Hearthstone Priest Rush Rank 4 Deck

Hearthstone Priest Rush Rank 4 Deck by Paul

I was rank #89 legendary last season. I ran Druid. This season I’ve been running every single class and flip-flopping around with different sorts of decks. I occasionally play control Priest at my rank, but I’m really enjoying this new variant that I’ve brewed up.

I was really stuck at rank 4 with 1 star and about to rank down. I shot up to rank 3 with 4 stars today with this deck and I could probably keep going if I were to stay up all night.

*This deck is tried and tested. I’ve shared it with a couple legendary-rank friends who I’ve beaten with it in ranked mode.*

There are two variants. One is the tried-and-true variant, and the other is my test variant that I’m not 100% sure on. I’ll list both. The only difference is the test version is running two shadowforms instead of ragnaros & a blademaster. I also want to test a single shadow madness in the place of one of the shadowforms.

*Note: The deck requires a bit of skill. Don’t pump a 4/5 to a 5/6 when playing against priest. Don’t drop a 3/2 on swamp ooze on board against a warrior with no equips in play unless if you have a good play to back it. Don’t mind blast if you have nothing else to do in a turn & the opponent has a very high amount of life.

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Tried and True Rush Priest
1x Holy Smite
2x Power Word: Shield
2x Leper Gnome
2x Northshire Cleric
2x Mind Blast
2x Shadow Word Pain
2x Acidic Swamp Ooze (I prefer faerie dragon but without this card warrior wins 100% of the time due to axe)
2x Knife Juggler
2x Thoughtsteal (you could attempt to be more aggro & go with holy smite or charge units if you want, I go with thoughtsteal for the long game)
2x Harvest Golem
2x Shattered Sun Cleric
1x Shadow Madness
2x Chillwind Yeti
1x Leeroy Jenkins
1x Nightblade
2x Holy Fire
2x Argent Commander

Test Rush Priest (don’t know if I’d recommend this version)
DELETED (will re-add a more viable slight alternative list)

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