Yulgang 2 Beast Level and Evolution Guide

Yulgang 2 Beast Level and Evolution Guide by Mangwanjin

1. Construct a Beast Depot.


***** Note:Requirements:
– 30 pcs. of wood
– 30 pcs. of stone
– lvl 20 character
– 1 gold


2. Then click your Farm Management Tool and Locate your Beast Depot.


3. Once in aerial view of your farm, you will notice that your Beast Depot has an icon on above it.



4. You can right click (RMB) this to open its Beast Management Store.


5. You will then have put your beast/s in the available slot for Beast management.


******Note: Only one(1) available slot can be used for now.******


6. Once you put it in the beast management store, the icon above the Beast Depot will change, indicating that your Beast is in your Beast Depot.


7. You will now be able to breed your beast, left click on the beast icon to open the Breed Window.


8. In the Growth Tab are the lists of foods you can feed to your pet which gives them EXP to level them fast.


***** Note: These foods can be acquired randomly when harvesting woods and stones, it can also be grown in your farm Plantation *****

9. In the Evolve Tab are the lists of requirement to evolve your beast.


***** Note: These Evolve stones can be acquired randomly through harvesting trees and stones, you can also acquire these from Production buildings in your farm.*****

10. Watch your happy pet as he is not being used in battle for his owner’s personal gain.


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