Yitien Checkpoint Guide

Yitien Checkpoint Guide by pinkpunkpanda4evr

Now, I will start off by saying any and all of my Guides are from the point-of-view of someone playing the game without VIP, so I’m sorry VIP players if my Guides are not as helpful to you.

Checkpoint is a mini game that you can play up to 3 times in total per day. Even though you aren’t racing to be the first to the end, many things can happen on the board that can grant you rewards or work against you. You should play Checkpoint while waiting or doing other things in Yitien, as you have to wait about 5 minutes between turns.

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1. To move your character, just click to roll the dice. It rolls for a minute, and then moves your player for you.

2. You can see a list of the other players on your board game and their characters on their places. If you land on another player or they land on you, you two fight and the winner gets to stay on the spot (and if it’s a special spot, you activate it after the battle). Losing sends you back to the beginning.

3. If you land on a fist, you can play rock-paper-scissors against the ‘Master’. If you draw, you go again, and if you win, you get an Essence Orbworth 1,000 Essence (basically one spin).

4. If you land on a treasure chest, you have the option to receive a random stone, usually lvl 1 or lvl 2.

5. If you land on a sword, you fight a few thieves for silver and exp.

6. Landing on the special Nimbus Square (yes, I gave it a name) will send you to the square it connects to, automatically passing over 10 squares.

7. This is the Last Square; the great treasure! Your goal is to get here for even greater rewards.

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1. A skill book (usually between 1-4 but may be higher if you’re lucky) is granted to you.

2. You also win a random amount of Vouchers between 1-99.

3. Just click the knob, and watch the two different slots spin! Your skill book and vouchers are placed in your inventory, and if you still have Checkpoints to do, you can immediately start a new game.

Hope my Guide was helpful, and thank you for reading!

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