Clash of Clans Offensive Farming Guide

Clash of Clans Offensive Farming Guide by SSofJetlife

Many people ask me how I farm level 10 walls. Instead of repeating myself over and over I’ve decided to do a small guide on farming. There are many styles of farming, this is just one of them. There are many types of armies you can use and some which may not even have been discovered yet. This is just my way.

Table of contents-

2-My Army Composition
3-Cooking and Searching
4-Sizing up a Target
5-Strategies and Tactics

This guide will not have anything about defenses, base design, or upgrade management. I may do another one later but there are already plenty of threads on those.


The most important thing is to use an army you feel comfortable with. There are so many good army setups to choose from and you can play around with them to find what suits you, just because someone else makes 10 million gold a day with an army doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for YOU to use. Once you find your army use it hundreds and hundreds of times until you know all it’s capabilities and it’s downfalls. In the end skipping a target should be muscle memory. When I see certain bases that some people might stop to look at I hit next before I even consciously register what made me skip it. You should know approximately how many troops must be used to do any attack just by looking at the target village.

Know how troops work, how they path with the troop AI. You can’t get this perfect but a simple deployment 2 squares over from where you might normally deploy it can cause it to be somewhere completely different and more useful in 30-40 seconds.

Know the attack rate and damage of all troops and tower and know how many hits it takes to take out each troop at any level of troop or tower combination. For instance you don’t need a tank to protect wall-breakers if you can deploy within 3-4 spaces of a wall guarded by 1 level 8 cannon, no extra troops wasted.

The clan castle is a very very useful tool for farming. It is immensely powerful when used correctly and can save you more troops than are even in it, allowing you to attack faster. That being said know how it will path because the troops will stay relatively clumped together. This being said, don’t waste a clan castle. You don’t need a Level 4 P.E.K.K.A. for a collector raid. Have some restraint.

Always, always, always take out heroes and CC unless you know from the get-go it’s a collector only, low or no defense on collectors. Otherwise neglecting them will wreck your day.

You don’t always have to kill the heroes or CC troops. I have caused dragons to go for a merry-go-round ride of barbarians while goblins emptied a guys storage. I had no archers left when I triggered the centralized CC so my only option was to distract if for long enough to empty 3 level 11 gold storages. A more recent attack I encountered someone with 2 level 30 heroes. I dragged the heroes off to the side and gave them plenty of barbarians and archers to play with while my giants and goblins emptied their base. The heroes barely got scratched but I was able to get 1-star and all collectors(all inside walls).



RAIDS WHENEVER YOU CAN. Life may get in the way and that’s ok. Life > Clash, but phones, portable chargers and power supplies can allow you to clash any time it’s ok.

ALWAYS REMAIN CALM. You may have a bad raid or maybe even a bad day completely but making a rash decision based off of frustration is more likely to make your day of farming go even worse. Just because you wasted one army doesn’t mean you should get upset and waste a second army. Take a few deep breaths….even I know this is just a game.

Good trophy ranges to look in.
Gold/Elixer: 1250 or 1600
Dark Elixer: 1900-2200+

2-My Army Composition

I use what I have always referred to as a “Goblin Hybrid”. This is because it is a mixture of the Goblin/Giant(GoGi) and the Barbarian/Archer/(Optional Minion)(BA(M)).

This army allows me to attack most farmable targets regardless of where the gold is located and still get a 1-star. A GoGi is very bad at getting 50% because the Giants don’t target anything but defenses and Goblins only target resources. A BAM is bad at getting resources from anything well protected inside the walls, most likely storages. A “Goblin Hybrid” can do both and still do low-troop use collector only raids.

My Amy consists of:
“Goblin Hybrid”:
12-20 Wallbreakers(yes 20, the more you have the more segmented a base you can open)
8-12 Giants(Tanks, Not too many but enough that you can attack from multiple sides)
20 Barbarians(Enough to take out any BK or AQ with a few to spare)
40-50 Archers(Great for killing CC troops, shooting over walls to save wallbreakers(highest cooking time), and helpful for heroes, or taking a CC)
50-90 Goblins(Goblins are great at doing their job. With 2x damage they take half as many to kill a target collector or storage(but don’t have double the cook time of a barbarian, and they can bypass extraneous buildings to get right to the source
10-20 minions(faster build speed for army)

Minions: Optional and recommended. Carry about 8-15 high level minions if you can.

Spells: 4 Jump spells

I do not use rage or lightning because their cost is too high for the advantage they give in farming. Using 1 lightning per raid for an entire day can set you back up to 1.000,000 gold.


