Hearthstone Hunter Rank 5 No Legendaries Deck

Hearthstone Hunter Rank 5 No Legendaries Deck by Gumybear

hey guys just hit rank 5 with my hunter…. I don’t see too many helpful posts of possible decks so I thought I would share mine….

if you see anything that can be improved I’m open to criticism since I’m probably not the smartest person and I made the deck myself haha

the only epic card I do use isn’t that useful because by the time I hit turn 7 they are dead or there are better ways to get the 5 damage from the gladiator bow… (its won the odd game though when I need that last 5 damage)

usual goal is to rush down my opponents while stalling them with traps…

if anyone has any questions i’d be glad to answer!

edit: if I could get a legendary I would LOVE leeroy…

Arcane Shot × 2
Flare × 1
Explosive Trap × 2
Freezing Trap × 1
Misdirection × 2
Animal Companion × 2
Deadly Shot × 2
Kill Command × 2
Multi-Shot × 1
Explosive Shot × 1

Leper Gnome × 2
Secretkeeper × 1
Ironbeak Owl × 2
Novice Engineer × 2
Arcane Golem × 1
Jungle Panther × 1
Abomination × 1
Reckless Rocketeer × 1

Eaglehorn Bow × 2
Gladiator’s Longbow × 1

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