Clash of Clans Gold and Wall Farming Guide

Clash of Clans Gold and Wall Farming Guide by UnitySharp

Gold farming has been a grind historically. Most people do collector raids, or storage raids that require a lot of player input. Not for me, because I have a lot of real life responsibilities, I cannot play like that for long hours. I can, however, play long hours if I only do minimum input into the game. Farming all lava walls takes a long time – it is a marathon, so I cannot sprint to the finish. I must use a strategy that is easy on my energy level and allows me to work while I play. Thus, I thought up the follow strategy after some researching and testing. It is a versatile army that can hit either the storage bases or do collector raids. I was able to get about 21-24 million gold per day and finished all lava walls within about 6 weeks – my true average over the 6 weeks were about 18 million gold per day, because there were about 6 days spent on refilling DE and there were days during which I couldn’t play much.

So, at this stage you should have high level heroes (hopefully both level 30), lv 5 hogs, lv 4 healers, and lv 6 giants. And these are the key troops for the following strategy:

1) Barrack Queue order:

I queue both dark barracks with hogs non-stop, 3 regular barracks making healers non-stop, and the last regular barrack makes 4 giants + 10 archers + 10 barbs, and sometimes I add in a couple of wizards or more archers and barbarians.

When both of my heroes are unavailable, I would add a wizard or 2 , or 20 more archers & barbarians at least, to be able to kill enemy CC troops and heroes. If I don’t have enough units to kill them, I just avoid those bases when my heroes are down.

I typically go raid after I have at least 18-24 hogs and have 3-4 healers, just in case battle gets too tough and that I need to send in reinforcements.

2) Base selection:

Typically I went for premmie TH8’s, because there is no xbow, and their defensive towers are low level. If the towers are high level, then I will just need to use a few more hogs.

I also went for bases with level 1 xbows if they have 800+ DE, because with my DE intensive army, DE will run out quickly if I don’t hit such bases.

With this strategy was losing about 500 DE per hour, so I had to replenish DE once every 3 weeks approximately – just farm DE like crazy for 3 days and you should have 200K DE then do gold farming again. Before the loot change update, I was making about 1.4 million gold per hour without boosting anything. However, after the loot change, really weak bases no longer offer as much gold so I was forced to fight tougher bases (mostly well developed TH8s and above), making about 1.1-1.2 million gold per hour, but I was only losing about 100-200 DE per hour. So it balanced out a bit.

3) Amount of troops to use:

It is very important to estimate approximately how many hogs you will need to use to take out all of the defensive towers and then have enough DPS left to clean up all the loot. Sending in more hogs first is always better than sending them in half way through the battle, because as the battle goes on, each additional hog provides a diminishing return to your offense. A base could be taken out by 18 hogs could need 8 hogs of reinforcement if you sent in only 14 hogs initially, as they take down towers too slowly and get shot at longer. But at the same time, you want to expend as few hogs as possible, so that you can raid again faster for higher efficiency, as well as saving DE.

After using this strategy for about a week, I was able to estimate quite accurately how many hogs to use per base:
– For really premie TH8, if their base design is bad – such as a vault design, I would use only 10-12 hogs
– For half-way developed TH8, I would use 15-16 hogs
– For well developed TH8, I would use 18 hogs and if there is no tombstones on the map, then I would add 2 more hogs because the traps should still be intact for my hogs to trigger
– For maxed out TH8 or premie TH9 with lv 1 xbows, I would use about 21-24 hogs, but I would only go after these kinds of bases if they offer at least 1000 DE. Because it would not be worthwhile for me to spend so many hogs on the loot.

Also depending on the real-time loot situation, I would choose easier or harder bases. When the loot is abundant, I would skip harder bases and wait out for the easier bases with juicy 200-300k gold. When the loot is quite dry (like in the weekends), I would hit the harder bases because there is pretty much nothing better at that time.

4) Deployment order:

– First, lure CC & heroes to near a position where you can snipe a camp or something with an archer safely, preferably near an AD that is close to the outside of the base. You want to take out as many Air Defenses and as early as possible so that your healers would live longest, which leads to the hogs surviving the longest.

– Then deploy your heroes & healers to kill their CC troops & heroes. If they have 2 heroes, then deploy a few barbs and archers to tank for your heroes a bit. If they have a dragon, deploy a few archers spread out in front of heroes to help tank your heroes. If they have wizards, spread out barbs and archers to tank for heroes as well, because concentrated wizard fire would kill your heroes quite quickly. You want your heroes to take as little damage as possible so that your healers can finish healing them quickly, then move onto healing hogs.

– After all the heroes & CC troops are gone, wait until the heroes are nearly healed, then release the set amount of hogs you estimated to send into the base. If your heroes were getting too close to enemy base, then send in a few barbs to tank for them. This way the healers will finish healing the heroes and move onto hogs.

– As soon as you release the hogs, deploy 2 giants on both sides of enemy base, so their defense towers would attack the giants instead of hogs. Hogs then can sneak up to them and destroy the tower. Make sure that giants are not deployed too close to the hogs or the healers can get sidetracked and go to heal giants instead.

