Aura Kingdom Wizard/Gunslinger Guide

Aura Kingdom Wizard/Gunslinger Guide by zerconius

This isn’t a build to spam meteors as focusing on that is going to cause issues for you long term. This is more to make skill cooldowns clear faster and allow to to cast better. We will talk about every aspect and this will grow as we get new gear.

  • Stats
  • Envoy’s Path
  • Skills
  • Gear
  • Eidolons


  • DMG = Leave at 0 (Acquire damage from gear and Envoy’s Path)
  • Crit = Rest of points here
  • Spd = Focus between 30~40% for this
  • HP = Focus all your stats here (We need HP for survival)
  • Def = No points here (Acquire from gear which will be enough)
  • Eva = Leave at 0 as this stat won’t help you

Envoy’s Path
For the Envoy’s Path you want to focus on things that will help you with your character. Acquire Astrology and stat improvement boosts from this. My Envoy’s Path looks like this.

We are setup for speed with a decent array of CC skills so they must be utilized. You should be utilizing a stun, immobilize, or slow every other cast to help control the situation. Also, Learning to utilize traps effectively is good for when mobs get in close.

CC Skills

  • Piercing Ice (Movement Speed -35%)
  • Ice Storm (Immobilize)
  • Instant Thunder (Stun)
  • Aimed Shot (Movement Speed -30%)


  • Frost Trap (Immobilizes Target)
  • Dark Flare Trap (Reduces target’s HP regen rate)

All the other skills are damage oriented skills or buffs.

Focus on improving your gear as much as possible to gain defense as best as possible without hurting your HP too much. If done right you will be over 50% damage reduction without spending points. Will go into more detail on gear items when endgame items become available.

Start off with Merrilee as she is the best Eidolon in the beginning. Decent damage with the ability to heal. You will get Sigrun and Gigas for free but I haven’t really used these two. The most important Eidolon for us to acquire is La Luna (Eidolon with the crescent moon) as she gives a defense buff. The other two slots are player preference. Endgame Eidolon list.

  • La Luna (Crescent Moon girl)
  • Lilith (Girl with Scythe but optional)
  • Kotonoha (Optional)
  • Tsubaki (Optional)

These are the Eidolon I’m going to focus on acquiring for endgame.

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