Aura Kingdom Guardian Basic Guide

Aura Kingdom Guardian Basic Guide by Drphail

Hello guys this is my first time making a guide on Aura Kingdom, im sorry for my english it can be a little bad some times but i try to do my best. If you have anything to add to my guide or think something isnt right comment on it and il change it.

This is guide will be more of a guideline than a YOU MUST FOLLOW THIS! guide play as you like to play a character and most of all have FUN!

What is a Guardian?

According to the wiki:In the hands of a Guardian, armor and a shield are as much a weapon as a sword. These steel-clad strategists can withstand the mightiest of blows, keeping enemies busy while their team goes all-out.

A Guardian is the tank class in Aura Kingdom.
This means u will have a great advantage while questing you can take multiple enemys without dying fast so this means u could do quests faster than most other classes.

In Dungeons u will be the guy standing face to face with the boss u will take all the hits and make sure you keep the aggro. (make sure the boss will only attack you and not your party members)


In Aura Kingdom u gain status points each time u level up you can spend these points in offensive and defensive status.
Offensive stats are: Damage, Critical, Speed
Defensive stats are: Hitpoints, Defence, Evasion


Damage or DMG is a status that makes u hit higher.
as a tank you want to hit high but this is not one of the most important skills so keep this for on your equipments.

Critical or CRIT is a status that will raise your chance of getting a critical hit with regular attacks, skills, and periodic damage affects. Also not the most important thing a guardian needs so keep this one aswell on the equipments.

Speed or SPD is a status that will increase your attack speed and decrease your cooldowntime on skills. This means u can hit faster and do more skills, this is (in my opinion) the best way to go for a Guardian because u need to do alot of skills to get a good aggro and to keep it.


Hitpoints or HP is the status that will increase your hitpoints and the out of combat regeneration of hitpoints. This is (in my opinion) the best way to go for a Guardian because u can simply max out defence with your equipment and as guardian u want to get hit in the face often so u need to have as mutch HP as possible.

Defence or DEF is a skill that makes you more sustainable to enemy hits this is a good skill for a Guardian because u need to get defence to last longer but in aura kingdom its so easy to get alot of defence from your gear that you should not invest (in my opinion) any status points in defence.

Evansion or EVA makes it so you will get less hits this is a nice status but dont use any points in it you wont need it that mutch so keep it on your equips.

Second classes

In aura Kingdom you can choose a second class on lvl 40 your second class can be any class exept for you main class

So as a Guardian u can choose the following classes or weapons as its also called:

Dual Blades [Duelist]
Dual Axes [Ravager]
Dual Pistols [Gunslinger]
Cannon [Grenadier]
Staff [Wizard]
Magic Book [Sorcerer]
Harp [Bard]

Ofcourse you are allowed to choose any of these but some of them are (in my opinion) better than others

The bard uses a harp to play nice tunes and is a nice choise because as a bard u can heal your self and your allies, also you can improve your and your allies Status with buffs. This makes the bard a great choise when your into PVE

The ravager uses a two handed axe to shread trough multiple enemys at once does makes him a good choise if u want to do a nice piece of damage to multiple enemies. Also ravagers get an AoE stun, which is always a bonus.

The dualist uses dual blades, this is a high single target damage dealer and has the ability to lower enemys defence, this is a good choise if u want to do good single enemy damage.

Envoy Path

The envoy path is a kind of skill tree that mostly consist out passive abillitys
I will show you a nice way to lay out this path (my opinion)

Malicous stance:
get 50% extra malice. This one is very nice for tanking because u need malice to keep the boss or the enemy’s intrest on you.

Brute force:
20% of your def add to damage. do i have to add something to this? more damage means more malice means more aggro.

Then make sure you have the damage paths and the attack speed paths for everything else you could go to crit or something you like your self.

This is my path of envoy.

Ultimate skills

Ultimate skills are things that enchance your skills for Guardian i mostly focused on hitpoints, speed and attack with my ultimates there really is no best ultimate setting in my opinion because this greatly comes from your play stile.

Well thats it for now guys if you have anything to add to this guide or to change just comment below and keep in mind its my first time to do a guide on aura kingdom let me know what you think of it ! (maybe more guides to come if this goes well)

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