“Economy Wipe” – Made while I sleep or am offline for many hours for other reasons.
3 Pekka
18 Wizards
11 Barbarians
10 Archers
11 Wallbreakers
6 Giants
CC: Wizards or Pekka
Spells: None


3-Cooking and Searching

The main point to consider during a search is total profit. Based on how many troops you use how much profit(Taken-Search cost) are you gaining per hour?

There are times I’ve spent over 150k on a search(YIKES!) because I couldn’t find anything but in the end I found 300-400k+ gold, netting me a profit of 150-250k+ still….and my entire army was ready again when I got back.

Cooking is the act of starting your barracks before you go out on a search. All you have to do is set them to build an army starting with the troop you are most likely to use every attack(maybe it’s archers or maybe its wallbreakers) While you search your army builds even though your camps are full(never leave without a full camp). The more of an army you have built when you get back the faster you attack. A single minute per attack can yields up to 1,000,000 more gold per day.

Never cancel a search unless you have absolutely no choice. This cancels the cooking that has been done while you search. It’s better to break even or possibly lose a little gold rather than reset 15 minutes of cooking because of the worst search in history. In the end you’ll make more money.

4-Sizing up a Target

There are multiple factors to consider when you find someone who might have enough resources to make this a worthy attack.

First, Where are the resources – Check the league badge(useless to check during first few days of a league). Check the collectors(very hard to see with high level collectors), easiest to see in level 3-6 drills. Check for gravestones(look to see if they’re deep in a base or around the townhall meaning they haven’t been collected for atleast 12 hours). Also look for low level storages, an empty level 1-3 gold storage means collector heaven. Do the math in your head….if it’s 200/300 on a townhall 8 with full elixer storages(as a TH9 attacker) that means there’s 120,000 gold and elixer in collectors if they are the same level. Check for active builders.

Second, How upgraded are the defenses- Do you really want to run goblins under a level 7 wizard tower? It doesn’t matter if there’s 600k gold available, you aren’t getting it with a centralized CC, level 30 heroes and maxed splash on it behind level 9 walls.

Third, How well designed is the base-How well are the walls segments? Do you have enough wallbreakers? Will your troops be funneled into traps and splash? Are the splash towers deep in with perfect symmetry?

Once you get used to this you can take under 2 seconds to size up almost any base.

And before you attack….


A clear example of someone who has a league but is very inactive(as you can see by the lower level storage) and the storages are more than exposed enough to be worth taking for the 55,000 gold that was in them.


5-Strategies and Tactics

The way my army works is tank/dps. If I’m going for anything inside the walls I always deploy giants, wait until right before they hit the wall, then deploy wallbreakers. Clear the buildings in the way at the same time. Take out the splash and lightly flood the target area(don’t want to waste troops). Mixing melee with range is always good, especially around splash towers. The mortar can only target my goblins or my archers, not both.

Always distract splash towers with Giants or Barbarians. Single target towers can be overwhelmed.
Don’t spread your mind too thin. If you’re attacking from two sides do one at a time or your attack can suffer when one side is neglected.

Never bunch up under splash towers and when you send small groups send em in waves at the rate just more or less than the fire rate of a mortar. You want the mortar to fire at them as they come in and fall between the groups.

Don’t be afriad to use more troops than necessary(but not too much) the faster they kill a target the more are left over to move to the next target.

Don’t be afraid to lose an attack but take a win whenever you get close(40% or more) or take an exposed townhall ONLY if you are already farming that base. Never take a townhall just for the townhall. You don’t want to reset your cooking.

Know when it’s worth it to go for the remaining resources. Say you attack a target with 300k available and take 220k from the collectors. If the storages are in the outer layer or already open go for it! If they’re still defended deep within the base it’s not worth going for that 80k. Show restraint.
Use the least amount of troops you can. The faster your army builds(even by a minute) the more resources you earn that day.
It’s also ok to skip a good target if life will get in the way soon. Say a target with 220k gold will take 14 minutes worth of troops but you have to leave in 12 minutes. It’s better to keep searching and take a 170k that takes 9 minutes worth of troops then attack again for another 200k before going offline for a while. Make your raiding schedule fit your life.
I’ll add more to this and add some pictures.

Distract the splash:

Open it up and use minimal troops:

Switch to the other side:

On A side note: NEVER place troops in an open area inside the walls for tesla if it’s under splash damage. Distract the splash outwards unless you want to end with no loot and a pile of graves on a tesla.


A Base you would want to lose on and just take the collectors:

A Strange Find:

My Current Progress:

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