Aura Kingdom Gunslinger/Sorc Evasive Build Guide

Aura Kingdom Gunslinger/Sorc Evasive Build Guide by Nevhie87

What i;m gonna share is general concept or playstyle about Gunslinger/ Sorc with Evasive Build. Most of this guide i will talk about PVP based. Enjoy

General Pros of Gunslinger
General Pros means whatever ur Gunslinger build or Subclass. Gunslinger always has this Pros:

– Quick CD
Most Gunslinger skills are quick CD so you can spam them. This is what makes Gunslinger so scary in PVP. With their quick CD they can spam all their skills within a short amount of time.

– Long Range Damager Role
You deal damage from afar.

– Have Ice Traps for own survival
4s Immo and got debuff to receive more Critikal hit? 1person got Immo ed by Ice trap then 5people hit them at once, resulting 5people crit together = Profit.

– Shadow Trap = Deal huge damage if enemy not moving
Mostly for PVE use coz Boss rarely move. This trap also Healer Killer since reduce their healing by 75% so they can;t spam their heal while tanking, Again.. Only work if enemy is not moving

– Gunslinger has Fast animation
Making them easier to do hit and run.

Why Evasion Build 
Some reason why i choose Evasion Build…

– Gunslinger have EVA as their Pistol Stat
Assuming this always true for next lv 60 patch. Gunslinger Pistol stat is Crit, Speed, Eva and Move Speed +5%.

– Gunslinger have 5% Eva for their Envoy Path Core
Pistol Skills +3, Eva +5% and Move Speed +10%

– Gunslinger Hp is so small

– Personal thought
The reason i choose Eva build just like i stated above. You have so small HP poll, Raising DEF but with small HP? Not sure. In Arena there is a mark above head of Gunslinger which is “Kill before Fed” Gunslinger has very fast killing capabilities so it;s normal to kill the GS 1st coz GS has Big damage but very bad DEF/HP. What i expected from raising EVA is i can dodge 1or 2 some of enemy damage and then quickly counter with my Quick CD Gunslinger skills. Always remember “Losing Hitter = Losing Game”

Why Gunslinger/ Sorcerer 
Same like above.. Why i choose Sorc as my Subclass

– Sorc’s weapon is like Duelist’s, It has EVA
Dual Swords and Book give EVA. Which we need that to raise our Evasion. Dual Sword stat is Crit SPD Eva while Book Stat is Crit HP EVA. I don;t give a sh1t for SPD since most GS skills already quick CD and very easy to spam especially Aimed Shot.

– Offer Medium-Long Range Playstyle
Compared Dual Sword. With Book u are more Medium Range fighter. Not far not melee but just medium since u have good mobility. While with Dual Sword it offers Melee – Medium Playstyle. But mostly u are gonna instant death when meleeing and most GS damage > Sub Duelist damage and remember, GS Skills have so fast CD

Unique, In Depth about Evasive Gunslinger/ Sorcerer 
I found no reason to go melee in Arena with Duelist Sub. Not to mention the combo skills are like that, 2mins CD. No Thanks! ALso most Duelist skills damage are below GS damage and GS CD is very fast. Staying alive is important as Hitter role! While with Sorc Subclass it will provide you a lot of utility to stay alive and to make a kill… Easier.

– You can buff your Teammates
Lv 50 Yellow Book special skills = Damage + x % for nearby allies. Dont worry it works for urself too!!

– You Can Immobilize Single target from afar!
Arrow of Binding/ Shadow Bolt:
Bend the darkness into a shadowy arrow and fire it at an enemy to deal Dark damage and immobilizes them.
0,8s Casting time, 4s Immo. 24s CD.
Just 1 of free “Kill” Skill. Long CD imo but still worth.

– You can build urself into “Anti Evasion Enemies”
Demon Seal:
Cast a demonic invocation, zapping enemies in a small area and branding them with a demon seal curse that makes them more susceptible to damage.
1,1s Casting Time, 12s Reduce enemy EVA (Around 8-10% Eva i think), 6s CD.
This is basicaly the TRADEMARK of Gunslinger/ Sorc Build. It has better Accuracy compared other Gunslinger because of this Debuff. Combined with Aimed shot +25% Accuracy it is so good.

