Aura Kingdom Sorc/Wiz Build

Aura Kingdom Sorc/Wiz Build by bnafata


IGN : Allexy
Server : Siren
Guild : DOMINO

Im build PvE(dungeon) but not bad in PvP, I’ve try to against other job and 80% i win (same level/same equipment class)

To the Point
Offensive Build
DMG – Don’t build DMG type, because not affect DoT(Damage over Time)
Crit – When Speed more than 30%
SPD – Definitely speed more important, because affect DoT, 10% speed affect 0.9 DoT, 30% 0.8 DoT, im never touch 75% speed @.@
Note : better not 30%, but more than 30% at least 32-35%
Defensive Build
HP – if your Def is high already
Def – Definitely its your stats build
Eva – No, no, no Sorcerer is not effective if you stats eva, I’ve try this build and not going well, low def,low HP in dungeon boss hit 80-90% into your HP

Best Secret Stone for AoE skill
I choose “Destroying” secret stone i need great critical damage DoT/AoE effect
I tested in Wrathbone Dungeon solo mode, my critical very helpfull when in solo/party mode, high critical damage, fast casting skill, fast kill monster, fast kill all bosses.

[OLD]this is my envoy path

[NEW] build status & envoy path

Note :
Red Line box = Important must be first
Blue Line box= Secondary
Orange Line box = etc

Weapon :
1.Codex First Village [ at least Damage +135%]
2. Mina Staff of almigty [ at least Damage +130%]
if you are rich farmer buy Damage + 140% both weapon, because yellow weapon better than green weapon Lv. 60 Damage+120%
note : yellow/green weapon = grade item

Divine Grace Set

Accessory :
Ring/Necklace/Back – Still use Mercenary set
Trophy – Argus Stone Heart/Toto’s Water Blade

note : you can buy/crafting lv.50 to get better defense and more powerfull

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