– Then just wait and see the destruction unfolds. If there are hogs being spring trapped and you think that you need to reinforce the army, then just send in more hogs to join the group. If the healers and the hogs got separated, and you think that you need to heal the hogs, then use a heal spell. Normally I avoid using heal spells, and save them for emergencies only.

– I almost always save a healer or heal spell in my arsenal, for healing heroes at or near the clean up phase. If the battle doesn’t go well, your heroes can get hurt badly and sleep for up to 3 hours, so you want to avoid this as much as possible. With the trap buffs recently, healers get slaughtered more so than before, especially when you fight tougher TH8’s. So if I think a healer would be needed to help restoring the HP of my heroes to full, I would release it near the heroes when possible. Sometimes I don’t have an extra healer, and I would use the heal spell to restore their HP as much as possible.

The beauty of this strategy is that it is not as grindy as other gold farming methods. I could type on a keyboard, doing my work, while watching the battle (not constantly either). I would only need to tap on my iPad whenever reinforcements are needed – which is rare. This is how I was able to play 16+ hours per day for 7 weeks straight while not feeling too bored/sick of gold farming.

5) Key points:

Heroes used as initial force, not as clean up crew: Lv 30 heroes with healers is the perfect combo to start the battle. They slaughter enemy CC troops and enemy heroes (usually low level). Then you can send in hogs safely. They can also help take out a small portion of enemy defense before you send in hogs, and healers will heal them back up – this will reduce the number of hogs required to take out the base. Usually I release the hogs right after the heroes start to take some damage and healers are unable to completely negate the damage taken. This way, the healers should be able to follow the hogs quickly after the hogs take out the front line of defenses (that were shooting at heroes) and healed the hero(es) back up to full health. However, after the loot system change, those very premie TH8 no longer offer 180k+ of gold (they offer around 120-150k instead), so I don’t really attack those bases now. Using this tactic against harder bases is to be cautioned, because the heroes can take too much damage, and by the time the healers heal them back up and chase the hogs to heal, a good number of hogs would have died already – unless you have a heal spell to heal the hogs while healers heal the heroes, then it would still work. Also as long as you don’t let your healers and heroes die, the healers will heal heroes during the clean-up phase, so definitely put your heroes to work if they are high level – they rarely die when fighting weak bases alongside healers.

Enemy defense distraction (this is the most crucial part): release 12+ hogs depending on enemy base strength (you will know approximately you need to use after you use this strategy for about a week or so). Then immediately send 2-4 giants to flank the enemy base from the sides so that the enemy defense towers will shoot the giants instead of hogs. You can release the giants on 1 side or both, depending on where the hogs are going. This will greatly reduce the number of hogs needed to take down all the defenses. If you don’t have giants or ran out of them, use barbs. If barbs are out, use archers. Anything that distracts enemy defenses on the sides would help. Lv 6 giants would hold the fire longest though. I was able to raid almost every 5-8 minutes before the latest loot change update, because I was raiding mostly premie TH8s, and only 12-16 hogs were needed per base. I also was getting 6 hogs every 20 minutes from my CC.

Collector raids: So normally I try to save up the tier one units and use as few of them as possible. Also the barrack that produces giants and tier one units are usually under-utilized. So I often make some extra tier one units as well. As I raid storage bases, I would sometimes get offered collector bases – and that is when those extra tier one units come in handy. If the collectors are easy to get to, and that I have a lot of tier one units I would just hit the collectors and end battle. If the collectors are hard to get to (inside base and scatted all over the place), then I would do the standard hog raid because it is just easy – takes very little user input.

Here are the video examples:

a) Hogs/Healer/Hero combo video 1

So I didn’t use any tier one troops here to conserve them for collector raids that I may find in the following battles.

b) Hogs/Healer/Hero combo video 2

So I tried to lure CC, which turned out to be empty, then I just used the standard strategy to 3 star the base. Notice only 10 hogs were needed because his base design was horrible – almost like a vault. The problem with vault is that healers can easily catch up to hogs when they turn the corners, and defensive towers do not over lap each other in terms of fire coverage. So 10 hogs easily took down the towers 1 by 1.

c) Hogs/Healer/Hero combo video 3

This was an example to show that I should have deployed barbs first before the BK so that my BK could take less damage and healers would restore BK’s HP to full, then move onto the hogs. Healers didn’t move onto the hogs, so I had to use a heal spell to save the situation. I was able to deploy giants from 3 different directions, which helped the hogs quite a bit.

d) Hogs/Healer/Hero combo video 4

So this example shows that when heroes are down, you can still take out the base even if they have 2 xbows! But you would need a heal spell or 2, and some good units like wizards to help take out the heroes + cc troops fast. If there were CC troops in this battle, I would have sent in more barbs and archers – always have some on hand just in case. But don’t send them in to save for the next battle if you can, this way your efficiency improves.

If your heroes are not down, your efficiency would be higher in this case, as you wouldn’t need to make as many tier one units and 2 wizards.

e) Hogs/Healer/Hero combo video 5

So this videos showed what I was saying about sending in barbs to tank for the heroes. And high level heroes are really strong in taking out buildings.

That is all for the demonstrations, thanks for your time!

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