Hearthstone Hunter Important Tips

Hearthstone Hunter Important Tips by TwoSidedCoin

a) First of all, let me share a well balanced deck:
2x Flare
2x Timber Wolf
2x Explosive Trap
1x Freezing Trap
1x Snake Trap
2x Misdirection
2x Unleash the Hounds
2x Ironbreak Owl
2x Scavenging Hyena
2x Starving Buzzard
2x Eaglehorn Bow
2x Animal Companion
2x Deadly Shot
1x Multi Shot
1x Leeroy Jenkins
1x Explosive Shot
2x Savvanah Highmare
1x Gladiator’s Longbow

b) Bug report: 
1)You will face the “cards on hand” bug multiple times because of the combos. Sometimes might get fixed after chatting with your opponent after trying to play the card you want several times.
2)If you place Misdirection and then Explosive Trap see what happens: The target attacks another target. Before he attacks Explosive Trap will get activated. If the minion has less than 3 hp, it dies and therefor, Misdirection has been wasted.
3)Never use Freezing Trap with Explosive Trap or Misdirection. No matter the order they were placed, they will both get activated.
4)Misdirecting your opponents minion on his hero while he has a weapon, the minion will take his weapon’s damage. Use this one on your favor.

c) Fun Problems (solutions at the bottom) :
1)Your opponent (Mage) has: 1 minion with 1 Health, 1 minion with 2 Health and 5 minions with 3 Health on the battlefield (all of them have Taunt). He has 3 HP.
You have (as Hunter): No minions on the battlefield. A 3/1 Eaglehorn Bow ready to attack. 1 Unleash The Hounds and 2 Timber Wolves on hand. You have 1 hp left.

d) Comments on Unleash the Hounds buff: 
1) If you are trying to go aggro on a hunter by spamming weak minions(f.e. Murloc deck) you might find yourself in a bad position. He will either Buzzard+UtH or worse, if you are unlikely to have strong removal in your hand(f.e. no cards on hand) buff up a Hyena. It’s your fault for building up a weak deck.
2) The mana cost has not imbalanced the game. In fact, it has balanced it. Hunter decks that were rarely used in the past, are popular now. Your losing streak does not mean you are losing to the -2 UtH mana cost. In fact, you are losing to your ignorance against your opponent’s deck. Play his deck, learn it, and beat it. The only way to win in this game is to learn each Hero’s capabilities.
3) If you do have played 2 minions and he has used 2x Unleash the Hounds he’s either desperate or you’ve let yourself get low enough on hp to get one shot. If you don’t survive this round you lost, else your chances of winning have been increased significantly.

e) Combos:
1) UtH + Buzzard=draw power+wave clear
2)UtH + Hyena=strong minion+wave clear
3)UtH + timberwolf (+ Leeroy Jekins for extra 10-12 damage)= damage on enemy hero
Explanation worth pointing out: Leeroy will summon 2 1/1 minions for your opponent. That means that your UtH will summon 2 extra dogs.
Total damage after Leeroy + UtH : 8, + 1 for each minion he has, plus 1 for each minion you have after summoning timberwolf (x2 timberwolves = 2 damage for each minion you have)

f) Maths will save you. UtH are 1/1 minions so quite flexible when it comes to sacrificing them when it comes to taking down a huge minion. 
Steps before playing anything:
1) Count the total damage you can deal this round (all possibilities) while double checking your mana costs.
2) Count the total of your opponent’s taunt minions’ health + his health. If it fits double check and go for it. Else follow the step below.
3) Do you have a combo in your hand? Is it worth it playing it now or can it wait 1 more round for an extra timberwolf or more of your opponent’s minions? Should you keep getting him low? Place a trap maybe just in case? Think all of the above and act accordingly. Try to use your mana at its full potential.

g) Match-ups:
1) Warrior: A bit underplayed after the nerf of his OTK, don’t you think? Manipulate his minions and keep them low with traps while partying with longhorn bow. Go for Buzzard combo. Always hero ability his armor.
2)Shaman: Buzzard combo ideally. Explosive trap him at turn 4. You will definitely need an owl later on. Hyena will most likely be useless here and Gladiator’s Longbow your best friend.
3)Rogue: Trap him to death. Then combo him to death. Then trap him to death again.
4)Paladin: Hyena combo (he lacks single target burst) . Misdirection will have a 50% chance of countering his early game. Owl on Tyrion so much fun.
5)Hunter: You can easily counter the popular Hunter decks out there atm with the one i gave you but you will have to use your brain.
6)Druid: Deadly shot will save you. Keep hand full and trap/eaglehorn.
7)Warlock: Is he rushing? You won. If he’s playing giant deck u’ll need a deadly shot on first hand and pause doing damage when he’s about at 15 hp. Silence his taunt and one shot him.
8)Mage: Don’t waste your flares. After your 1st highmane on the battlefield you should be fine. Hero Ability 24/7.
9)Priest: Rage Quit asap. If you don’t want to, use owls wisely, dont give him chances of drawing cards and pray for a 4/4 taunt from Animal Companion on early game.

h) Answers to problems above:
1) The only way to solve the problem is to cast UtH before anything else. You will have 7 1/1 minions. If you played timber wolf before it, there would be no space for the 7th 1/1 doggy. Now that you have 7 1/1s sacrifice 1 of them to get his 1 health Taunt. Now, you both have 6 minions. Play one of your timber wolves on your 7th slot and sacrifice one more minion (2/1 now) on his 2 health minion taunt. Play your second timber wolf now. You should have 5 minions 3/1 with charge + 2 timber wolves. Your opponent has 5 minions with 3 health and taunt. Exchange minions. Finally, deal the finishing blow with your eaglehorn.

Please comment ideas, problems and impressions below.
Thanks for reading.

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