clickpurchase. The items will then appear in your inventory.


g.) When you’re done, you can now start harvesting. Click the Hammer Tool from your Farm Managing Tool Bar to change



camera view into aerial view.

h.       Click on the Log Icons or Rock Icons to start harvesting. After you clicked, the icons will change into a small window with a process bar indicating that harvesting is in process. It also has the indicator which tells how many times you can harvest from that tree or rock (i.e. the tree in the screenshot that is being harvested is 2/7 times you can harvest)


l.       When the process is done, the process window will change in to an axe when you harvest logs and pickaxe for harvesting minerals, then an animation will happen that tells you that the process is done. The four (4) squares in the left side tells the history of yourharvesting from when you have visited your farm on that day without leaving your farm.


J.       All items you have harvested will be in your inventory. Press I to check them.


2. Building/Structure Purchase Tool


This tool gives you access to the lists of buildings and structure you can purchase and construct  in your farm.

2.1 Using Building/Structure Purchase Tool

a.            When you click this tool, a pop up window will appear. In this window, is a lists of  buildings and structures available for you topurchase and construct.

These varies from  Fabrication buildingsFunction BuildingDecoration Structures, and Event Structures.

5ktr.png w10g.png yxlh.png apbn.png

b.            when you hover your  mouse pointer on an icon  from the lists, a new window will appear beside it.

In this new window are  information about that   building/structure.

There are descriptionsConstruction Required Ingredients, Products Information, and Store Sale.


c.   As you can notice, there are icons that are colored and in grey. Colored icons indicate that you can purchase  and construct that structure or building and the grey icons indicated structures and building you cannot purchase or construct yet.


d. To be able to access the structures and building with  grey icons, first you must consider the requirements needed in order to purchase and construct them.

These  are listed beside each icons of each structure. In this list are Character Level RequirementsMoney RequirementsLogs and Minerals Requirements, and  time to construct them.


e.  You will also notice that there is an opaque square beneath it, this indicates whether  you can construct that building or structure in that space of your farm land.

Green means you can and red means you can’t.

All buildings you have constructed will have green square beneath them, it is the structure’s total area occupied after it is constructed.


e.             Once you have all the requirements needed, you can now purchase and construct it in  your farm.

Click a colored building icon, your camera view will then change into aerial view of your farm.


f.    The structure or building you have  selected to construct will  hover along with your mouse pointer. You will notice that it is  a little faded, it indicated that it   hasn’t been constructed or put  in to place, this tells you that you have to decide where to put it.


g.  You will also notice that there is an opaque square beneath it, this indicates whether  you can construct that building or structure in that space of your farm land.

Green means you can and red means you can’t.

All buildings you have constructed will have green square beneath them, it is the structure’s total area occupied after it is constructed.


h.   Once you have decided  where to construct your structure, press right click.

An  option bar will appear beside  your structure. In this bar,  you have the option to move, re-orient, and sell your  buildings or structures.


i.  Then click the icon that looks like a yellowish  brown circle or ring to start constructing.

A small  square window will appear on the top of your building or structure indicating that a construction is on progress.

Now, you will just have to wait for it to finish.

Note that each  building and structure has their own  construction duration, some may take longer than others.


3.  Village Management Tool


This tool is used for tracking your progress in your farm and helps you manage your land  easily.

3.1 Using Village Management Tool

a.       When you click this tool, a pop up window will appear. In this window are two (2) tabs with lists in them.

These lists are called Arrange and Decorate.

You will also see from these lists are information about your buildings and structure such as the number in hand, point, and total.

You can also click these icons to locate a building immediately.


Don’t mind the screen shot everything is in English now.

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