Clash of Clans Converting Trophies Into Gold

Clash of Clans Converting Trophies Into Gold by Sneakydave

Firstly this guide isn’t going to reinvent the wheel, however it might just add a motor to it for some of you.

Secondly I’m not going to explain how to spot inactive bases, there are plenty of guides written already on that.

Thirdly it assumes you don’t need Elixer anymore, also having a high level of upgrades and Th9 is helpful.

So on to the new bit, everyone knows attacking inactive bases and looting all the production buildings.. The mines, pumps and drills is the best way to farm. When done well its 1m gold an hour without to much effort or luck. The huge issue and downside to it is maintaining a trophy count in the desired trophy range (1100-1500). There are obvious things to do to help this, if your close to getting 50%, make sure to get it, if you see an open town hall kill it (check for teslas spots first.. Might save some annoyance). There is still one huge way that people are not utilising though to aid this issue.

Winning trophies on defence

At first this may seem like it goes against all sense and logic for farmers, however its really not so hard to do efficiently. A lot of farmers now are getting to the point where they are realising that Elixer is completely redundant to them. This is where your base will now be centred around. Instead of defending your 9 storages, you need to defend just 5 and your town hall. Then Bribe attackers with your Elixer stores to attack you for it, giving you free trophies to then lose (or convert) into attacking inactive bases for gold.

Heres a couple example bases Inthedark have come up with so far:

Proof of 1m+ an hour:

Some example defence wins, bribing people with Elixer to attack and lose trophies:

One final thing to note: You will get your de store lightning spelled a fair bit, so may not be to useful if you are trying to save a lot of DE.

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