Hearthstone Warrior Rank 10 Easy Deck

Hearthstone Warrior Rank 10 Easy Deck by barret

Hey Guys,

Just posting my warrior deck on here for easy wins. I made this deck today and was able to burn through the lower ranks with only 1 (or 2) legendaries.

x2 Inner Rage
x2 Whirlwind
x1 Leper Gnome
x2 Fiery War Axe
x2 Heroic Strike
x2 Rampage
x1 Cruel Taskmaster
x2 Knife Juggler
x2 Loot Hoarders
x1 Wild Pyromancer
x2 Charge (Spell)
x1 Shield Block
x1 Acolyte Of Pain
x2 Ranging Worgen
x1 Mortal Strike (because I only have one)
x2 Kor’kron Elite
x2 Arcanite Reaper
x2 Argent Commander
x1 Baron Geddon

The deck practically plays itself, the toughest part is knowing what to keep against what class. The core combo is Rampage, Ranging Worgen, Inner Rage* and Charge. 8 Mana to use these 4 cards together to do 22 damage to an opponent as long as they don’t have taunt. With everyone seeming to run tempo and no more defender of argus, I was able to cheese my way up to rank 10.

I can go more in depth if you guys need me to but its pretty much before turn 8, you just gotta drop guys and deal 8 damage to your opponent. Against certain match-ups just play the opponent, example against rouge there is no need to go for her face because she will most likely bring herself down to 22 damage with her hero power, against warlock, murlock, don’t try to combo just out tempo them and beat them with whirlwind.

You also want to play the game normal, just keep hurting them and control as much as possible. The other cards that help trigger worgen are whirlwind and the pyro, so if u need to don’t be afraid to use inner fire to kill an enemy.

There are some tips and tricks I can give you guys if u need it, just ask. Feedback is welcome as well as results.

EDIT: Didn’t add the thing about the second legendary, if you have him, Ragnaros works well in place of shield block. I also think that another Mortal Strike would work well in here but I can’t test it so I wouldn’t know what to replace.

Good Luck!

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