– You have 1 Debuff Removal
Rejuvenation Mantra:
Chant a powerful healing mantra that activates the body’s latent regenerative ability, recovering party members’ health over time
1,1s Casting Time, Remove 1 Debuff, 18s CD
Mainly to remove enemy Immobilize. Ignore the Free heals. Haahaha…

– You Have Better Sustain in PVE
Most Sorc Skills give u some vampiric aura or heals you. Making it’s easier to solo Dun.

Some CONS of Gunslinger/ Sorc:

– You are weaker when vs Bard
When u’re using Duelist Sub, You can use your dash to charge the bard and drop Shadow Trap. Dealing an insane damage every 1s near that trap + Reduce heal by 75%. Making your team easier to kill that tanky Healer. Normally this trick can be used when a Bard trying to tank your team with his Heal Spam. When you become GS/ Sorc you can’t do this trick.

– You have free Secret stone slots in Your Helm slot
Dunno if this a Cons…

– Your damage will be lower compared “Pure Damager” Gunslinger
Because some of your Equipments or Secret stone are not for damage purpose. Either u gonna raise some ACC to raise the trademark of This GS/Sorc Build which is Evasion Killer or simply raise your Eva to stay alive more at Arena.
Every class has 7Secret stones slot from Weapons x2, 5x Armor. Most Pure Damager Gunslinger gonna use maybe…. 7x Crit damage +6% = Crit damage +42%. While this build need some EVA to stay alive. 60-70%ish should do coz Gunslinger can kill people fast. U just need to dodge some hits and have a good targeting reaction.

Unique, Building Your Evasive Gunslinger/ Sorc
For ATK Points:
It’s up to your choice. For me 50-60% Crit Rate is enough. Currently i;m using 20ATK and 50 Crit. Keep an eye for your Speed also for 10% so ur DoT can tick for 0,9s. DoT = Either ur Heal or ur Damaging DoT.

For DEF Points:
All Eva. Aim for around 60-70% Eva. You can go above 70% but that’s gonna lower your damage output.


Common: Aimed Shot Accuracy +25% or +50% (If you want to Kill Eva Char)
Offensive: Crit +3%, Crit Damage +4% (Coz it’s hard to raise Crit Damage)
Advanced: Free of your Choice. Nothing good for me TBH
Defensive: Eva +3%, Move Speed +5%
Tactical: Free of your choice. Maybe enemy DEF -10%?
Special: 1% Damage into Eva (More Eva while having good offensive stat)

Envoy Path:

– Take All Gunslinger Studies (For Crit Damage)
– Take All Battle Tactic (For Damage so you can convert damage into Eva better)
– Take Discerning Attack (30% ur next attack gonna do double damage, It can crit)
– Take Bob and Weave 3 ( 3,2% Eva, Huge stat)
– Take weak point Analysis ( To Raise your Crit rate)

Those are the Core of this build. For the remaining of points.
– Take Determination if u want to reduce enemy Crit damage. Take 2of them = -30% Enemy crit damage. Pretty huge.
– Take both Fleet Footed for move speed 10%. Seems pretty Nice. But if u are not taking determination u will be insanely squishy if they can hit you.
– Take Lethal Armor, 7% Def into Crit. So so… If u want more Crit while maintain good DEF from -30% Crit damage taken from Determination
– Take Gunslinger Mastery if u want more damage. Take both of Them = Pistol Damage +10%
– Take Bob and Weave 2 for more 1,6% Eva.

7 Secret Stones:
4x ACC +3% = 12% ACC if u want to kill Eva class
1 or 2 Eva +2% = 2% or 4% Eva. Plz aim for around 60 ~ 70%
Remaining Secret Stones = Crit Damage +6%

– 1x Damage type Trophy like Lv 50 Toto’s Tusk + 1x Eva Trophy like lv 50 Argus Heart (I dont know the name since the Server is maintenance)
– 2x Eva Trophy like Argus’s Heart, 1 Orange and 1 Green.
My Eva with 1x Damage Trophy + 1x Eva Trophy = 60-62%. If u use 2x Eva Trophy it will be around 67%, +5% More Eva.

Backpack + Acc + Ring:
Try to get EVA then get some offensive stat like Damage or Crit.

Transmutation Feature:
– Pistol = Use Eva up, Spd down x6. We are Gunslinger. Our CD is fast. We don;t really need SPD.
– Book = Use Eva Up, Hp down or Crit Down. Gonna lose some Hp. But it’s OK!

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