Clash of Clans Farming Basics

Clash of Clans Farming Basics by rsiro

Farming is an art, an art done each and every day by most of the forumers. Each farmer has their own style…no two farmers are the same. In this guide I will teach you my style. Consisting of farming secrets for some, and farming basics for others. There is no right or wrong way of farming, these are just some helpful tips I have picked up on throughout nearly one year of experience.

Rsiro’s Farming Foundations

Raiding is THE single most important part of farming. Even a premature townhall can farm well if they have a well upgraded army, with some experience attacking, of course.

Farming Inactive Bases for Dummies

Farming inactive bases is, in most cases, the simplest and most efficient way to farm. It takes the least amount of attacking skill, but does require a bit of luck when searching for a match. The great thing about farming inactive bases is that most of them have full mines/collectors/drills, yet empty storages.

PROS of Farming Inactive Bases
-A quick army build can polish off the collectors/mines/drills.
-When loot is good, you can constantly raid with minimal wait.
-Inexperienced attackers will not struggle.
-Does not require many troops.
-Can be pulled off with any troop levels.

CONS of Farming Inactive Bases
-Relies on abandoned bases. (Can be unstable at times)
-May result in trophy loss.
-Dark Elixir profits are slim.
-Some users find it BORING.

5 Key Ways To Spot An Inactive Base

1) Full elixir collectors. (Left collector is full, right collector is empty.)
Elixir collectors are the easiest resource collectors to distinguish full from empty.

2) Empty x-bows/inferno towers.
When these weapons are empty it implies that the base has been attacked several times without the user being online to refill them. 

3) No league badge.
If the league badge is empty, the attacker has not attacked yet in the season and may not be active. This method is most effective towards the end of a season.

4) Tombstones.
Tombstones can be cleared once the opponent goes online. If they are still there, in most cases this symbolizes the defender has been attacked once (or several times) without clearing them.

5) Empty resource storages.
If a storage is empty and there is loot available, where else can it be besides the collectors? Note that there are occasional graphical bugs with storage appearances.

Common Troops Used to Crack Tougher Bases

Barbarians– Meat shield, good for taking hits, breaking walls. Mini giants.
Archers -A support troop used behind a meat shield. Advantages are shooting over walls, good range, and can clean up a base nicely if they are untouched.
Goblins– They go straight for the $$$. Snag resources twice as fast.
Giants– Meat shield, great for taking hits. Can be useful for taking out desired defenses.
Wallbreakers– Helpful to BREAK WALLS. Long cook time.
Balloons– Fly straight over walls and target defenses first. A really fun troop to use, just watch out for those Air defenses, Wizard Towers and Archer Towers! Minions clean up behind them in many cases.
Minions– 6 barracks running at once can really help, but uses up dark elixir. Send in towards the end of a battle and sweep up the rest of the loot. Also really good behind balloons!

(Beginners) Learning How to Attack Harder/Storage Bases.

Chose a side to attack. Clear outside buildings with minimal troops. Once the outside is taken care of, break in with a meat shield followed by a support troop. (Wallbreakers optional, several waves of meat shield/support preferred). Bases can be mopped up with troops like goblins/minions.

Well known strategies are (with or without wbs): 

BA(M)- Barbs/Arch/(Minions)

Add your own combos below!!!

Final 5 Tips

1) Choose an army that is comfortable for you…practice makes perfect!
2) Wallbreakers are good for beginners, but once you get more advanced it can slow down your training time and cut into your profits.
3) Looting from inactive bases is the most efficient type of farming, but is it right for you?
4) Make goals for yourself…try to achieve them!
5) This is a game, it’s meant to be FUN! If farming is getting boring (it can be at times), make some cool armies, try a trophy push, enter a competition etc.

Hope this post helped. Good luck, and as always happy hunting!

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